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Enjoy the magic of Prosperity

And 'art and a science to prosperity. Art is the magic of prosperity. Science deals with the physical alignment of wealth.

Play your life!

Why money? Why not a passion? Because the time necessary for the health?

Maybe because they do not play. Instead, the analysis and strategy of development. With no innocent, open, available, spontaneous and flexible, we kill the magic of natural prosperity.

The results are important in life. And life works best when played as a child gamein the spirit of a fun adventure between two best friends. If approached as a life very serious competition lightlynot respond more effectively to our wishes.

Actually, the happiest results come when we play together, with fluctuations of life instead of fighting. Humor and laughter activation energy flow, which in turn creates wealth.

Ride the pulse of Prosperity

Just as the body's circulatory system, the prosperity has a pulse, a rhythm. When they were willing to move forward with the pace and pattern of change notwithstanding, thrive. When we dress, hold back, or seek to control or micro-manage the fluctuations lives, we cut from the natural goodness of life. The magic dies.

Align with Attraction

Feeling stuck? You're fighting for life works? Tired of repeating your own soap opera?

Get your life in line with the Law of Attraction!

Scientists agree with spiritual teachers. Prosperity is simply the natural physical universe. Science is called the law of quantum physics. Metaphysics calls the law of attraction spiritual. Like energy attracts like energy. Like vibration attracts like vibration. What qualities attract like qualities. This is Instant Karma in all its beauty and fierce justice.

Scientifically speaking, all matter in the pulsating life of electromagnetic energy that undulates in a wave motionand so obviously connected with aspects of life that are on the same wavelength.

An inside job

So how do you put money in your pocket, romance in your bedroom and vitality in your body?

The prosperity of the Latin root means to make happy, favorable, successful, happy, able to function. Prosperity is not an external circumstance or condition. Prosperity is an inner feeling or experience of oneself as spacean happy and thriving. external events are the reflections, as you were paid by your energy. This is what a good energy doesflow creator.

You can get rich with your personal magnetism. As your attention on your dream, brings the law of attraction for your wishes for you automatically.

True wealth is what they have, how to choose, select.

Here are some effective, pragmatic ways to tap the river of Plenty.

Master the law of give and take

If you give freely of your gifts and talents, will return in kind. The key to success here is how to give, not what you give. If you come from a place of generous giving, you get much in return. If you give from a place of lack or limitation (for example, expecting something in return as a pay-off), you get back the same vibration or quality reflection of lack and limitation. If you give a room or energy of fear (scarcity consciousness), the mirror universe that poverty back to you.

Align your personality with your soul

Align your actions and attitudes to equip people with your soul purpose and will passionand your life in a profoundly simple to develop, so rich and beautiful.

Heart Walk with an appreciation

What do you like appreciatesincreases in life, growing. The most valuable aspects of life that is inwardlyand the richest, which in turn outward, according to the law of attraction.

Prosperity Prosperity

Prosperity is a living being, of being organic. Prosperity defies the laws of economics, that his is not a commodity that we have less, if we give away some. Wealth grows faster for the donor as a given. The share more than you receive at the end. Do and you win. Nature abhors a vacuum ago!

Draw from your bank account prosperity consciousness

Vibrations of good times can be stored for retrieval during difficult periods. Good times, you may recall, emotionally and physically, as the vibration of happiness feelsand palpable shift in mood in this.

Experience living again at peak times in the past, transformation as a spiritual event to remember. A positive experience is more powerful than positive thinking.

Make room for Miracles

To create the attitude and conditions that miracles occur more frequently. Fear and risk less. Call surprise. Welcome to serendipity. Be open to unexpected sources of income are not supportespecially resources and those that make sense to the intellect with its limited range of possibilities.

And stay open to invisible assistance friendsbe from your spirit, they angels, Ascended Master or spirit guide.

Questions: "Why not?"

Take the road less traveled. Be different, creative, fluid, experimental. Seeing new possibilities, better combinations and new opportunities and challenges where others see problems or limitations. Blasting excitement and enthusiasm in everyday life. The electromagnetic energy of this exuberant, open attitude to attract the magic, meaning and money in your world.

Quit Energizing the Past

The past exists only insofar as we unconsciously drag it into the present. Accept, as yesterday affects today on. Consider the past as an eternal stream of "practice takes" that allows you to get "right" at this moment! And energize only the elements of the past, the abundant food make it a reality, it is now.

Then forgive Forgive Some More!

Learning to forgive ourselves and others, gives us the gift of freedom from the past. Forgiveness loosens the debilitating constraints of anger, resentment, cynicism, regret and despairand releases our hearts swell with the vitality and compassion. Treat yourself and others Blanket Forgivenessnow!

Assume the time

"Now" is the only time you can control. Any flow of success and excellence are the power of oscillation at any time. Through the learning of current flow naturally momentyou be it ever receive the treasures that it carries.

Feng Shui Your Life!

Treat yourself to a "Spacelift. Intuitive way through a re-arranging the elements of daily life, the quality of space and time that your ability to reach the fullness of emptiness. To get in your way of illusions and lies that is creating your attention flows solely to create your dreams, not the distractions and myths of life.

Tap the Power of Surrender

Worry serves as a signal that we tend to some aspects of life. But if we did everything we do at this moment, it's time to let go of fear and devotion to universal support. If emotions arisewhether joy or sorrow, excitement or fearabandon inside. Keep no! Relax that death grip on the feeling of sand, while the flow of life and vitality Bounty!

Feel drawn

Feel pain and joy. Shake with fear. Let us stand up and scream the rage! If you can not really feel you're really only aliveyou're go through the procedure. Youre only a NLENear-Life Experience.

Can not the money, love and health without the feeling of having your emotions. Primal Life Force is the energy that animates all of life premiums. The same exact energy comprises the essence of all emotions. The core natures of prosperity and emotions are the same thing: Energy Source. Make friends with your emotions and open the lock, simple, natural abundance in your life!

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