Senin, 22 Maret 2010

The Biggest Secret Nutrition

As a matter of diet, as you can, be healthier?

a. all organic, low fat, vegetarian diet

b. A high protein, low fat diet, chicken and fish holds.

c. A diet high in carbohydrates with pasta and cereals.

d. A high-fat, high protein diet that includes red meat and vegetables.

f. A diet that contains carbohydrates, fats and proteins are mixed in the same amount.

** In low-fat vegetarian diet almost killed me!

For nearly two decades, I ate a diet low in fat with lots of fruit and vegetables. And what I have to show for it? Serious health problems!

I had frequent stomach ache and digestive problems. Blood tests showed that I could not digest my food, and a nutritionist gave me supplements digestive system. Further tests showed that I had liver problems and imbalances in some of my other internal organs.

Once you are on a high-fat diet high in protein, my problems vanished - overnight. So you would think that I'm saying, "E" from the list above is a more healthy diet. Guess again!

One of my clients was diet food diet? E? but was constantly ill. Moved to more vegetarian diet? A? above, and began to lose weight, feeling great, with more energy, and truly a pleasure to consume more than ever!

** The biggest mystery to many experts Diet Won? T Tell You!

So now we have two people who have tried the same diet and had the opposite experience, as we know, this is the diet of the healthiest?

Here's the answer - one of the secrets most diet that don? T tell you:

Each of us has a unique metabolism, on the basis of their genetic heritage. And our individual metabolism of the same healthy diet for one person, but harmful for others.

** That's Why "diet experts" keep changing their minds!

So that's why is so little agreement among the so-called "health experts". There is no one "-size-fits-all approach to diet!

For example, a diet rich in protein are the rage. While some grow to thrive in this type of diet continues to obesity. Why? Since only a certain percentage of people who are genetically "right" to a diet rich in protein. For the rest of us, a high protein diet will cause all kinds of health problems.

And this is not a diet is true. A low fat diet will help improve the health of some people. For others, however, a low fat diet can actually cause weight gain. Yes, low-fat diet can lead to weight gain if you're not genetically 'right' for this! Worse, it could also lead to a diet low in fat, disease and severe internal organ problems for some people - just as he did to me!

So? S important to you? Food processing know? Genetics. Nutritional experts have all the 24 types identified. How do you know which type are you? An online questionnaire, that only by certified consultants, genetic features that your real inside? Nutritional profile to identify the place?.

With the nutrient profile, you can begin to eat with your * genetic, not against them. And you may find that eating with your type can help you lose weight and feel good without feeling as though you are depriving yourself.

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