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Supplements for Nasal Allergy and Sinus Infection Patients

Nasal allergy is a very common disease that can have any. Will protect the person from exposure to different types of allergens such as pollen, mold, mildew, mites, certain foods, latex, animal dander, volatile chemicals and others. If the allergens are inhaled into the nasal cavity, which came and went with mucous membrane contact with blood serum. Individual immunoglobulin-A deficiency of antibodies easily penetrate the mucosal barrier to allergens, because the lack of immunoglobulin A antibodies increased the permeability of the mucosa. Macrophages are the first type of cells that come into contact with the allergen particles and for the treatment of allergens, is about the invasion of allergen particles in the body of B lymphocytes (a type of white blood cells pass). This will stimulate B lymphocytes and induces them to begin to multiply and develop into plasma cells. Stimulation of B lymphocytes is controlled by T lymphocytes (the other) white blood cells. The plasma cells, which were formed for the production of IgE antibodies, which are required by this link with mast cells and basophils around the nose and itchy and sensitive. Subsequently, chemical histamine is released from mast cells, mast cells degranulating started when

What do we know why a person? S, the nose is a bit 'allergic to the absence of antibody immunoglobulin A, which is one of the components of our defense of our body. Its function is the cleanliness of exogenous materials that come into contact with the mucosa. In addition to T cells in the bone marrow, the work will be developed as an aid and suppressor of the secretion of immunoglobulins by B-lymphocytes. Malfunction or defect of these cells leads to over secretion of anti-immunoglobulin E. For diseases of the nose to take allergy. All these may cause malfunctions and the lack of heirs genetic disorder of our parent. However, it is also due to our irregular lifestyle, poor eating habits and environmental factors, such as not sleeping enough, eating too much fried food, smoking, alcohol, exposure to hazardous chemicals and so on. Infection with certain viruses such as HIV or the use of steroids or certain chemotherapy drugs can also cause this problem. In other words, a deterioration of the body's immune system nasal allergic disease is critical to become. Thanks to this, so we have less allergies with nasal torture, he must defend, or a strong immune system, foreign substances that enter their bodies.

Deterioration of the immune system, particularly the attack of free radicals that are formed in our body. Free radical is a molecule very reactive and has a strong tendency to lipids, proteins and DNA oxidation in our bodies. Every day a lot of free radicals are produced in our body. Although our body can also produce an antioxidant to protect us, but still not enough. Therefore, we are all aging. Free radicals, which has been produced in our body, our body can weaken the immune system attacks the white blood cells. Modify the DNA in white blood cells is the most important point, because it causes irreversible mutation of the cell. For this reason, the white blood cells can not function properly and improperly. When this happens, the disease has caused nasal allergies in our body. To protect your body from the radical and maintain the immune system of our body, we need to take lots of antioxidants for the excessive free radicals, which neutralize produced in our body has been routine.

Vitamin C is the most common antioxidant, able to solve this problem, nasal allergy symptoms. However, the doses that we need to take to stop the allergy nasal five to eight grams which is much, and may cause gastro-intestinal disorders. To avoid this, you should be in the form of ascorbate vitamin C. So far, there is no concrete evidence of how vitamin C can stop nasal allergic reactions. But scientists have discovered that prevented by its antioxidant properties, damage to cells. Research was carried out at the Department of the maternity ward at Methodist Hospital in Brooklyn, to study the vitamin C and histamine levels in the blood of 400 people. They found that people show high levels of vitamin C in histamine levels in the blood are low. Were 1,000 mg of vitamin C was given daily supplement for people with low levels of vitamin C and a high level of histamine, significantly improved their hay fever within three days. [Journal Nutrition, April 1980]. If a large amount of vitamin C, is added, so be sure to kick. This is because the vitamin C in the blood binds with calcium in the bones and pull out the blood. The stock will be discarded from the body through urination. This is because vitamin C is an organic acid that can dissolve the mineral deposits in the bones. To avoid this, we need calcium ascorbate, a form of mineral vitamin C.

Vitamin C is very soluble in water. Therefore, the high content of vitamin C in the blood can not be achieved so easily. This is because vitamin C is easily separated from the body through urination. They urinate more often, less vitamin C may be retained in the body. Although there are rich in vitamin C, the actual amount the body, they retain very little. You can use the nasal allergy for a while ', and you always want to be relief from nasal allergies, you must constantly vitamin C. This situation can be considered, after taking vitamin C. Urine expel, hours after launching a rescue in the vitamin C is yellow. The color is determined by the presence of vitamin C in the urine. Urine following or yellow. After the urine shows a yellowish color that levels of vitamin C in the blood has already fallen. For this reason, a lot of vitamin C has been wasted. To save costs, we need to take citrus bioflavonoids and pantothenic acid. Both substances are vitamin B complex. Citrus bioflavonoids alter the body? S metabolism of vitamin C and increasing the concentration of vitamin C in some tissues [American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, August, 1979]. During our consideration, pantothenic acid to help our body to take vitamin C to help.

Besides vitamin C and B, the second supplement, which can strengthen our immune system is zinc. Zinc is a metal that is temporarily in our body is essential. Biochemical functions in our body, including zinc are protein synthesis, spermatogenesis, platelet reactivity, and the most important of these is the maintenance of cellular immunity. Besides these, zinc can also prevent certain types of cancer. Zinc deficiency, mainly due to malnutrition, alcoholism, malabsorption, liver cirrhosis, chronic kidney disease, burns, use of chelating agents and genetic diseases. The meat contains large amounts of zinc are chicken and beef. People who try to avoid red meat because of its high cholesterol, the highest probability of not enough zinc in their bodies. Zinc deficiency can cause growth disorders, male deficit Testerone, delayed wound healing, bullous dermatitis, diarrhea and intercurrent infection. Zinc can inhibit the replication of different viruses such as herpes simplex virus, FMD virus, poliovirus and rhinoviruses. Zinc is very effective for treating colds, because Rhinovirus (common cold virus blocked) to bind to the fabric surface and stabilizes the cell membranes. Subsequently, the metabolism of prostaglandins, is also the inhibition and stimulates the production of interferon gamma, which is a natural substance that helps the body fight infection. Study, which was published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine in 1996 showed that a person begins to take zinc gluconate glycine within 24 hours of onset of symptoms of a cold, can significantly reduced the duration of the disease.

The third supplement that coconut oil has antioxidant. The difference between ordinary and coconut oil, virgin coconut oil is that the result obtained by the wet process directly from the coconut milk and meat in a temperature control of coconut oil is usually 50 ° C, while by covering with dry process, which includes receiving high temperatures or sunlight for several days. The action of sunlight and the application of high temperatures, most of the smaller components, such as tocopherols, tocotrienols, and polyphenols are destroyed. This is because all these components are stable at high temperatures. Sunlight can destroy the components, because the sunlight of a small percentage of UV radiation, which contains a high wave energy that can break the chemical bond in an organic substance. Has recently been studying at the University of Kerala in India, conducted to evaluate the efficacy of coconut oil as antioxidant enzymes in male rats [Food Chemistry, 2006] determined. They found that the coconut oil more effective as an antioxidant and prevented the peroxidation of lipids compared with peanut oil and coconut oil. The study was also conducted in the same university, in order to determine the beneficial effects of coconut oil on lipid components in male rats [Clinical Biochemistry, 37, 2004]. The finding that they have is that coconut oil can reduce the amount of lipids in serum and tissues decrease. Moreover, it can also reduce low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and increases high density lipoprotein in the blood. This effect may be due to its high content of polyphenols.

Finally, we know what, immunoglobulin A (IgA) antibodies are antibodies, the most important allergens from entering our body can prevent nasal mucosa. Therefore, nasal allergies and sinusitis can be prevented level in our body through an increase of these antibodies. Nutrients that these antibody levels are high in monounsaturated oleic acid, our bodies and vitamin A. Monounsaturated oleic acid found in cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil, hazelnut or hazelnut oil (or whole fruit), green and ripe olives and almonds. Considering that vitamin A in cod liver oil, pumpkin, are carrots, sweet potatoes / yellow potatoes, pumpkins and other vegetables or orange

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