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How to Increase Organic (Free) Traffic

If you've ever had to research techniques, how to increase traffic to your website you have noticed a common thread in most of the attempts to recommendations? Hosting a quality website.

Why host a quality web site? Since a website is a quality that people want to visit and links. So what a quality site? There are two versions of quality, is a judge, how to display your site's visitors and the second is how search engines see your site. Search engines, in an effort to stay competitive, try a high quality product for people who use their search tools, which means that they want their visitors to find relevant search results and use their engines Research is often delivered.

So the search engine tips, tricks and traps known five years ago no longer work, why not give adequate results page. Search engines are now full of content in research applicable not only important, but real content, not on pages with keywords.

Here are our 56 tips to improve your site and how search engines see it.
1. Includes content relevant to your page description and keywords meta.

2. Instead of your URL, or redirect the old URL to new URL, followed by Google? Method of S for the changes to ensure your new site URL is not skipped, or simply avoided only if the URL changes you can.

3. Don? T post duplicate content on your website, so if you are yet another side just a small sample, and don? T repeat their content on multiple pages.

4. Avoid flash, even if it looks cool, Don angry and animated flash banners and intros for visitors and search engine bots? T read.

5. Presenting the directory of quality.

6. Be careful not to lock files robot.text destination URLs that you do not want to block.

7. Choose keywords wisely and in your Meta content.

8. Committed to preserving the quality of links in your site.

9. If you use the left, the icon or image, with a text link.

10. If your company is a partner site to make your site a valuable resource, so people chose your site instead of directly to your partner.

11. Adding a site map.

12. Don? D-Link with some programs.

13. Write some content, so search to find applicable results. Rather than write? Books? ? Leave medical textbooks? or? cookbooks organic? be specific.

14. If you are low quality links to your site, that are blocking the Googlebot crawls.

15. Don? T break the content too, like a lot of banners and so on in the middle or the text, irritates readers and bots.

16. Write unique content and compelling.

17. Don not forget your page descriptions contained.

18. Don? Content of the text T buried in images.

19. Looking for a? URL indexed URLs with more than a few parameters, or dynamic links can be ignored.

20. Keep up? Zu? Day, are an SEO, you consistently develop your strategies.

21. Providing what it promises, don? T lead readers to correct or relevant pages.

22. Check carefully to your title, be sure to include targeted keywords.

23. Don? T forget, humor or other devices that attract and keep readers.

24. Adding text links with anchor links.

25. Keep left and top? Zu? Date.

26. Start a blog or forum, if it makes sense to your site.

27. Subscribe to BBB or your local chamber of commerce or other reputable organizations.

28. Send articles, pages of article earnest and active.

29. Add ALT tags for images for people to turn off the images.

30. Check your site and 508 for accessibility.

31. Send the description of your business on Wikipedia or other popular news sites.

32. Consider maps or mashups.

33. Send to multiple search engines.

34. Consider some of its marketing pages or objects that have less competition.

35. Don? Forget the good old? Fashion PR.

36. Start a little 'controversy.

37. Consider an RSS feed.

38. Write? Top Ten? Lists that are popular with search sites article.

39. Creating a good team who want others to link to.

40. Grammar and spelling to eliminate errors.

41. Publish a privacy policy.

42. Send press releases, when it makes sense.

43. Avoid hidden text, and links.

44. Keep your content up? Zu? Date.

45. Don? T deviations or use? Cloaking.?

46. Don? T pages with bad content, such as viruses, Trojans, malware and so on.

47. Far from empty, affiliate sites are not original.

48. Make sure that each side is evaluated by at least a static text link.

49. Use text, images, but refer to important content.

50. Check for broken links.

51. Don? T put too many links on a page, even if it is a resources page, to keep well under 100

52. Test your site with a text browser.

53. Be suspicious place after session IDs or arguments bad.

54. Use the IF? Changed? Since HTTP header to Google whether your content has changed.

55. Do not use? & Id =? as a URL parameter, are not indexed.

56. Prevent fraudulent or manipulative techniques.

All in all, you just want a site that you want to visit? one, which is useful and up? a? Data? it? s no magic, no trick.

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