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organic Your Lawn's Hidden Treasures - Weeds!

Now you should know that you're not a perfect lawn. May be under your guidance and support, but now there are still some issues that have to do, perfectly. Once your lawn, fertilized sown, and watered for a couple of weeks, you may find that the weeds have started to win, too.

Start small, only one or two. But they can multiply very quickly. Within days, you could have a small colony of weeds. If you leave them alone, they will start to push your lawn and enjoy a fertilizer that will cause the grass to stop growing. Destroying weeds could be your near-perfect lawn in a month or less, if you do nothing.

Do not worry, there are ways to control weeds, with natural solutions and chemicals. But as for lawn care of other problems, such as rocky ground and straw? You will also learn how to make you enjoy combat these problems, or at least learn to work so that you get the chance to have created the grass, too.


There are many different types of weeds, as are the way to the lawn. Weeds survive by using other plants, herbs and flowers from their roots, water and nutrients from the soil siphon. Weeds can react very quickly if not removed.

You should plan to have one or two hours a week weeding the lawn. This would help people short grass. Basic types of weeds are:

Broadleaf weeds (dandelion leaves have large)
Creeping Charlie
Japanese Knotwood
Woody weeds
Vine weeds

These types of weeds are important to recognize, for their removal, such as dragging employees or chemicals that can be used. Even if you do not need to know their Latin name, who know what they seem.

If you sow the lawn, or if you purchased the property that should already have the grass, and think about how you want to remove existing weeds and prevent the growth should be the new. While you will root out and pull back the place, there are ways to reduce this by using biological and chemical methods. You can combine these methods to find ways that work for your lawn

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