Kamis, 18 Maret 2010

Dearest Non-blogging Professional: Why, Oh Why Aren? T You Blogging Yet?

Blogs are very popular, with billions of daily visitors to its website. And yet, half the world would not even know if I miss a blog on your web browser and bite! Here is a brief introduction, what a blog is and why it is a must have for all those who have their business, career, or professional reputation seriously.

I have five minutes to write this article.
However? Are hours and hours - days, really! - The pent-up energy on the topic, why you should blog. I'm sitting on the equivalent of a massive nuclear weapon here, or treat cancer, and nobody is really understanding its implications? Never had one of those dreams where you do everything to function at full sprint, but it seems that the legs thigh deep in black tar? Or, as stern a very important message for someone you love, like "message Go away! Comes the train!" or "Look, there are a huge shark right behind you!" But all that comes of it, is tense, laryngitis-based hot air? This is what happened in my life right now. I sit with friends and business partners, talking to employers and small business owners and equity strategy sessions with large companies and multinationals, and tell them to blogging. There is a universal, glassy eyes, often crinkle of a shrug or a nose below. "Oh, I see the point" or "Yes, I thought of this? I know that my work, Just Let It Go, and I know that because all business: "I am not willing to talk" look. Oh, but it is killing me! Because if you seriously about your business, career, reputation or professional, there's absolutely no reason not to publish your interest and expertise in blog form.

A blog is conversation. He lives with your distinct voice, style and inclinations. He died when he led by fearsome Corp. Speak the language rigid, or fully self-conscious and "safe", play-by-the-worlders rules.
A blog is free. (Or very low cost, depending on the go, as you are.) I mean, come on, what else is FREE these days?
A blog is a mirror. It 'a way of organizing your ideas, experiences and tips for your vision. It is also an organic living, breathing organism that grows as you grow. It's like one of those "smart" computer, has developed its own life and personality over time.
A blog is search engine friendly. And 'test you know your industry or topic. And 'test is used in their companies and niches.
A blog is a way to connect with other like-minded professionals. If you have comments about someone else's blog, or if you sell this, it's like a male quick nod, which says: "Hey. Saw your post. Liked it. Peace out."
A blog is a simple, searchable content management system. Why, why accumulate all your knowledge of the sector itself? Are you saving for posterity? Do you think St. Peter will give you extra points, with a large collection of inaccessible folders on your computer?
A blog is fun, darnit! This is an opportunity to be alone, and see for yourself, experience and your own voice and priorities over time.
Sure, bloggers say the gurus there are many "rules" - like, "You should have at least three times a week on the blog!" or "strategic" or "to keep the posts short, avoid long tangents! (like this). And to think a lot of PAGS (Blogging against the people's), no one reads them or are a waste of time, or all of the above. But I say, who cares?

Nobody reading your darn internal folders or go through your archives, but still throw articles and information can not say why, the area of intellectual, and in fact to choose one and the continuous range of information, opinions, photos, and l 'Energy Out There on one or more of the proverbial masses to discover if and when to search or for information, knowledge, products or services you offer? God did not care, not only in Antarctica, because he thought nobody would ever find the continent of ice, is not it? And now, with advances in technology, you get to see his films, like "March of the Penguins," "National Treasure" and "The X-Files Movie".

If you have (a passion, specialty niche, mission, or work and have at least one of these things, unless you're a corpse? Or Paris Hilton), then start blogging. Do not worry about the traffic situation. Do not worry about the NIT-picky stuff.

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