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Stop Fumbling in the dark! Get Qualified Traffic Now

Stop Fumbling in the dark! Get Qualified Traffic Now!

If you have a stress test at this moment - when someone asks how effective you are selling a product online?

Want to show moderate frustration?

Melde dich an "above average" rating on the liklihood you choke the next person who speaks in line rich forever?

Or are you ready to connect the freaking draw the thing and start creating your own flesh-carving business?

Want to sell a product online, and everyone wants to tell you how to sell a product online, but .... ....

What they say, is that everything depends on 2 factors simple - know what to buy and what people are looking for, when research.

Listen: It took more than 1 year to learn the true meaning of a word.

Each keyword say.

I repeat once again - the keywords.

Ok - with that out of our systems, we look to the way in which these keywords can make life easier, massively increasing the ability to sell products online, and ... a formula that can be repeated once again - until you're tired of earning money.

KEYWORD Hack # 1: The Idea Product

Keywords tell you what people search on the Internet. Many of finding information and help find answers to, immediately

Keyword combinations of study to discover the relationship between supply and demand made - more quickly with a tool like Adword Analyzer - http://www.infoproductcreator.com/part/adwanalyze and you get a window of product demand are line.

KEYWORD Sales Tip # 2: The product names and qualifications

Know what people are looking, with keywords.

Understand why the use of keywords and you have the perfect high-demand titles, they sell a ton of products.

KEYWORD Tip # 3 pages selling products online

Your sales page is converting only 1 of 1,000 visitors to buyers?

In general, sucking two main reasons - your copy, or drag the wrong people to your website.

Guess what?

In both cases - the keywords to help.

Optimizing your site for keywords that make sense for your product or service. You never going to get really specific - you want less traffic, but more revenue, not a ton of traffic and virtually no turnover.

Here's a little known secret.

People are looking for information on the Internet - do not throw them for products.

So - what you should do is to attract visitors with the content, the content they're looking for and then left and a menu that guide them to your products.

If you need help in converting visitors to buyers - look no further than the Hypnotic Marketer himself - http://www.infoproductcreator.com/hypnotic.html

Help Keyword Tip # 4: The key words, Super Affiliates

If you use to arm themselves with the list of most popular keywords, the qualified visitors to find information is crucial for your product - you can use this information for the Super Affiliate joint ventures in which you sit and watch the roll of a. money Shape

Search for sites that are more appropriate and better optimized for your target market is the most searched keywords - then really good friends FAST!

Because you can click onto a truck of its sales in the shortest time possible.

KEYWORD Tip # 5 and 'the only thing we really want online.

Keywords do not lie.

That would be "travel book, about double the research as" Travel information ", tells you exactly how the human condition in search of your data (you wrote a book of travel)

When it comes to IT - the bustle of people on the Internet is far from an exact science, no matter to say what the "guru".

But ... KEYWORDS take you back in the driver's seat, putting the tools to sell products to sell online and get your stress level to a level where you might not even know who you are.

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Google has a bug? I do not think it was possible.John Romano
First of all, Google is the king. Yahoo bought Inktomi and Overture puts back on top, for now, but Google is clearly of Yahoo's 00s. However, we have some special Beefs with Google's powerful and mostly benign.

Google has a problem with one of its products, ads, AdWords. AdWords is a revolutionary keyword makes it possible for small businesses and now buying large key terms that appear in ads alongside Google's organic search results. The study and use of Google's system has some interesting facts and some bugs crop. Here are some things we have learned.

AA technique to get the most traffic and clicks (Sorry do not want to reveal that, as this is not a hacker and robem this article.) Oh, and: WARNING - CLICKS no keywords have been taken or stolen writing or research for this article.
B. How is surprisingly solid and profitable search terms (Again, sorry for the technology that separates a mediocre performance by a great and kind words everyone is done, should be used to buy as close to the vest as possible.)
CA glitch in the system that Google may penalize too powerful search words. Thats the center of the piece.

This photo: Johnny T-Shirt Co. spend time with the search keyword, develop appropriate conditions for the commercialization of their activities. JTCo is diligent and takes some concepts that you missed the mature larger competitors can say, like T-shirt with gold. JTCo then builds a Google AdWords campaign with a budget of $ 175.00 per day with a cost per click of $ 0.25. The announcement comes alive. Customers see and JTCos click advertisements CTR 1.8%. Pretty good. Business goes hand in hand for a few months, Google will provide plenty 'of money and grabs JTCo customers ahead of the competition. Now here is the error.

Google requires that all AdWords ads for 5 clicks per 1000 impressions Garner. Fair enough. Display JTCos for the T-shirt Gold name is rolling on a rate of 1.8% of clicks (18 clicks per 1000), then no problem. But unless JTCo get 5 clicks per 1000 views at once to solve the Google programming has become a standard for decommissioning the word and give JTCo no simple way to make a case for the restoration of the word. It is similar to that of the father was wonderful, her children will be late for dinner in ten minutes, and the ostracism of the community of him as a neglectful father - forever. We studied the business is a real world, www.threedayweekends.com, Google had paid $ 1092 more than a month long period for a particular word. The word had not yet received a large number of clicks, and hundreds of thousands of impressions, when the concept of losing five emerging press only once, late on Thursday evening, a typical, the concept has been arrested.

Contacting Google about this problem, unfortunately, has been used to deal with the telephone company, before the race. Headache, pain and misunderstanding. Calls to call centers are Google Adword was greeted with sympathy or indifference. A Googler, felt ill and some others had the same problem, but his hands were tied literally wailing. Just couldnt look up through the exhibition Another and we have always said that you must rewrite the new ad for the announcement, which was answered with her for months worked without problems, that are clearly not met by chance five clicks to write You must be the answer, rewriting Write the ad. Finally, a supervisor Google Phone to the frustration that was his boss, did not respond to tell asked to identify yourself if you can not say Im. What? Now we have the name and ID number of the staff mentioned, but we also show if Google were to contact us. Why? Why Google is overall a great company with good customer service and hot products. There is no reason to engage with Google HR issues for the people all seemed fine - just not useful. Okay, the phone was a supervisor rather 'harsh, but not a big problem.

Instead of waiting for Google to resolve this problem yourself, here's a simple solution that can satisfy everyone deserves further feed the pockets of Google, and companies large and small qualified clicks. Google is a system in which the ads that perform well over time, the institute will receive a little leeway with regard to the 5 / 1, Decision 000. Similar to a credit card, your ads will be carried out consistently good for a certain period in a higher credit line may be a minimum of 25 shots over 5000 impressions. The CTR, Google wants is the same, but the buyer will receive a small space if there is an anomaly. Missing 5 clicks more than a thousand impressions is a stroke of luck, could be held more than 5,000 missing 25 more than one reason. In addition to 1000 impressions on a high volume of long-term research into Google literally happen in four or five minutes. Thus, even months if you've had success with T-shirt with gold, five minutes can change everything. The strange coincidence www.threedayweekends.com - the real example, we have examined, that turns Google literally $ 75-125 per day for the economy. Now we all know that the brains behind Google could be a math and programming to solve a problem like this problem fairly quickly. Meanwhile, as www.threedayweekends.com intelligent marketing to search for other concepts and other places they want to spend the money, not Google.

About the author: John Romano is a former expert for analysis and optimization of i-traffic and SFInteractive. Now runs a company that handles advertising for the keywords you buy. Please contact the westplants@yahoo.com or 310-281-1199.

Optimizing dynamic pages - Part Idalie Goetsch
The Queen Widget
You are the queen Widget. They eat, breathe, live and widgets. They sell more widgets than anyone else. Widgets that you want to reach more customers, so you have decided to sell widgets on the web. They spared no expense in designing and construction of the final site widget. You descriptions widget, you have specific widget, you even have movie widget. The only thing that the widget site there visitors.

OFF for the search engines that you are going. Type the phrase "left-handed blue widgets" and watch the results. All major competitors are listed. There are also some competitors who've never heard of. But you're the queen widget, not a list.

What's up with that? What follows is followed by a very basic introductory material for some advanced technical information on dynamic sites and SEO.

What is a search engine?
First, you need to understand what a search engine actually searches. When potential visitors who can not find in a search engine like Google and AllTheWeb / FAST is not just searching on the Internet, but is in a database created by the search engine they have. This database consists of text and links from Web pages visited by a robot of the search engine.

As a database search engine is collected? Search engines create these databases automatically with software programs called "robots" or "spiders". These automatic programs visit pages on the World Wide Web, as people visit web pages with browsers using the links to some arbitrary location and all the following. If the owner of a website "is" a page of a search engine in most cases is the provision of the robots of search engines with a starting point for their trips automatically. From this position, the robot then follows the left and thus "discovered" other pages on your website or visit other pages, which is linked to your website. (That's search engine as well as individual pages or entire Web sites that will never be submitted to them - if you have a link to a Web site from another site, chances are good that finally a robot search engine enter see this link and follow him.)

Although the robots to visit sites like human visitors do what they can do what they "see" is something else to do. When a person uses a browser to display a Web page that visitors can make the text on the page, look at the pictures to read, movies, hear sounds, followed by their information in a form, hyperlinks, and any number of other tasks. The human visitors interact with your site. The robots of search engines, on the other side is just a few of these things. And 'this difference that can keep your page in the database of dynamic search engine was added.

What makes a robot to do?
Search engine robots are very simple creatures. You can "read" the text and links that may follow. That's it. The robots can not be a Flash movie can not fill out a form and can not refer to a "submit" button. This means that no matter the amount of data that contain a large web page if the visitor to gain from a list, or enter a password, or fill out a form full of information to choose to get there, no robot could ever visit possible that the page.

The origins of dynamic pages
Most dynamic web pages are generated in response to database queries executed. Behind your widget website there is a large database of widgets. When a visitor accesses the site and search for left-handed blue widgets, this database provides the answer. The database provides information for visitors. In general, the visitor controls a field, or select from a list or a text, including several on the page and press "Send". After jumping through the circle, get visitors to their page full of left-handed blue widgets.

I do not see you
Unfortunately, if a search engine robot visits the page, you can verify that the box they can not select from this list and you can click the "Send" button. Put simply, the robot can not access the page of gadgets. When the robot does not get there, the page will not be included in the database search engine. If it is not in the database, researchers can not find.

How to get there?
So how can we attract other visitors to our dynamic side of the left-handed blue widgets? There must be a way to there, without having to obtain the "Send" button.

Next month we will visit several ways for the robots of search engines for dynamic web pages. Stay tuned.

Dale Goetsch is the Technical Adviser for Research Innovation Marketing (http://www.searchinnovation.com), a company active search engine promotion, small businesses and nonprofit organizations. He has over twelve years of experience in software development. Along with programming in Perl, JavaScript, ASP and VB, he is a writer and technical editor, made available with an emphasis on technical topics to non-technical reader

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