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How to choose a very profitable niche - even under the pressure of 'economy

Viewing the structure of a website devoted to discovering a wrong corner only to find after months of search engine optimization and internet marketing that your idea might be too general and often is the interest of visitors and makes it difficult to cash After hundreds of hours to earn their time. What a nightmare!

Well, that was me a few years ago. I have several websites and hundreds of hours of my time and hired a programmer to create scripts to process credit cards. Only to discover I could not make money. None of my visitors to buy my products and I felt completely lost in the jungle of the Internet. With all the hype to make money on the internet and having to buy thousands of dollars for materials available in the so-called Internet gurus still have not been doing it, could be corrected. What I miss? Does this sound familiar?

Finally, the attempts by many different ideas that I take in a magical way, the right formula. I rebuilt a popular site on trucks and more than 70,000 dollars earned from that date. As I happened to discover this success? I tried to not be able to build sites only once. Am I just lucky? I can duplicate my success again?

Most people underestimate how important it is that the first step in choosing the right idea, since the first launch of a website. Only to discover months later that their idea is not possible to earn money. After months of research I finally discovered the magic formula that is long tail marketing profitable niche markets. When you complete this process, to understand your success every time you can build a website and save you countless hours of wasted emotion to duplicate.

Brainstorm some ideas on paper. Find topics that interest you, such as fashion, garden or the name of some fish samples. I do not think that all ideas to look at the newspaper shops in malls, Yellow Pages, TV or a Google search for general ideas. Do not worry about the keyword in the search. At this point you want to find a unique perspective for your idea. You want your visitors a reason to visit your site and return. Preferably choose an idea that you already know a lot. If you have an idea that you do not know, you will be forced to experts at sites like Elance or adapted to create content for you. If you are not already a considerable amount of money, I recommend not to. Instead, to keep costs down, keep you from the first time and create the content themselves.

Once you find a good idea (for example, swordfish, organic gardening, bonsai) trees, you must do your keyword research. The importance is that you want a site that receives considerable freedom to build your choice of keywords for search engines, but at the same time not too competitive. You can use the Overture Inventory Tool. In my opinion a very profitable niche keyword research from 15,000 to 45,000 times per month, with virtually no competitive prices to use as a keyword best. You can also use the Wordtracker tool to control competition on keywords. You can control the amount of search ads on Google and when you find a keyword with virtually no competition your gold mine. You must also apply to similar keywords on which you can build your website in order to be considered in context. Take, for example, if you chose Truck Bed Liner as a profitable niche keyword, you can also use the content of the keywords on them, like foam on the relationship truck bed liner, pickup truck bed liners, cargo areas Rhino line, etc. Make ..

After choosing your keywords, create your content and traffic to make money with contextual advertising like Google Adsense, affiliate links, or through the creation and purchase of their products.

You can test your entire website with PPC marketing. You can use Google Adwords, and not a first test, and send 200 visitors to your site, if traffic becomes money. Otherwise, you should improve your sales pages, or the layout to improve your conversion statistics. Once satisfied with the conversion and that traffic, you can click on the search engine optimization and that takes at least 6 months, and years of consistent white hat optimization begins to make money. After this step, you have money with free search engine traffic to generate the next few years. You can build a virtual real estate duplicating this process with other ideas.

Be sure to follow the steps here. Will save thousands of hours of wasted emotions and heartache build a profitable niche.

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