Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

Obesity in children - to control what your child eats

Note that you practice for 72% of what and how much to eat each day to check, and you can even request, with the guardian or caregiver for a longer period each day. It takes thought and planning.

Obesity in children can be officially by a physician with the growth charts child or adolescent diagnosed with body mass index. The graph of growth is a tool that compares the weight of the child for its size and age, with young children around the world. Doctors chubbiness is normal for children, and should look very fat baby for you to be worried.

But you can do a bit 'of work. It 'easy to calculate percentiles of your son has been an increase in line with reviews of online calculators useful. They are free and do not require visiting a doctor. It 'a duty of parents is to stop the epidemic of obesity in children because of problems of lipids, gallstones, diabetes, liver disease, hypertension, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol, asthma, osteoporosis, sleep disorders associates, and menstruation.

Treatments for childhood obesity include the elimination or minimization of soft drinks and replacing them with water, the development of a network of social support focuses on the entire family, and work up to 40-60 minutes a day levels of physical activity. This is the time that the U. S. Surgeon General recommends. However, the soda should be replaced in the house, organic fruit and berry smoothies that the child eats like a soup.

This is him or her in fiber and provide energy in a sustainable and balanced. Try a lot of complex carbohydrates, such as integration pumpkin, sweet potatoes, butter, rice, coconut fiber, nuts and blended, seeds and grains in baked goods and "milk". There are cookbooks that promote the use of these foods to promote homeostasis of the body, too. Fortunately, these foods are well prepared, more cheaply, and super nutritious.

Any positive action - such as assembly, for example, hitting targets? deserves a reward. To reward them with special nutritious cakes and tarts. Take a look through several books, as they can, many of these recipes without sugar, empty calories, and provide minimal. Obesity can be overcome, especially in the beginning, with the support of parents and the research!

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