Senin, 29 Maret 2010

Green Guide for the little guy

The voice of a million people singing in harmony is a big chorus. Now imagine the power of collective voice that can be read by the Chorus. If we focus, together with the prayers, meditations and affirmations of our desires is to surrender.

Is that a word inflammatory? Because we want the force of exactly what we refuse to be overwhelmed? The water of life have taught us the lesson of surrender.

If an object is blocking the natural path of water, the result is that water tries to flow and remain a possibility the government will continue its cycle of transformation. Liquid state, water can put on the surface of the stone, in anticipation of the cold. Since the liquid crystal and solid form, extends and change the angle of orientation.

This extension of the transformation of the state erodes and cracks in the stone. Later stages, the water penetrates through the cracks and then moved into collections of minerals and formations. Create caverns and caves.

The interaction between water and rock filters the water carries away the rock in the ground, and created shelters for animals and humans used as a shelter from the elements evolution.

Is not trivial to enjoy the gifts that consider the existence, although for the future. We do not want our children to suffer the pain and anguish of peace broken. The voices loud cries for blood and 'irritating to the existence of all life, the promotion serves. You could blow the planet to the heart.

If we are a refuge from life, it's time to create the promotion of life-states decisions. To make the choice to promote life long, is located in the heart of the victim. The victims are low in the potential for real.

? know where it goes - a list of committees is the instrument - all commissions on foot radius of 1 km from home

? use natural cleaning products at home - still no aerosol - vinegar, baking powder, salt and lemon juice before groped a chemical solution

? buy local food options first - support for healthy lifestyles - to use as many organic processed food as possible - preservatives are chemicals that

? Unplug the microwave - we do not know their long-term effects

? to use what to get my hand - guided resources - corrections report of a passport

? a healthier future is more important than any monetary wealth - money and prestige are human creations - nature is the creation of a greater force - this force will overwhelm all of us in our death, we will be expelled from life from this force

? I will try to free media for a given time - not propaganda

? take some plastics can be recycled and a large amount of glass and ceramic

? support to replace clothing, furniture, supplies, and a car with options for a healthier environment - bamboo and hemp clothing - natural food colors - organic body, bath and spa products - hybrid and electric cars

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