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Coping Wih The Aftermath Of Goolge Update 'Jagger'

Search Engine Marketing: The Aftermath of coping WIH Goolge Update "Jagger"
Addressing the consequences of Google Jagger Update

OK, I know I? M is not the first, but let them know? S face it boys and girls, SEO (search engine optimization), as we know it today is dead. It? S time to ditch the antiquated techniques which all SEO cling to yourself and your marketing efforts online at ABC Online Brand Optimization "? OBO soon!

So what? It's the difference between SEO and OBO?

Think researchers are not the search engines!

From a strategic point of view online brand Optimization (OBO) is all about optimizing your website and marketing efforts online for the user, the user who is looking for your site with everything he does or you choose . Whether it's a search engine, a portal or a forum. Your goal is what? Ve promised to deliver and help achieve its target on-line applicants. If you don? T do? To reach your most important goal-line ve failed.

Ranking? Itis!

For most SEO optimization experience is about to get to the top of Google. The vast majority of SEO is a review of its overall ranking in the SERP (the results pages of search engines) on a daily basis, and have all kinds of Google Data Center (DC). Rank will soon be free from an addiction to many SEO, and believe me, I know I was there. But I have come to my senses, and I? Ve realized that there's more to life than to No. 1 on Google for many keywords. I? Ve also realized that in today? S can search environment? T in the search engines rely on you to provide more targeted prospects to convert.

You can use the large number of advertisers have read that has recently been hard hit by Google? Jagger? update. For many, their website is completely fallen out of the rankings and, consequently, are now in a very weak position. They rely solely on Google to drive traffic to its Web site and new perspectives for the next, starting their business to feel the strain as I have thrown into the rough terrain as the one on demand? Desert Google!? As we all know, no one dares to page 127 of the search results!

Creating a brand (a little 'wind!)

So, what can they do to fix them? The best solution for many of them will get rid of cleaning up its website to create new content, no independent link partners and to focus its strategy on building a recognized brand, not the creation of top positions in search places. Don? T misunderstand me? M does not say that ISN good visibility on search engines? T is an important element of online marketing campaign. I? M only saying that you should? T is the only one and there should be vehicles to get your overall strategy, you should only support.

Run for your organic search engine optimization efforts to market to work, they need to meet with others who are not related research. Search engines like Google are complex beasts, and analyze your site in many different ways. You can see not only the content you have and you link to, but there are also indications of far-off site with other factors, as mentioned, how much authority your site on other web sites, how people interact with the site, when they land on it, and so on.

The simple fact of the matter is that if you want in Google, you must build a strong brand online and promote your web site that goes with a variety of channels online and offline, are not just looking. As I said, everything is interconnected, and if you have a site with a strong brand behind it, then makes his way to the top of Google.

Don? T in the desert get banned online

Build your business model is a search engine is very risky and not be a good idea. Why? Why do not you have control of the search engine. If you rely only on the search engine to your customers and leads? Again, do a lot worse than you all your eggs in one basket? You? ll end up in the online-desert with Tumbleweed blows through your site. Think, because search engines don? T pay something, don? T matter how great your website looks. What matters is what the public thinks, and we all know that is never weak marks make the top!

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