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Eat Your Way To Healthy Beautiful Skin & Hair - The Power of Superfoods

There are two ways to nourish your body. Yes, it s? True. The first way is through the mouth and the second way is through the skin. Some people will not understand the importance of healthy food, healthy, natural foods and organic products. This can be clearly seen, every time you go shopping and watch the plethora of bad eating habits are too many Americans, every time they buy groceries. Similarly, many don? T know that the products they use on the skin are absorbed into the body too. Absorbed through the skin is so effective that an increasing number of medications and birth control in the form of patches (which is applied to the skin). The application of products to keep your skin is no different from eating them. Why? Why enter the bloodstream, regardless of whether they are absorbed in the mouth or absorbed through the skin. However, the rate of absorption for skin is slower compared to orally consume something. Now you can see how important it is for natural foods and organic products for skin care and hair to buy? Such products are generally free from pesticides, chemicals and toxic ingredients and often contain healthy ingredients from nature that many nutrients in them.

Many people supplement their diet with vitamins and other dietary supplements to ensure that they receive adequate nutrients daily. Holistic Living & Health, hlhealth.com, has several vegan all natural high-nutrient food supplements which are extremely dense foods rich in super. Green Phyto-Essentials Eats, Phyto-Eats Maca Noni and enhance the healthy growth of hair (which our sister website MiaSB.com) can be found containing a large quantity of high quality Super Foods. Superfoods are a group of healthy foods that pack a nutritious punch. In addition, they contain a high content of nutrients than other foods and are known for their health benefits. Medical experts say the Super foods to help people more energy that can protect against disease and promote a healthy lifestyle now and for the future. Some of phytonutrients (? Phyto • A site) in all of our natural foods throughout based Super Food supplements are a class of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, standardization and balancing properties, phytochemicals, improve the immunity of nutrients, alkaline properties that help balance acidic foods like coffee, alcohol, sugar and meat, in addition to the enzymes (which help to eliminate and / or the planned reduction of chemically active oxygen molecules) contribute to aging, illness and chronic disease . Some of these are effective and powerful Superfoods products for its many positive features, to use the body, skin and hair. These superfoods include chlorella and special wheat grass, barely grass, leaves, alfalfa, spirulina, maca root, and fruit of noni. To see pictures of what these wonderful gifts of nature, to watch and read a detailed description and benefits of each http://hlhealth.com/phyto-eats.html visit.

Our skin and hair requires a variety of nutrients daily to work on the body and help with overall health. Eat many different kinds of colored vegetables and fruit farming is a good way to ensure your body to the broad spectrum of nutrients for energy, balance and good health is necessary. However, it is important to understand that most people often destroy many of the vitamins and other nutrients in their vegetables when you cook. Why? This is because the heat? It was destroyed? Nutrients that are in our fruits, vegetables and other foods. ) By eating more vegetables (and fruit can be consumed raw increase the amount of nutrients it lives on a daily basis. Learn new ways to prepare vegetables that are tasty and attractive to be healthy and rewarding experience with time your body in a way that is the way of giving healthy-looking skin, hair, which grows stronger, the higher energy prices and better health.

Here are some recipes that are easy, fast and very healthy. Try for breakfast, a snack or dessert.

Phyto-Eats (Maca Noni) Banana Mango Smoothie


1 extra large mango

1 banana

1 cup milk or vanilla soy yogurt

1 tsp Phyto-Eats Maca Noni

1 tablespoon agave

4 ice cubes


Add all ingredients in blender and press the button to the pulse of the ingredients are smooth and fluid. Pour into glass and enjoy!

Phyto-Eats (Green Essentials) Dream Island Pineapple Smoothie


1 cup fresh pineapple

? Mango

1 banana

1 cup soy milk

1 teaspoon of Green Phyto-Eats Essentials

1 tablespoon honey

4 ice cubes


Add all ingredients in blender and press the button to the pulse of the ingredients are smooth and fluid. Pour into glass and enjoy

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