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What to Know About Diet Pills

According to manufacturers, diet pills use natural ingredients capable of prolonging life and are used with drugs or alcohol in the flavors. One thing is never sure of diet pills as substitute for cutting calories without the recommendation of a physician. There are simple but important steps in taking diet pills:

1.Never crush diet pills to mix in drinks or soups. Take everything with a full glass of water.

2.Diet pills causes a person to urinate more frequently because of its diuretic effect. This could lead to dehydration, thus, causing complications. As a pre-caution, it is best to drink eight glasses of water a day for diet pills.

3.Take only the recommended dosage. Among the most requested, do not help to lose weight, but increase the risk of side effects.

4.Heartbeat must be less than 86 beats per minute. Do not stop taking the tablets, which is when he reaches 90 or higher is a periodic inspection of the wrist is a must.

5.Always follow the instructions of dieticians and set / or doctor and not just to leave included in the field. Even diet pills works as expected if diet plan is respected.

6.After three months, take diet pills. Phenylpropanolamine common foods are safe to use only up to sixteen weeks. Other studies show that health problems if taken as part of a month may cause.

There are two kinds of diet pills, one is the prescription only diet pills and over-the-counter diet pills.

Prescription Diet Pills - are drugs that are monitored by the Food and Drug Administration agency which side effects, maybe advertised and prescribed under certain doses regulated. The most popular of these is Xenical, which is licensed for use in the long term. However, even this has its own side effects, diarrhea, oily and unexpected bowel movements are just a few. For this reason, users are recommended to be carried on a diet low in fat.

While over-the-Counter Diet Pills are classified as foodstuffs and unregulated substitutes. Note that these diet pills Federal authorities tested and may have serious side effects and even death.

In addition to a dietician, local pharmacists can also help determine the pills are safe and secure for every person. Pay particular attention to the so-called "organic" natural "or" ingredients. Not everything that comes from a natural source is safe. One example is Ma Huang, which is a botanical source of ephedrine as a stimulant known and studied for possible side effects.

Those who have or a family history of prostate problems, thyroid, mental illness, should avoid high blood pressure and heart disease, dietary supplements. The same goes for those who have come under attack or stroke. If someone cold medications, especially those with decongestants, diet pills should not be accepted. If it is a prescription or an over-the-counter diet pill are the dangers to other immutable similar drugs to the brain to reduce appetite and chest pain, hair loss, fever, depression and even impotence controls.

And trying to rule does not always take diet drugs if pregnancy is suspected. People who are allergic sulfites and tartrazine should also avoid diet pills. And those who are under the age of 18 years or more than 60 years of age should consult their doctor before making any dietary drugs, especially if they are put into over-the-counter stimulants as a substitute for the rise is based.

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