Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

Crib bedding is safe for your child

Weigh the best choice for a newborn until the age of the child not to sit without help. When choosing the right type of bassinet sheets, like most neglected of the cradles come with bed linen. But it can not be enough, and you can control the decoration of the cradle, with correspondents from bed to go with the arrangements of the furniture of other children.

The bedding should be in the cot and should not be a gap larger than two fingers. This vulnerability is greater than the risk of accidental suffocation represent. It is recommended that a cotton fabric for the outer cover, the more direct contact is to tender the skin of the child to have. The beds are mattresses, sheets, bumper exist, mosquito nets, etc. The mattress should be soft but firm.

Given that young children do not make a comfortable position for himself, should not be allowed to sink a very soft mattress and bedding. You may consider a protective sheet on it. Take an organic material that raises, absorbent and no danger of overheating the baby.

Never use a higher ceiling to accommodate the bending zone within the cradle, once hotter than a single ceiling thickness added. But at the same time, it will ensure that the child is not cold. Use a towel or blanket to cover the baby when sleeping. Do not use extra bumpers, which can be removed. If it sticks with canvas curtains to darken the inside to keep a light side of the cradle, so you can see the inside. A network of child protection saves the pests and insects.

Before the purchase of linen, again suggesting that they procure their raw materials, which must be tested for toxicity and flammability. These should comply with relevant safety standards. Never use a bed of someone else for reasons of hygiene

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