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8 Secrets of the conquest of the Internet

While some marketers have been fighting for years to raise enough money to earn money to pay bills, others zoom up flooded their sites exploding with traffic and their in-box with order and payment instructions. Why? How do these differ from the rest of marketing? They are more intelligent? Courageous? Are smarter or have to invest more money to invest? They know the right people?

No. In fact, there is only one real differencde between them and the rest of the Internet marketing community. In a word: Attitude.

You will not be intimidated by the Internet - they eat for breakfast. How ancient conquerors, they plunge into the vast sea of the Internet, regardless of their temperament storms, their jaws hanging on terror huge that it holds, while the rest of us shudder at the banks, just the courage to dip our fingers.

Of course they down, knocked rejected and the scars to prove it. But playing with everyone, only strengthens their resolve, and when the sting of defeat fades, they learn from their mistakes. Above all, never, never give up and never resolve the issue. They try it, or die.

Thinking like a conqueror: This is his first and fundamental step on the road. For this reason, soon to take decisive action, but to achieve and get what they want and do not take no for an answer.

Okay. Great. But what does this mean for the average person? Anyone can be a winner or Internet, must have been born this way?

Conquerors are made, not born Attitude is everything. Attitude influences thought patterns that will decide a course of action that leads ultimately to the success or failure. As the old saying goes, "the only real failure is one who surrenders." And those who surrender, not the position further.

Thus, the # 1 secret to conquer the Internet. Below is all 8 secrets, some of which are still crawling along the coastline shock. You do not have all of them, if so, it is still possible, as each may be very difficult. And these are not all-inclusive, probably because new and better ways they are arriving every day. But each illustrates the difference in attitude and thinking of a marketing and Internet-conquerors.

Before Marketing ATTITUDE follow once the road was cleared. Conquerors advance.

CREATE A second marketing presence tend to remain in the background, create pages and add their links, but never to make the general public. Conquerors to a specific "presence", a personality that distinguishes it from others. This attracts the attention it attracts some sales. They do it with ...

Third Start a newsletter to read and write NEWSLETTER ORIGINAL marketing; conquerors. If this seems daunting, how to start a blog with an RSS feed. Do not import a system described above, or other content. The key is something unique that can not be copied to create.

Fourth Marketing publish an eBook reading e-books; Leave conquerors. It should not be very long, only original and informative. If this seems too begin with the publication of articles. After 10-15 articles have been written, re-write a coherent whole.

Start Fifth submit an article submission site Article Marketers; Conquerors to run the website presentation. Again, this software is available free in some cases. In this way, both authors and newsletters, the conquerors "page to come, rather than vice versa.

Sixth START A FORUM marketing forums; Conquerors create forums and others to draw them. The key to this is a niche that has a forum and creating a. There are programs that offer programs on Internet forums. But ready to put politics and his moderate the forum, as well as to promote it.

Seventh Create a new search engine search engine marketers Leave run; conquerors. Again, the software is available online. There are also some that are automated to some graduates. The plant is only involved in writing a simple letter to the presentation of the services, applications that include your site in their listings.

8th CREATE A HOMEPAGE marketing have a home page; their Conquerors. A site may require a bit 'higher up, bandwidth, and maintenance as set other options, but creating a home page, a conqueror attracts regular visitors to sign and a source of revenue for the ads.

It 'a recurring theme in each of these examples. That is, do something that attracts organic. So the final difference? Marketers after visitors walk; Conquerors entice them .-- Mon

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