Senin, 15 Maret 2010

Because the dry dog food may not be best for your dog

Dry dog food has been recommended as the best diet for dogs, but this is completely wrong. While dry dog food may be included in limited quantities in the diet of your dog, most products are very rich in simple carbohydrates, relatively low in protein and nutrition of poor quality. Furthermore, it is very bad for dogs to eat foods that do not contain natural moisture.

The heavy use of commercially prepared dry dog food by dog owners is a major cause of the increasing incidence of diabetes and pancreatitis in dogs associated. A search of "dry dog food" on the Internet will bring a lot of websites and articles promoting the use of the product, but the purpose behind these articles dry dog food for sale. How reliable is the information really is? The only food safe and healthy dog is probably organic and high levels of protein and complex carbohydrates in the form of whole grains. It also includes legumes, and low in sodium and without chemical additives. However, the organic dry dog food should be used more sparingly. It should not be fed anything that you walk your dog.

To maintain good health, dogs need a diet largely natural. The best diet is considered a first diet, including messages of health of the family and the dog bones first. If this is not possible, feed your dog commercially prepared organic food from a renowned company, most of the nutritional requirements may give your dog. Organic dry dog food may have been the diet, or your dog will be considered, should not the only thing you feed your dog.

Now we have a society of great convenience. We are busy and often stressed by the demands of earning a living and raising children. There is a lot easier (pour food from an open window or a can and even then they tend to have ring-pull cans had) and we can fall into the trap of living on autopilot and feeding of our animals and our families of food that is of little nutritional value and indeed a danger to health. We return to manual control and pay attention to what we do. Our family - both two legged and four legged members look - and feel better and if not thank us, we know who to thank.

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