Selasa, 11 Mei 2010

Carpet Scene

(NC) by the soft layer of intricate vine and floral tiered patchwork weaves to tailored ribs, loops and geometric grid of nubby, terry-like twists, there are over 200 species and 4,000 colored wall to wall carpet today on market. "The unique and innovative structures, textures, and colors that are available today, resulting from the fiber and production technologies that offer endless style options at home and in the spotlight shown on each floor," says Leslie Beaumont, from Beaulieu Canada, Canada's largest supplier of carpet.

Designers are now selecting carpet in the middle of a comprehensive settlement in the interior design, rather than simply creating a neutral background as a treatment to another institution. Carpet weaving offer modern architectural interest on the ground with height variation, visual effects and shadows, and are the perfect foil to the wall and furniture surfaces smooth. contemporary organic models more easily coordinate with other inventions coverings and drapery. Also a selection of a slim design creates interest between his feet and a look that is sophisticated, neutral and easy on the eyes. Visit carpets adorn tips and trends with the texture and color.

For the practical test, texture and imagination carpet to minimize soil and vacuum marks, and increased perceptions of quality and value people. Besides being the perfect design exceeds average no wall to wall carpet flooring choice for comfort, heat, sound, performance and price.

As life becomes more hectic, we strive to make our homes the perfect oasis surrounded us what we want. The trend comes to our homes softer, easier and more enjoyable, and we express ourselves, and our individuality through color, texture and pattern. To transform a room, designer starting from the ground. Carpet has become a valuable design tool infinitely flexible, and always will be the latest trend, and a central element in the process of interior design for every environment.

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