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organic , Wxplain the manufacture of soap.

Soap: In our daily lives, we use various forms of soap. We can not imagine a day without the use of soap. It 'an essential part of cleanliness in our society.

There are three different types of soap available on the market. This is soap, detergents and liquid soaps. Now we'll see how it is produced in detail.

Soap: The raw materials for soaps, fats, fatty acids and inorganic water-soluble bases. The fats are tallow mutton, beef, coconut, palm and palm oil is extracted the kernel. After the extraction of raw materials is a water treatment plant to get clean.

Makes a continuous process in a liquid form of soap. During the process, glycerin produced as a by-product was created. Clean liquid soap and then passes through a process called spray drying under vacuum dry-shaped soap range.

Go to the final stage of pallets to dry the finish line. Palette mixture of soap mixed with all other ingredients, dyes and perfumes. In a mill and refining plodder pallets of soap then homogenized and refined. In this section, the pallets of soap to get the desired consistency. Then the pallets are cut to size bar and a printout of the molding process is completed.

Washing soaps are: In the case of powder detergents used three processes. These are dry blending, spray mixing and agglomeration. Spray combines all the ingredients in a thick suspension in the tank of large dimensions. The thick suspension is then heated and the top of a tower pumping is repealed. At the top of the tower, small nozzles, the suspension spray at high pressure. Create small droplets. These droplets fall from the top of the tower. If they fall, go through the warm air. Makes the drop dry granules. These grains are then collected from the base of the tower and run through a screening process. This process makes its granules of uniform size. These uniform size granules are cooled and some enzymes, aromas, and bleach mixture.

With new and more modern technologies to make soap making a high density of granules. In these granules percentage of air is very small. Thus, the granules can be packed into a smaller package.

Liquid detergent liquid soap to make use of two processes. These are the process of continuous and discontinuous process of mixing kettle. Added stabilizers ensure stability and consistency of the final product.

During the process continuously in a mixer, mix the dry ingredients and liquids mixed to obtain a stable and uniform mixture. Recently, high energy mixing processes have been introduced. Be used in this process, some agents and stabilizers.

Packaging: Packaging is the final step in the process of soap. Bar soaps are first in single packs. Many of them are packed in cardboard boxes. Soap can be packaged in bags, boxes or bags. Good packaging can increase sales and therefore the manufacturers of soap to attach importance to good packaging.

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