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Simple changes = dramatic results

Style on a budget: Simple changes = dramatic results
They want to add more elegance and style to your home? Want to know how to make less money?

You're not alone. Americans spent 343 billion dollars to build the house, according to a recent study by Barnard's Retail Consulting Group in Upper Montclair, NJ So if you are considering renovating your home, you're in good company.

Trends, decorating today

People change the scenario most often in the past. This is due to the accelerated pace of life in general, and shorter design cycles in areas such as the style of other articles of clothing fashion.

Consumers are more aware of style and fashion and want to express their individual expression of taste. Internet, movies, magazines and television viewing, while a wider range of furnishings in style at home who want to integrate consumers into their lives.

People are investing less in decor items. Especially young people often leave behind items of antique furniture, rather than pay to move into their new home.

Can I decorate without a decorator?

Today, people more and more exciting changes to their homes, and do so without the cost of a professional decorator. If you are considering renewing your furniture, you may ask:

Can I change myself?
The results look professional?
Can I have something on my options?
Then switch to a reasonable amount of money?

In a detailed! You can not only managed to decorations for the house itself, there are good reasons to yourself. These include:

Saving Money
Get What You Want
The implementation of changes to a program that fits your budget and your time available
Express your unique style to go high-end room, more modest on another

Where to find ideas for decorating:

Home Deco trends change often. For the latest trends

Read Home Design Magazine
Go window-shopping in furniture stores and design
Talk to Store Designer

My new job decals with what I have?

An exciting design trends of recent years in lookthe eclectic mixing and matching of various items, fabrics, colors and styles. Many people today have established, usually a mix of antiques house they inherited, purchased items, while the simple and the objects selected for the couple. Today, you can combine creativity and fun ways to look at your comfort and alone. This contrast with the approach rather cluttered with old furniture and equipment of the past.

Where do I start?

With the choice of decorations for the home, you can start a project initially a bit 'intimidating.
As with all successful projects, you need a plan before proceeding. Consider your objectivesdo you want new furniture or redo an entire room? Instead of being lost forever examining possible improvements to the decoration on the following four areas to achieve good results at a reasonable price:



Painting a room is one of the simplest but most dramatic changes in the settings can be done. You can leave a small space appear larger, with bright colors. They may also show a smaller increase of coupling the room with a color brighter.

Instead, you can create a large room more intimate, with darker colors. Brighten a room can be a boring color. Favored a blanket or a piece of furniture? Then you can use as the basis for the organization, choose a color, the color is.

Buy your stores color quality of a specialist in color. National Retail paintings have colors later and can be taught new techniques of painting. Since we only sell paint, have a very competent staff that can help you find the ideal color for your project.

How to paint like a pro

Choose one or two dominant colors of your room. Although the choice of paint colors for you, you can give the best results by ensuring that:

To buy quality paint. Rule number 1: We can not afford cheap paint! Why? The biggest cost of painting is its own work or someone else. Color cover of better quality, goes further, it seems better when you are done, and carries more. Save a few dollars per gallon is false economy. Unless you're painting a kitchen and bathroom often experience the cleaning, use a quality latex paint. Latex paint produces fewer emissions during the drying process and allows you to place your equipment clean with soap and water with alcohol, such as turpentine.

Buy quality brushes and rollers. You want to apply the paint with quality tools of quality. Make sure that the right brush for the job. For latex paints, you want a quality that used the synthetic bristle brush. Oil, buy a natural bristle brush. Buy rolls of high quality appropriate to the NAP. NAP refers to the length of cloth on the roller. In general, shorter nap will get a smooth surface. Do not try to clean ride. When you've finished the wall and out for the day, apply a new role when you start again. With the purchase of color and quality of their applications with the same care with the quality tools to ensure the best possible result for your efforts.

Not skimp preparation. In fact, painting the room is the last step. The time you are preparing to paint your living room to reward with a term look much better.

Do not paint over dirt. Start washing walls and ceilings with tri-sodium phosphate, or TSP. This occurs as a powder and mix with a bucket of warm water. Rubber gloves and sponge clean. Sponge the area with clean water when finished. Dont be to skip this step because you will not believe how much dirt comes out clean-looking walls.
Once the walls are clean, fill nail holes and imperfections with drywall patch compound. Complete Cleaning nicks and scratches, then sand smooth. Bleed areas that have created a patch before you paint, if not through the fields show that the stains opaque.
Remove or cover all furniture with drop cloths. Cover the floor and the baseboard molding first.

Make your time. One of the main advantages of DIY is that you can work well and do a good job. Relax your work carefully, and you will be amazed at what you have accomplished.


A new area rug is a purchase of furniture more beautiful than you can do. These affordable rugs come in a variety of styles, fabrics and colors. You can offer them a room to lighten the tone of your furniture, or a sharp contrast with the main theme of the decoration. The rugs work well in living rooms, of course, but also in the rooms, halls, even bathrooms. There are three main types of carpets.

The Persian carpet

Persian carpets have a well-deserved reputation as one of the best in the world. All Persian rugs are handmade, go for more information. Each rug is a beautiful complex and original, carefully prepared by experts. Many weavers come from families that make carpets for many generations. The symmetry and accuracy of complex models is amazing. A Persian rug is an investment for the life of luxury that appropriate care, decades of beauty and elegance to your home.

Four main factors Persians "Legacy of Excellence:

Colorsrich beautiful bright colors reflect the best use of color

Enchanting designswhile Each rug is unique, there are three broad categories of design, each stunning in its own way: geometric, curvilinear and floral motifs, themes and images

Node A large number of few words, the nodes are better because they are in a tight weave

The high quality materials of these are covered with high quality wool, silk and dyes. The high quality materials have created the most beautiful rugs.

Oriental Rugs

Asian and oriental carpets are less expensive Persian rugs. Oriental rugs are available in a variety of sizes, colors and designs. All carpets are the following key features:

Colorsrich Stunning, dominating the colors green and beautifully

Beautiful design complex patterns and even pictures characterize the carpet. The religion of Islam inspires many themes and subjects, so that the carpet looks elegant and exotic

Contemporary rugs

In general, the least expensive of carpets and rugs are contemporary to defy description, there are many great opportunities. Overall, contemporary rugs, however, have the following characteristics:

Vibrant colors

Bold Designs

High tech fabrics such as polypropylene, acrylic, viscose and wool (low-tech but high quality)

Unique Forms rich shapesunconventional

Who has the best selection of carpets lowest prices?

Internet retailers. An Internet retailer of high quality may share much more than the carpet shop and local transport. These are the lowest prices because of their low cost and tend to deal directly with the cutting Mat makersthereby Middleware and expensive premiums.

If you purchase the coverage on the Web seems unusual, do not worry. (First do not buy computers via the Internet is.) The key to buying a large rug, you'll love the search for reliable online merchants. You need someone who has a good reputation, great selection, excellent product knowledge and guarantees.


Furniture made a statement very decorative in a room. Casual or elegant, bold or subtle, theres nothing to deal with the right parts in a room on the road.

Heres a little secret that she has used the furniture that you have a good chance that you do not need to store the furniture is already on a new look to replace your home. The furniture, furnishings including the elderly is often very well done. The frame is made of hardwood and often very high. Probably the pillows are too. This might be a bit 'out of date is the fabric and structure. Do not spend a bundle on a new cover? No, you do not!

Smart consumers know that the seat covers innovative today to replace your sofa or chair at a fraction of the cost, can regenerate or be re-covered with them. Covers fairly modern form, so that you are looking for a personalized approach. The advantages of using protective covers:

Save Money. Why should you $ 1000 or more for a new sofa if you can get the same look at a fraction of the cost?

Get better quality at lower cost look with hundreds of styles, patterns and colors of fabrics to choose from. Many high quality fabrics like suede are available.

Change the look whenever you want. Buy two slipcovers for a casual everyday use of Sofia and the other for entertainment. Within minutes you can transform from casual to luxury.

Enjoy the latest mobile because you worry less. Unlike magazines, real children and animals fallout things the couch. Not a problem if a protective cover protects your sofa. Pop in the wash and looks immaculate prestothe couch again!

The basket environmentdont Respect moving well when there are still years of service with style roofs.

The best thing you can find, order and have delivered at home without blankets. Internet retailers have the largest selection and best prices. Here is a good example of lighting site


In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.
Aaron Rose

Interior designers use light to make a living, and you too. Consider the beauty of a pool of light in a room of spirit and style.

One of the best ways of decorative lighting statement is a combination of floor and table lamps. Lamps to provide the best value lighting, why not require wiring changes to your house and why they move from room to room and house to house. The fact that only the areas of lighting you want, you can save energy and money. And you can add or remove heat from various parts of the room to meet your decorating scheme.

Using lamps effectively

Begin to wonder what you want to achieve. If you want general illumination in a corner of the room or a lamp, a work area as a comfortable reading chair or desk lamp? This helps you choose, or free standing lamps narrow table lamps.

Continue thinking styles. Today, you can choose from hundreds of different types of fires in the classical style, modern and futuristic. Both lamps and table lamps to visit (and to details), also available in a variety of colors and materials such as copper and other metals, plastic and wood. Whatever your style, there is a bulb for you.

Finally, he said to throw light. Today you have lamps with bulbs, which throw much light. The oldest and best known is the ball of fire that casts a warm light. These lamps are not expensive but not very energy efficient. Imagine a lamp with a dimmer that can be accommodated in a tri-light bulbs, then turn on the light mood of Schneider and energy.

Two decisions in the past are compact fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps. Compact fluorescent bulbs fit standard sockets and light energy are super efficient. These lamps are available in a variety of lighting tones so you can both energy efficiency and a pleasant, warm light. The other possibility is now halogen lamps. These tiny bulbs cast a lightideal, white light for accent lighting.

Final Thoughts Decor

As the scope of the project will be bold, take risks and express themselves. If you've always wanted a red Walldo it. The above proposals are modest in terms of cost, allowing you to experiment and just try to find the right furniture. Enjoy!

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