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Not For All The Tea In China ...

My grandmother was a word that is now rarely heard: "I would not want that for all tea in China!" would have said if he held something that does not want. I think it came at a time when tea from China had been rare, and preservation of the rich and it was something that the masses do not have access. Many different types of Chinese tea are increasingly in everyday life, with many people the choice, because of their potential benefits to health. There are many different varieties of Chinese tea, some of the most common types are described briefly. In future articles I will describe some of the health giving, which has the reputation of any kind to give in.

Green Tea

To produce the most important regions in China, that the various types of green tea are Henan, Anhui, Yunnan and Fujian. Green tea is a great source of joy and if the research is to believe that the health of the population. With only two or three cups a day, you can also feel in your body and mind. It is said to clean toxins from the body, while achieving the support of many institutions in a better state of them all. His achievements are recognized for thousands of years and also a lot of taste and aroma. It has different types and tastes. Green tea is a wonderful introduction to the joys of the culture of tea.


Oolong tea-producing regions of the main northern Fujian and Taiwan. Oolong is growing in popularity, it tastes fresh and is also believed that an excellent source for nutrition care. Oolong is usually served as small breaks as small trees leaves are green. Once they expand into contact with the water quite considerably and give a great freshness and flavor and sweet taste. Oolong not only tastes great, but with only 2 or 3 cups a day could benefit from its many healthful properties.

White Tees

The most important regions in China for white tea are North and South of Fujian, and Hunan Province. White tea is perhaps the most natural form of tea. It is only by gems, when placed in their way of tender. Like green tea, white tea does not have any processing or digestion of tea anymore. A rare and drink a wonderful delicate flavor of the kings and queens of ancient China developed.

Puerh Tea

Yunnan is the region most important in the creation of this tea end. You will see that in a number of different ways Puerrh, Pu-erh typed and so forth, but where it is made, is the great "connoisseur of tea. Puerh has a unique flavor and also famous as a medicinal tea - research has many beneficial compounds found within this type of tea. This is a treatment, and as a good wine should be drunk slowly, while the leaves down into the cup. The similarities of wine not nearly all - the rule of Puerh tea is older, the better. Some of the best teas are more than fifty years. It has a rich brown color and distinctive flavor liqueur. A must for anyone who tried to tea lovers!

Flower Tea

Flower tea are produced in many regions of China - Fujian, Fuzhou, Suzhou, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, Hangzhou and Jinhua in Zhejiang Province, in Sinchuan, Jiangsi, Anhui, and Hebei Province. Fiore are drinking tea at any time of day, and go well with food. For a touch of sweetness, it can be a little 'sugar, although it is certain that it is always cut in the crystalline form of granules, in contrast. Green tea is also known for many types of tea, flowers and flavors. Most are sweet and supposedly clean the toxins and have a taste fantastic. As the name tea flower that blooms in the cup, but with this wonderful subtle flavors.

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