Kamis, 11 Maret 2010

SEO Baptism of fire

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, is a competitive business and many are victims of committing the same mistakes. I'm no exception and this is my story.

In November 2005 my wife and I it was decided to sell the development of an online store for gift baskets and roses on the German market. I did the research myself, the best way to develop a website and my wife, gift baskets and sources of a reality. What we have done at that time did not know was how we would promote the website!

The new site was created January 1, 2006 and I started thinking about how best to promote the site. This is the time to learn right for me. The first lesson has been how expensive pay-per-click, which is to effectively promote the website for biological research (ie, good position in search engines) for certain key words should be examined before the construction of the site. I already had the first mistake that many web site designer, I designed the site without regard for the search engine optimization, or SEO.

However, I had to plow. I read as much as possible on the subject of SEO experts on-line and bought a book, so I do not whemn read at this time on my PC. Here I learned many other lessons, and began to incremental changes to my site, I learned. By the end of February, we have given a fortune on advertising) by far the largest cost (and I started to make progress in the search engines, I was on the front page of MSN and Yahoo in the second, but in none part of the site with Google (like the pun?).

This is when the trouble began. Continiuosly I worked at the site and off-page "optimization techniques and manages the site, get the top of page 1 on both Yahoo and MSN to late March (items # 2 and # 1 respectively). Google was unavailable! What What was happening?

Many SEO professionals talk about the Google sandbox. This should be done only for new sites. Apparently Google quarantine until the new site that has been proven. When I discovered that I was so disappointed that I decided to ignore Google and other search engines. The protest lasted only a couple of weeks when I could see that the popular search engine Google AdWords campaign in Australia and was back pocket to burn us.

Then I had a month's efforts focused exclusively on developing strategies for optimizing off-page of my site (which apparently Google prefers a treaty) and at the end of August, my site, in addition to page 6. That was encouraging.

For the next three months, I persisited. No matter how hard I tried, the page has never looked better on page 3 or 4 to do.

In November, my wife and I have learned that we are not cut to manage the company. We love to create both companies and the construction, but the day-to-day operation requires a different motivation and discipline that we have not. So we decided to sell, while the growth of the business.

We sold the company and the new owners take possession on 1 December, and then it happened! You will not believe it. On the day of sale, literally the same day, including a Google search for the keyword more popular (gift baskets) on our website (not just our more) web site on page 1 in position 4! I could not believe it! My feelings have fluctuated between exhiliration with a win (finally), and the frustration experienced, which would benefit from the obvious increase in traffic, this drive to our site.

This is a month since we sold now and I have come a major achievement. SEO is a competitive person. If you want to win and are determined at all costs, then SEO is for you to win.

Finally, give yourself an edge by developing new websites with SEO in mind. I created several successful websites and search engines very quikly, even with Google

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