Minggu, 07 Februari 2010

organic , Nuance: Can you hear me?

Quarter Nuance sounded better, but they can repeat the performance? Organic growth increased by 36% over the previous year, when adding the company was acquired by 47%. Integration of Nuance ScanSoft and seems to work better than expected. In my mind this was much better than expected. The growth and profit profoma showed surprisingly robust. Before the merger of ScanSoft and Nuance have been important factors in the market for speech recognition. Since the merger, it seems that the industry has become less competitive. With less competition, there's hardly need to discount, "win" the deal.

The company said that the current quarter would have some questions before digestion. These were the first quarter, revenues exceeded the speech slower corporate growth scan. In general, during the first trimester of a merger, a company has a real problem of integration. Rarely a company report that growth is well above the market and organic growth in line with the industry. "Business Voice Services is one of the fastest growing segments of the value chain since 2008, with an average growth rate of 35%. Source: Research and Markets November 21, 2005. Nuance Speech Recognition to reduce the Call Center Network Embedded Automotive Market Hands Free Devices Mobile Devices Nuance projected gross margins flat and keeps it in a position to costs, taking out redundancies from the merger. For 2006 it expects $ 315-325 million in sales. They have also provided the 29-31c per share of profits. With a forward PE of 22 and 3.65 times sales, which seems to be a company with a low rating, especially with a leadership position in a growth of 35% in industry.

Conclusion More and more Member States are, according to which hands-free while driving. The network-based speech recognition call center is often higher than the rating or "press 1" x "Press 2" for solutions maze Y. If one considers that often saves the company money significantly over time, it is understandable why the industry receives such a forecast of growth.

It seems that the speech begins shooting in the high growth mobile market, along with others received. If you consider that some problems of integration must still be performed if the organic growth achieved by industrial Nuance, in my opinion, this company could be valued much higher

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