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Burning bushes in Furlong Pa.

The Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus) - Plants for Furlong Pa.

In fact, a selection of colorful autumn leaves, as the name implies, a kind of deciduous shrub from the family tree Celastraceae, staff "Family Tree" is not a description of a protest against our president.

"I hope the title does not mislead, cause 'if you still have to meet a wonderful shrub. Burning Bush, a non-native species from China and Korea since 1860, escaped from ornamental plants in urban and rural place. travels extensively through their seeds. Hardy This plant is found in forests and bushy areas. burning bushes also grow well in shade, sun, with very little.

E 'fortunately, not a destructive invasive species to kill absolutely starving around like any other plant crown vetch, but these "intrusive" will result in a little' low, almost no light. It is more than just a facility to stay "."

Burning Bush is also known as Winged Euonymous, Winged Wahoo, winged spindle tree, all for the cork, as the cards along the branches and trunks known as when the tree Spincle Japanese, and of course Cork Bush. That is a lot of names.

This vase-shaped shrub has great red fall foliage that lights up for weeks beginning in mid-autumn, hence the name, Burning Bush. Hedges can be sheared and globes created for landscape ornamental plants, topiaries (sculpted art Bush), burning bushes are good for everyone.

Burning hedgerows can be very thick to give a good shielding from the wind, the sun, and to create privacy, even in winter. If the left is not free, the compact form of the burning bush grows about 12 meters high and 15 meters wide. The winged form will grow to about 15 meters high and 20 meters wide. In our area, the spread of the Burning Bush, of course, in shaded areas. We have some 'of our fleet of plants, we gather in a cemetery of small farms on our property. Burning Bush is growing after transplantation of empty holes where the roots are exposed!

Burning Bush is adaptable to a variety of soil conditions sterile: fertile, organic land, acidic to alkaline, sandy to rocky, this plant proves its strength. And it looks like a wet ground, it is important to note, but also works in very dry soils do. Burning Bush has small fibrous roots near the surface and responds well to root pruning. Balling and burlapping this shrub for transplanting little to no damage Burning bushes can take abuse, and quickly.

If you have an inch "brown" This plant is FOR YOU

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