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Marketing Events: 7 Keys to timing

Do determine the "best" time of a specific marketing event or hold a promotion is a decision fraught with indecision, incomplete information and a good dose of hope that the winds of fate did not conspire against you.

A simple way to tip the scales in your favor is the calendarize "event marketing known holiday, events, festivals, etc.

Scheduled for time to evaluate major events and activities, marketing plan, in order to use these opportunities objectives. You can also prevent the marketing of conflict with other activities that may limit their effectiveness. A good annual marketing calendar helps you coordinate the overall marketing strategy. It allows you to determine when you realize your advertising and promotions of others, and often helps determine the priorities of marketing. Understanding the annual calendar in the design of dynamite, press releases and media events.

What can happen if you make a calendar? You can use scenarios as a reception in the evening show bump Television Academy Awards and have only a few people, and those who visit, a good party can not be the real "target" of the public. This is the kind of conflict will be avoided if you know your audience, you must take into account their interests and events, advertising or other marketing channels for a time and place when you see it and be receptive to their expected .

You are strongly advised to lock "your yearly calendar with dates, events, events that are both needed to be seen, during, or times when you avoid marketing efforts before planning your marketing strategy they want to commit. L ' experiment, a new organic sunscreen for residents of Minneapolis in February, the market would be an obvious mistake! Through the use of a calendar, and the block of data, enabling a marketing plan for the benefit of the major events during year needed to generate.

What should be taken into account in the calendar:

1) personal time. Think about what in your personal life that could affect the marketing strategy and all the publicity. Here are some examples:
Medical procedures provided
Family obligations

2) external events. There are many things in the world that could affect your business. There are many events that are for you or the floor (like the Super Bowl, Academy Awards presentations, etc.) Here are some examples to consider:
Important elections
Gran Sport
Big television events (such as award shows)
In town or city of festivals and events
Local exhibitions, dances, social activities

3) the seasonal cycles. Many companies are sensitive to seasonal cycles or industrial. The sensitivity of sun protection, time is a good example. Of course, winter is a season for the ski areas. Here are some examples of others who are taken into account in the calendar: seasonal fluctuations, the impact on your business because of the time
Quarterly and annual financial reports
Tax Season
Winter Holidays
Round of state budget (this is important if you're an attempt to get the government or in the lobby of funding)
Procurement cycles

4) Sector Major Events. Most of the industries major events that may affect companies that the industry and many other companies. Here are some examples:
Important exhibitions
Industry Report
Annual Lobbying
Major corporate budget and procurement cycles

5) the major holidays. Would not be affected by many companies to consider the impact of the holiday season on their business. Depending on what you can do, the holidays seriously, more or less. For example, business-to-business advertising is often ineffective during the Christmas holidays, but may encourage consumers to be critical Christmas. Definitely consider the long vacation, but do not underestimate the importance of some of the smaller holidays, particularly religious.

For example, if you look at a religion, but customers should be noted that one does not want to be insensitive to their religious observance calendar.

6) The principal business competitor. Understand your main competitors, the timetable for their marketing efforts, or their strategic timing of events could help the market to exploit their weaknesses and mitigate strengths. Votes For example, if you know your opponent is a version of the product in March, you can apply the new product in February and get first to market advantage (razor companies do this all the time. As soon as we announced a new element comes on the market, flooding the market with a competitor "buy-get-one offers or transmitted through the samples of direct mail, etc.). All that can be an important event for your company, a major event would be for your competitors. Here are a few things to note:
Quarterly and annual financial reports
More revenue
The most important annual promotional events (if you know that has occurred) every year
Major procurement activities
Major conferences and events visit their

7) The key task of potential customers. This is essential. If one understands the cyclical nature of your prospects and customers key annual events', you can refine how, when and where to target your marketing to them. Here are things to be aware of:
Recommended Purchase Seasons
Times a year if you do not buy
Significant events, would have to (conferences, exhibitions, social events)
If starting a business, their production cycles, the cycles of accounting, R & D cycles, budget cycles, events, vendor relations, purchasing cycles and events, and much more.

Not all of these things can be for your industry or company. This is more of a sheet of invitation to you to reflect on how the calendar can be the difference between success and failure when you do marketing. Look for conflicts with other events on your primary calendar. How can you minimize the impact of this on your results? To seek synergies. How can you use them? Seek new marketing opportunities that you might have lost if you do not put out the master calendar. Finally, the planned activities of last year, the expected return on the investment base and other factors, and the priority of marketing.

If you have not done an annual calendar of marketing, take some time before implementing the marketing plan and start a whole. It saves a lot of money and really help you optimize your marketing strategies

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