Senin, 29 Maret 2010

SEO Gets a Conscience

GetUpdated, Swedish Agency of Internet marketing to take its annual worldwide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) competition. The trick - making the global warming awareness 2007 Top of the Pops on Google, Yahoo and MSN from May 2007.

The task of the competition is to appear first in search engines for the phrase "globalwarming awareness2007" without violating the Google guidelines for webmasters (pronounced "no-spam"). The competition is excellent research to discover what makes it tick the top three search engines.

Unlike typical SEO contests, making words, has as elursrebmem v7ndotcom or carcrasherdotcom as an expression GetUpdated a sentence to choose the SEO community more aware of global warming.

This will produce a climate change sites bombarded with spam? A quick glance at the leader of the competition shows that they are not a spam blog, or the environment directory, so fingers crossed that it continues to build links with ethically.

This year the global warming is a ton of attention. Australian Prime Time TV network, Channel 7, in conjunction with the Australian Conservation Foundation, has launched a website, cool the globe, which raise awareness about climate change and the challenges all Australians to reduce gas greenhouse.

Around the world in the United States, it seems that global warming will be a campaign issue next year, according to the Washington Times? Presidential candidates for 2008, has agreed in particular the fact that global warming is a problem that deserves government action, a signal that the debate on the issue of more practical than conceptual? Christina Bellantoni writes.

In the United Kingdom is to win the global warming in the press, but for some, s? Most welcome to be admitted. 2007 promises another year of record temperature wise. Last year, according to Met Office was the warmest year than expected (since 1914) and this year is that the upper part.

So with all the publicity surrounding the global warming, if you choose the leaders? S time to make changes? With more companies and industries, as GetUpdated, bringing the global warming should be at the forefront of our attention, followed by action and takes the place of consciousness.

After reading this, s? The time to do it for you. If you don? T know where to start, type in your city? The action of global warming? the preferred Web browser. There should be a series of activities you can join, if not, perhaps? S time to start your own.

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