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Men in women caused

Anyone can get angry sometimes. But if you boil them in anger or rage often breaks almost all the time from you, you can have an organic disease.

On the other hand, you may have suffered a terrible injustice as a child.

An important but largely ignored, the category of such abuse is that children emotionally, physically or sexually corrupt women.

Such abuse is not only widespread, but the root of many subsequent abuses of women by men.

A child from a battered woman may be abused in a manner similar to a child by a man.

More recently, it is acceptable for women to talk about abuse suffered by children, most people do not feel that authorization is given to them about the abuse as a child in the hands of women. These men are ashamed and angry.

I'm angry because society accepts that men can be bad, but there is less acceptance of the feelings of the male victims of prejudice, fear, inadequacy, guilt, shame, and in particular the weakness and vulnerability.

A male victim of these emotions with anger choked. In this way he keeps his male image. But the costs are enormous.

A man is nothing of the deep source of his anger, at least, have difficult relationships with women, at worst, it can maim and rape.

A victim of male sexual abuse of women, has the following behavior by adults

>> The distrust of women.
>> The fear of intimacy.
>> No one's identity.
>> Easy to feel guilty.
>> Hard time accepting compliments.
>> Fun in braking.
>> Protect author (s).
>> Sexual difficulties.
>> Consensus offender Addiction.
>> Constantly excused.
>> Fear.
>> Eager to care for others.
>> Joy. (Adapted from Blanchard, 1987 *)

Feelings such as anger erupt frequently lousy. Ronald sought professional help to change his vicious behavior towards his wife Helen.

Ronald back home after a disappointing day every day (it was disappointing) in architecture, where he was to get angry, and an hour drive to the suburbs.

It was not long ago that he would kick Helen. There was always an excuse for kicking. (Helen is not ready to eat dinner, or she was on the phone, or she was wearing a dress, who hated ...). Ronald never used his fists. Always legs. Despaired of his uncontrollable rage, because he believed that? Helen the best of what had happened to me was'.

When Ronald spoke more about his life, his hostility is considered against almost everyone. He was jealous of his brothers, their choices of women scorned, hated his job, where together, especially felt by fellow women.

When Ronald spoke of his mother complained. Long stories of how you prefer one or another of his brothers, as he twitched in his presence, as he has avoided visits to her house was still jealous of her contacts with the brothers. Ronald was convinced that her mother preferred one of his nephews to love? Even if my son was the first grandchild.?

Hypnotherapy heals the wounds and anger

Within the comfort of his sufferings, present with hypnotism Ronald unpleasant incidents in his childhood could get in touch.

E 'state with what hypnotherapists call? Links influence reached.? They make you feel a particular emotion, as mourning. As you experience the feeling that the hypnotherapist will ask you to remember a time before, when you feel the same way. Ronald confused mixture of bitterness, anger and a sense of abandonment, quickly created a memory of his mother:

? Are six years. Mom always tells me I am his favorite. She tells me to enter her bed. It's hot there. I sleep, clutching at his side. Me awake. Moves up and down my leg hairy between their legs. She was breathing funny. I'm afraid. [Sobbing]. She opens her eyes a bit 'and I said okay. My knee is wet. I try to pull away, but keep it on me, tell me a good boy, do this for my mom. Seems short of breath. I'm afraid. Then he shakes and cries. I am even more afraid and I feel bad, like something really wrong. I wonder if the mother is doing well. He turns to me with a big smile, hugged me and said I am his little man, and everything is in order. [More sobbing, reddening of the face].

? But not everything is good. I do not understand. Mom tells me that is our special secret. She seems happy. It fits better than me. So I remain silent. And if you ask me, I left them to rub my leg where she wants. [Later, Ronald initiated described other sexual activity for the parent]. I'm beginning to like it too. When I Get Old enough for the erection, Mom plays with my penis. I like, dass But at the same time feels a little 'strange. This stuff went on until the age of eleven. I discovered at school, what should sex, and how bad it was, what had made mom and me. I felt bad.?

With psychotherapy, as you relax in hypnosis, Ronald, some progress towards a healthy lifestyle and control over his rage.

Unfortunately sabotaged his wife, the treatment. Ronald, how many victims had been sexually abused unconscious () was looking for a woman who suffered abuse as a child wanted to continue.

Helen had made no secret of his vast experience sex before she met Ronald, yes, he was proud of it. But their knowledge of world and her innocence respect, carnal (sex with one woman: his mother) repeats the power of model Ronald had suffered as a child.

When Helen saw that it was Ronald learn to control his anger, to reduce its negative attitude and relaxation of counter-attack against them. Helen was married, because Ronald (unconsciously) that could dominate a man she wanted and contempt. His treatment threatens the delicate dance of danger, had created them excited.

Ronald was quickly reduced to whining, doll evil, when Helen of its progress and insulted him again and again reminded of what a mama's boy of him.

A final blow Ronald jumped out of therapy: Helen phoned discussed with the story of Ronald therapist, and insisted that the therapist does not mention is called Ronald. The following week, Helen Ronald casually mentioned something that the therapist had said. Ronald felt betrayed [he] was and never returned to therapy.

It may very well with hypnotherapy, when a friend or relative to sabotage your progress. This is not as dramatic as a rule, or a sneaky behavior, such as Elena. The interruption comes in the form of doubt. Your friend can doubt the effectiveness of hypnosis and to refer to the many myths that hypnosis still pollute our minds forever.

Once doubt is planted, it ends hypnosis. Doubts and fears prevent us from relaxing. And relaxation is the route in hypnotherapy.

Dennis, like Ronald suffered tantrums. Unlike Ronald, Dennis has to have them. She would tremble and shake, sweat and fear, and was about to faint. Dennis knew his ambition to become a police officer would never have realized if you put on it. Like Ronald, who had difficult relationships with women.

Unlike Ronald, Dennis slept with dozens of women. Throughout his long term relationship broke on some aspect of jealousy, his own. Played no role. Dennis could not trust a woman.

Dennis has deliberately sought a therapist for men who sometimes hypnosis. But as Dennis was afraid to go into hypnosis, who spent several sessions in traditional psychotherapy, before he gathered enough courage to try hypnosis.

Mothers are not only women are victims of abuse of boys

As far as Dennis knew he had not bothered by his mother. In fact, it was not even sure it was her biological mother. He was born into a large extended family penalty. He had lived in seven different homes for as long as five years. All but one of his houses were aunts, cousins or brothers. Received the call every time, my aunt? Mother.? The woman was listed on her birth certificate, no more nor less, maternal interest to Dennis as each of their sisters, who raised him.

Long before he could remember, had been abused Dennis: abandoned, neglected, malnourished, beaten, locked in a closet.

The therapist Dennis has helped to bring order into the myriad of emotions that swirled about him.

Finally, Dennis said he was ready to try hypnosis. He was still afraid, despite the statements by the therapist on the safety of the process. But it was hypnosis, not for himself, that Dennis was afraid he was, what can be discovered.

In a sense he was right to be wary. But what has been revealed, as has been terrible, Dennis freed from the chains that bound him last symbol of his family their violent and criminal ways.

In hypnosis, Dennis his attacks on tremor attributed to some disgusting sexual behavior of one of his aunts, when she was about four years. What he had done with him and with him amounting to torture. It 'was so bad, he had supplanted the details for years, though? I knew that something was done, and I do not know what?.

Now that he knew what was at the root of his anger and his attack Dennis was in a position away from them. She was to forgive his aunt, because she knew that in their background terrible. E 'state, to know what Dennis is exempt from the faithful still to his criminal relatives (all of them were in drug trafficking, prostitution, extortion, etc.) involved.

Now, Dennis felt completely comfortable with his decision to trade school for the local police

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