Minggu, 14 Februari 2010

Understanding "green" movement in your marketing efforts

Companies, cities and people are always involved in the green movement. They do this in part for the environment, reducing the impact of healthy people "taking the field, using recycled metals and nontoxic substances, organic gardening, with more green spaces, buildings with sustainable materials and much more.

A growing number of companies are beginning to see how a market advantage, especially when you think organic food is one of the fastest growing markets.

Here are some reasons, organizations and businesses have been moving in this direction: * or care workers, according to a recent survey by Care2 network of progressive community, 48 percent of employees say they would work for less pay, if for a socially responsible company could operate. And they would work hard, according to the survey, 40 percent of workers would be willing to work harder for a job in a socially responsible company. * The research question or need dictates Turner Construction Company, one study that over 70% of directors believes that green building reveals improve student performance. * Environmental groups force the company to greater liability * Due to pressure from environmental organizations, is now among the 30 largest banks have stopped funding environmentally and socially irresponsible and firms are more "green." * Competition from other environmental pressures companies to change their marketing initiatives * Levi's presents its 100% organic jeans this fall. * Nike makes organic clothing and speak with a responsible citizen. * A growing number of retailers are experimenting with more environmentally and energy efficient stores. * McDonald's started serving Fair Trade Certified (TM) coffee in 658 of the restaurants of New England and Albany, NY. These positions on 100 percent of their products, in addition to coffee fair trade certified (TM), organic coffee from Newman's Own Organics, roasted by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. They started this as a regional launches, and with the aim of enlargement is in the country.

The more companies are beginning to recognize that they have with the triple bottom line will be affected, how to take decisions on expected economic, environmental and social.

Unfortunately, most people believe that green marketing refers solely to the promotion or advertising of products with environmental characteristics. This is only part of the equation. Marketing covers a broad spectrum of activities, including product modification, changes to production, packaging changes and amendments of advertising.

Here are some things you can do to take the green movement in your marketing efforts:

* For the manufacture of your products - with the vision of recycled materials for packaging and the inclusion of organic fibers or other materials. If so, how did you change the production, so be sure to make people aware that it is your product packaging or materials with natural materials that do not harm the environment. * Check In renovation or new construction - choosing alternative, more environmentally friendly building materials and insulation to minimize energy consumption. Make people aware that you are a company that is socially responsible practices. * A place to make your internal and external candidates as Staples recycling. They promote recycling programs at its stores for printer cartridges and electronics. * Cause local and global, where your company and your employees can be involved to identify and make a difference to the environment. Or consider the efforts of Clif Bar Co., the scientific predictions about global warming and how it was aware of snow to fall to 70 percent in the western coastal mountains of the United States in the next 50 years. Last winter, has launched a campaign to help ski resorts, skiers and snowboarders to combat global warming. Search dictating consumer concern for the environment. Even in the Midwest, consumers feel the same eight to four per cent of the general population of consumers, damage to environment protection, according to the Ohio Health and Wellness Research Report (C), has found a research report for Marketing professionals in August 2005 his survey of 1,100 consumers in Ohio. They want to know that companies, as well as to say the only way they can know, care if your story

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