Minggu, 14 Februari 2010

Joys of Gardening

Gardening or indoor gardening and offices and homes is finished, it was a popular hobby. Unlike its aesthetics, but also provides health benefits, such as cleaning the air. In general, houseplants are grown in home gardens. The most common methods of gardening organic gardening and container gardening, which avoids the use of chemicals.

Thousands of house plants are grown in gardening. Typical indoor plants are ferns, cacti, bonsai trees, daffodils, hyacinths, roses, rubber, Chinese evergreen, system of money, Ficus benjamina, zebra plant, prayer plant, Philodendron, orchids, jade plant, African violet , English ivy, begonias, etc.

Gardening requires patience and attention continues to provide good results. The most important factors for success are light gardening, irrigation, soil, potted plants, fertilizers and pesticides.

Light: the light is very important for indoor plants as food preparation plants through photosynthesis. Two factors are light intensity and duration. Different plants need different intensities. Duration 8-10 hours of sunlight is more than enough for the plants.

Irrigation: Improper watering is the leading cause of death of plants in gardening. Watering once a week is sufficient. Sense of moisture over an inch below the soil when the soil is moist, not water.

Soil: water drainage through the soil is very important. Usually coir and peat soil, drainage is improved. Cactus plants as they drain very high.

Humidity: Plants need a humidity of 80% relative humidity. This can, with a tray of gravel and the water level just below the gravel, to be fully realized, in addition to the plant.

Fertilizer: fertilizer, phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium. Changing the world is better feriliser.

Pesticides: When houseplants are infested with parasites, use a garlic juice and splash cold water on plants, rather than the use of chemical pesticides.

Pots: Pots of clay are preferable because they help with water drainage and aeration of the soil, pots better than glass or plastic. Use the right size pots, like potted plants that are too large, may be susceptible to disease, save the source of moisture. A small pot limits the growth of plants. The pots should be changed once in two years.

Tools: Investing in securities of good quality is better in the long run, because the tools used for the most demanding tasks. Clean tools thoroughly after use.

Gardening is one of the most popular pastimes in the world. Great is the satisfaction of seeing plants grow, and improve the attractiveness aesthic and atmosphere of the interior

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