Jumat, 26 Maret 2010

A question for the person to think

Let me ask a question.

Can you give me one (1) the practice of health - other than Nature Cure - says his philosophy succinctly, and in accordance with the fundamental law of cause and effect?

I do not think so!

Nature Cure is alone with his statement that health is achieved when;

- To eliminate the causes.

- Apply the right principles of organic food, air, water, sun, relaxation, exercise and care of the spine, and,

- The rest is provided so that the body with metabolic function of treatment

Nature Cure, is therefore the only alternative to all other medical practices.

All other arrangements will ask you to participate to some form of complementary medicine - whether it is chemical, mechanical, botanical, spiritual or otherwise.

Practitioners of other healing arts will ask you in all that is more power than the innate function of the body are involved, too.

This power is in the body and lead to healing.

Wrong! - There is one thing that the body does not matter.

The body reacts to what is referred to - but there are no mistakes - there is no power outside of the body that can heal itself.

All human tissues have the biological function and performance:

- Reproduction

- Reply

- Repair

If so - we do not need them to "take something" or "do nothing" to make the body to do what he wanted to do.

Damn! - It 'difficult, right?

Why? - Although the word is replaced, the body is designed to heal itself - what would happen to the multi-billion $ $ $ industry that lives on the lies of drugs?

Of course - it would die out - and perhaps it would be even better for organic life.

I keep thinking ...

Kevin Hinton is a renowned Natural Health Educator and supporters that has supported a wide range of people, their lives through common-sense Natural Health practices and relaunch. He is a trusted advisor to many companies in the world, Australia and North America who recognize the value of life, better habits of Natural Health. His experience in the field reveals that adopting practical Natural Health habits usually helps drive success in other areas of life.

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