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LG introduces a new concept laptop with Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) technology.

Although not changed much this year, notebooks, LG Electronics has the boots her creativity to design, equipment and technologies.

In these last days of LG is the improvement in the development of technology applied to the laptop was.

With the Red Dot Award nomination for "Best Concept Design" for 2006 by LG features a new concept laptop, the Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED ago) display technology.

The Red Dot Award is one of the three most prestigious design awards in the world, along with iF Award and IDEA Award. The award recognizes the concept of inspiration takes for the industry, while the product design award for products currently on the market.

The question is: why is it necessary to replace a LCD display with OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen?

The answer is simple and the OLED does not need a bezel, and consume less energy.

With an elegant piano black finish, the OLED keyboard with a laptop it more attractive.

LG e-book also contains a battery that with natural gas, methanol and other liquid fuels in an environmentally friendly transparent cylindrical hinge.

See pictures of this incredible notebook

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Your Lawn's Hidden Treasures - Weeds!

By now you should know that you're not a perfect lawn. May be under your guidance and support, but now there are still some issues that have to do, perfectly. Once your lawn, fertilized sown, and watered for a couple of weeks, you may find that the weeds have started to win, too.

Start small, only one or two. But they can multiply very quickly. Within days, you could have a small colony of weeds. If you leave them alone, they will start to push your lawn and enjoy the fertilizer, which will cause the grass to stop growing. Destroying weeds could be your near-perfect lawn in a month or less, if you do nothing.

Do not worry, there are ways to control weeds, with natural solutions and chemicals. But as for lawn care of other problems, such as rocky ground and straw? You will also learn how to make you enjoy combat these problems, or at least learn to work so that you get the chance to have created the grass, too.


There are many different types of weeds, as are the way to the lawn. Weeds survive by using other plants, herbs and flowers from their roots, water and nutrients from the soil siphon. Weeds can react very quickly if not removed.

You should plan to have one or two hours a week weeding the lawn. This would help people short grass. Basic types of weeds are:

Broadleaf weeds (dandelion leaves have large)
Creeping Charlie
Japanese Knotwood
Woody weeds
Vine weeds

These types of weeds are important to recognize, for their removal, such as dragging employees or chemicals that can be used. Even if you do not need to know their Latin name, who know what they seem.

If you sow the lawn, or if you purchased the property that should already have the grass, and think about how you want to remove existing weeds and prevent the growth should be the new. While you will root out and pull back the place, there are ways to reduce this by using biological and chemical methods. You can combine these methods to find ways that work for your lawn.

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Oh, No, We Have Become Our Fathers

My friend and I get the opportunity to see each other a few times a year. I met him for lunch the other day. After we ordered, he asked about the status of my colon. I replied,? Not bad. I had a colonoscopy last week.? I asked him how his hemorrhoid was doing. He said,? It? S OK,? and added something about a new infrared procedures to reduce the hemorrhoid.

We looked at each other and Began to laugh. What in the world has happened to us? It doesn? T seem very long ago that our conversations centered on girls and sports. Now they are about the state of our health and medical procedures. We are getting older? Not yet old, but older. And that? D how it begins? we are hit with the realization that the aging process is Affecting us. We have turned into our fathers. Oh, no!

When our bodies are young, we can get away with poor eating, exercise and sleeping habits. A back or neck strain usually goes away in a few days, and we are as good as new. As we approach our 30? S, we often feel pretty good but may have added some weight to our frames. We may not worry too much about that, as we are sure that, just as we always have before, we can lose the extra five or ten pounds in a couple of weeks. But life can get in the way of eating correctly and exercising, and we give up and live with the extra weight. As we get into our 40? S, we might experience knee pain or some other minor pain that normally would have resolved in a few weeks all on its own. A month later, we are surprised to realize that the pain is still there.

What? S going on with our bodies? We are aging, or, as I like to say, ripening like a fine wine. As we get older, we lose the ability to recovered as quickly as we did when we were younger. This change to our health occurs on a cellular or physiological level. The cost of not taking care of our health as we age can be monetary in the form of more visits to the doctor and other health facilities, medicines, and lost days of work. But the highest cost is in the loss of our most precious gift, time? Time to do what we want to do and to live life as we want to live it.

So what can we do to thwart this aging process? We must change our lifestyle. We must consider the way we eat, sleep, exercise, and manage stress. But where do we begin?

We must begin with life sustenance? nutrition. Food is our fuel. Let? S say you own a luxury vehicle. Your owner? 'S Manual specifies premium gasoline, but you always buy the cheapest gasoline available. Your car begins to have problems. You saved money initially, but now it will cost you more to repair than the vehicle it would have if you had taken care of it properly to begin with. Of course, if the car breaks down completely due to your poor maintenance, you can just get a new car. But if we continue to fuel our bodies with poor nutrition and we break down, we can? T just get a new body.

Unlike a car, we have many, many choices when it comes to fuel. Our diet is an important factor of the aging process. It gives us our energy and it determines our weight. Everyone is looking for the? Miracle diet.? So what diet is best? There isn? T any? Best? Diet!

Many of my patients have lost weight on whatever fad diet that was popular month. And many of my patients have their Gained weight back in the same month. Most people find it difficult to maintain a? Diet.? What are the first three letters in? Diet? That? S right? ? day.? I have always felt like I was dying when I was dieting. I read most of the diet books so I can answer my patients? questions. In doing so, sometimes I even learn something new, but more often than not the books leave me as confused as my patients. Individually, each diet book seems to make sense and hold merit. But the diets are often contradictory. One diet advises eating only protein, carbohydrates one, one bacon, one never any bacon, eggs one, no one eggs, eggs only one if you don? T have an inflammatory condition, etc.. .. Etc.. It? S all very confusing and overwhelming. My patients say,? I give up. I? Ll just eat air.? Then I have to remind them that the air quality is poor?

Fortunately, the diet books do agree on some points. In order to lose weight, we need to curb our calorie intake at each meal and throughout the day. That doesn? T mean we need to go hungry, we must make wise choices to limit the number of calories we consume.

Other recommendations are most diet books agree upon
- No partially hydrogenated foods
- No high fructose corn syrup
- Naturally grown and organic foods
- Decreased white sugar consumption
- Decreased white flour consumption
- Decreased Starches
- More green vegetables
- Water throughout the day
- No salt and fat-laden foods.

We should avoid canned and boxed foods, as they are usually laden with chemicals and sodium (salt). We need to be aware that the latest fad diet? S name on the box doesn? T necessarily make it healthy. When fat or sugar is reduced, those ingredients have to be replaced with chemicals to add a taste of sweetness, chemicals to hold the food product together, and / or Increased sodium for preservation.

We should carefully read the ingredients in any food we are considering eating. A good rule to follow: If you can? T pronounce or spell the name of an ingredient in the food you are about to eat, don? T eat it!

It is important to learn about the glycemic index. The glycemic index ranks carbohydrates according to their effect on blood glucose (sugar) levels after eating. Count Low glycemic carbohydrates are good, as they cause only small fluctuations in our blood glucose and insulin levels. We should avoid foods with high glycemic count.

I also recommend that my patients eat every one-and-a-half to two hours throughout the day. If our stomach? Growls,? We have waited too long to eat. We are more likely to consume more than we need when we finally do sit down to eat. Our blood sugar levels will soar and then? Crash? making us feel very tired. It is better to eat at regular intervals throughout the day, keeping sugars level and metabolism strong.

Modifying our diet in these ways is a lifestyle change. It is best to make the change slowly and in small increments. A little change at a time is much less likely to cause feelings of resentment and hopelessness, Which can lead to giving up on the idea.

In addition to better nutrition, our lifestyles need to include proper amounts of sleep, sufficient and appropriate exercise, and management tools to handle stress. Changing our lifestyles to include all these aspects will slow the aging process, Contribute to a longer life with less disease and pain, and maybe even make it take a little longer for us to turn into our fathers or mothers.

? He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.? Arabic proverb

Michael J. Kaye is a chiropractic physician practicing in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. He is a member of the American Chiropractic Association, Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association and the American Chiropractic Rehabilitation Board. He has a sub-specialty in Chiropractic Rehabilitation. He is the director of The Rehab Group of Bucks / Montgomery County-a multidisciplinary clinic with an emphasis on chronic pain and wellness. He is a publisher of two papers on rehabilitation of chronic injuries. In general his clinic promotes nutritional and lifestyle changes for the chronic pain patient

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U.S. Retailers to Perform Better Gear Shift

Introduction to the Retail Industry

Retail sector is the second largest industry in U.S., accumulating number of businesses and employees. According to the government broad measure that consists of retail sales food service, gasoline sales and automobiles) sales in the U.S. climb nearly 6.6% to $ 4.16 trillion in 2005, comparing to 3.8% increase in the year 2004. In the last year, retail industry evolved strongly, due to higher gasoline costs and good discounting during the Christmas.

The elimination of the global textile quota system enforced industry players to reorganize their businesses to thrive again in a cut-throat competition in the global apparel market. Last year was significant for the exporters and retailers, who re-organize to take benefit of the free trade era, and the best possible exploitation of resources. New initiatives were put into practice to meet new challenges to give buyers the value-add products at more competitive prices.

As a result, re-arranging the stiff competition for businesses was also Witnessed in the American apparel industry. The sections, In Which retailers focus on more are - better merchandise and inventory management, consolidating sourcing and more involvement in sourcing the country. The only reason behind all was preparation for a better market reach with wide product range.

The strategies into practice last year and made plans for growth in 2006 brought success for leading retailers like: Wal-Mart, Target, Tommy Hilfiger, JCPenny, Kohl's, Sears Holding, and Gap Inc., are all massively sourcing from India.

Wal-Mart: Success is a result of expansion strategy

Wal-Mart is considered the leader in value-added market and currently shifting gears to offer better products to its customers. The company was offering limited range in apparel line, but, has introduced the exclusive apparel line, Metr07 Collection in Oct 2005. The intention behind launching this collection is to cater the needs of buyers with more urban styles, featuring feminine touches and fashionable looks.

In a move to provide eco-friendly lines, Wal-Mart has just launched durable, hygienic, value-added product, The George Baby Organic cotton clothing line. This would be the first clothing line, For which Wal-Mart is planning for the coming years.

The Wal-Mart management is very optimistic at the record net sales growth with 9.5 percent to $ 312.4 billion. 537 new international stores have been added and the company is going to sustain a trend this year with more than 600 stores.

Currently, Wal-Mart International operates 2285 stores, sourcing from 70 countries and is looking to enter into unexploited markets.

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. operates Wal-Mart discount stores, super-centers, Neighborhood Markets and SAM'S CLUB locations in the United States. The company operates in Brazil, Canada, Argentina, Germany, China, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, Japan, Nicaragua, United Kingdom, Puerto Rico and South Korea.

JCPenney: Sees growth through high-end merchandise

In previous years, JCPenney's has upbeat marked enhancement in various ranges and Commodity Witnessed increase in recognition as a superb place for shopping. The company is optimistic about the future growth with newly added 18 stores, at 22.5 percent climb in operating profits, and more than $ 1billion in sales generated from jcp.com. Long-term initiatives have been made, Which were implemented in mid 2005 to increase growth rate until 2009.

The plan has four major objectives designed to focus on, emotional touch with the customers, creating beautiful and easy shop interiors, to make JCPenney the best working place, and to become a premier in performance. Considering these objectives, the company has launched many new brands such as Miss biou, Lee-work, Nicole, ANA, and Solitude.

The new POS system that provides Internet connectivity and lessens transaction time to improve the shopping experience was implemented at more than 30 stores in the year previous. The company will implement this system in the remaining stores by the end of this year.

The company aims to add 27 new stores in 2006, most of them are scheduled at off-mall locations. It anticipates mid-single digit increases in sales in the year with re-organized and focus on online merchandise catalog. JCPenny's also targets home furnishing area as another area of development.

JCPenney's is one of America's largest department store, catalog, and e-commerce retailers, employing approximately 150.000 associates.

Target: Implementing New Ideas & Innovations for better growth

In a move to Comply its strategy to offer exclusive and exquisite designs, Target sustained to pour in more investments to developing-and source designs fashionable, with precise objectives to add more merchandise competitively priced ranges along with true value-added goods. The annual sales reached over $ 50billion last year, and the company is looking for better growth performance on this Gained by Utilizing the experiences over the year.

To lure more shoppers, the company launched 'Go International', limited edition clothing line, featuring a totally new international designer every three months. Each collection is carefully introduced Placed within the format to use sourcing skills and knowledge in designing the product. The company has Strengthened product development teams and sourcing destinations are more focused than in the previous years.

The company is also focusing on enhancement in stores' presentation via the completion of remodeling, renovations and construction at the existing stores.

Target Corporation's continuing operations include large, general merchandise discount stores, as well as an on-line business called Target.com. The company currently operates 1418 stores in 47 target states.

GAP Inc.: Searching success via effective strategic initiatives

Last fiscal year was hostile for GAP, as it slipped 2 percent in net sales and 5 percent in comparable store sales. Despite the poor sales performance, Gap Strengthens its financial condition in cash and investments with $ 3billion, and eliminated $ 2.9billion in debts since 2002.

For the coming years, strategies had been laid-out to set up operational efficiencies, putting scissors on sourcing vendor base, making better shopping experience for all clothing lines, and adding more space to the stores in both the country and overseas. The first expansion of franchise stores are scheduled to launch in Malaysia and Singapore within the current year.

After the triumph of Forth & Towne, five more operations for the brand are planned at different locations in 2006. The GAP designer team is concentrating on making quality products quicker, enhance merchandising at 200 top adult stores, and create buzz that GAP is again on track. The team is focusing on main products and more amicable fashions in the clothing collection for Banana Republic. GAP Inc. is also shaking hands with the stake-holders to handle the bang in economically challenged areas. The major strategies for the growth are - managing and upholding current brands, with off-shore expansion via franchise systems, creating an online business, and making new brands.

Gap Inc is one of the world's largest specialty retailers, with more than 3000 stores in 2005 and revenues of $ 16 billion. It operates four of the most recognized apparel brands in the world - Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Forth & Towne.

Kohl's: Success Through ideal merchandising concept

Last fiscal year was a triumph for Kohl's with record net sales of 14.5 percent up to $ 13.4billion worth of sales. Kohl's attained favorable outcome in broadening the customer base by launching new brands and merchandising mixed categories.

The success was a result of four initiatives laid out to focus on merchandise content, managing inventory, marketing, and enhancing store shopping experience. In the current year Kohl's plans to expand on the basis of last year's success and introduce new brands. The store plans to add about 500 more locations within the next five years. This expansion will be made through a strategic blend of existing and new stores, along with taking advantage of real estate opportunities that may climb as the sector continues to uphold. The company plans to operate over 1200 stores throughout the U.S. by end of 2010.

The focus is to control its brand concept, adding value and cater to needs of existing customers. Widen customer base with better management of inventory along with continuously latest offering of new and exclusive clothing lines.

Based in Menomonee Falls, Wis.. .., Kohl's is a family-focused, value-oriented specialty department store offering moderately priced national and exclusive brand apparel, shoes, accessories, home, and beauty products in an exciting shopping environment. It operates 749 stores in 43 states.

Sears Holdings: Merger to roll-out Silk Route

Sears Holdings completed its first year of the 'Sears' and 'K-Mart' grand merger in March 2006. The merger had created great Anticipations for better product and value.

The first year after merger, passed in settling down merger integration affairs and putting strategies into practice. However, now all the issues are settled down and the company has shifted its gear to attain for $ 55 billion in revenue within the next few years.

The integration processes of the two companies are finalized and this is the time to examining and executing the strategies in September during the merger. The company is following new format, SearsbraM for clear communication on the quality of product variety.

The popular brands, such as Craftsman, Diehard, Land's End, and Kenmore are Aimed for better product assortments to mark their name as identity of quality and excellence. The stores, Which were not performing well, have been shut down.

Sears Holdings Corporation is the nation's third largest broad-line retailer, with approximately $ 55 billion in annual revenues, and with approximately 3900 full-line and specialty retail stores in the United States and Canada.

Tommy Hilfiger: Tightens Inventory Management

In terms of achieving objectives, last year was encouraging for Tommy Hilfiger, as it successfully expanded its European business, restructured U.S. wholesale operations, re-organized product assortment, while growing the company as a multi-brand recognition.

The company reorganized merchandise mix by removing the junior and young men's collections, while more concentrated on men's and women's clothing lines. It has enhanced its inventory management to get better on the flow of products to the sales floor.

Tommy is focusing on more sophisticated than the premium denim market denim wear promotional commodity. Additionally, it is launching new labels for women "Crest", anticipated to meet the increasing demand for online casual dress for women. The management at Tommy is optimistic about the new product line, and expects that it will offer huge opportunity to meet consumer requirements with a casual clothing line.

The key areas of focus, in 2006, are improving marketing efficiencies and reduce excess capacity. The company has introduced initiatives to Lagerfeld brands in the U.S. this year. Lagerfeld brand was acquired by the Tommy Hilfiger in 2005, in a move to expand worldwide with an identity of having multi-brands.

The management has made up its mind to project Hilfiger as a specialty store for it will run test stores in different retail formats. These stores are anticipated to become fully operational the second half of this year.

Tommy Hilfiger Corporation's subsidiaries designs, sources, and market for men's and women's sports, jeans, and children's wear. Its brands range consist Tommy Hilfiger and Karl Lagerfeld.

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Tips for organic food

In order to avoid eating genetically modified foods, the best option, you can have, is beginning to buy organic food. This type of food is a healthy lifestyle you can possibly have nowadays. If you eat dairy products and meat, you must save the fact that fed the dairy cows and farm animals, a dangerous mix of anti-biotic things, promote the growth of drugs is known, the anti -parasite and many other drugs on a daily basis. This happens regardless of whether they are sick or not. The worst part of all this is the fact that these drugs are passed directly to consumers of their dairy or meat. This is the main reason why many meat-related diseases such as coronary heart disease and hypertension appear every day.

On the other hand, organic food, not all of these toxic chemicals. Fresh, organic food contains on average 50% more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients are intensively farmed. These are reasons enough ago to go organic? If not, here are some facts and figures to help you decide quickly!

Especially for organic food simply tastes better. Fruit and vegetables full of juice and flavor, and there are so many different varieties to try! There are about 100 different kinds of organic potatoes for production only in the United Kingdom!

Intensive farming inflict serious harm to the health of many agricultural workers. There is a much higher incidence of cancer, respiratory diseases and other serious diseases in farm workers from organic products. Thus, the choice of organic food can be a way to show that you care about the health of other people! Organic farms also supports wildlife. In recent years the practice of intensive agriculture in the United Kingdom has been the cause of the dramatic soil erosion, destruction of ancient hedgerows, with a reduction of up to 70% of wild birds in some areas and close to extinction some of the most beautiful species of wild mammals, snakes and even butterflies.

Last but not least, we talk about additional costs to speak of eating organic food. There is more expensive than intensively farmed foods, especially when talking about the damage that agro-chemicals to make our supply of water. In addition to paying for these foods from intensive agriculture, we pay for the cleaning of the show they were doing. So, what is the best option for us? Organic foods, of course!

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Finding Freedom - make your life a work of art

? We have a long way since the days of intellectual property Giordano Bruno ... Who can say at the stake in 1600 by the Church that the sun was only one star are burned. . . But as a kind we have in our childhood ... and only beginning to break free from the prison of gravity?.

~ Michio Kaku, a physicist

Outer Life? as seen through the senses and the circuit of consciousness? is a hyper-spatial dynamics of complex energy patterns. A human face is such a model, how to love it. But whose face is, and who? S sex with whom?

Physicists tell us that in taking the life of visual, as we perceive things, otherwise there is a sparkling sea of subatomic particles, and people are incentives from the holographic particles themselves. Universal intelligence is not so much that the multi-dimensional life as we know them? every aspect of the cosmos? towards the inside of a single molecule of DNA.

You can add a molecule of God among the hundreds of billions of other molecules within a being God? One company, one person, a form of life? We have no idea.

Or perhaps we are so infinite that our microscopic scan a single cell in the cortex of a creature from a passage somewhere in the world? A creature with the memory of the evolution of consciousness printed code, while none of the larger context of life, the infinite cosmos.

It? S possible.

What? Life S? fathomless ocean of opportunity: a mixture of large crowds of organic intellectuals, who bleeds, cries, and makes love with him. So we know that we are ourselves? Living consciously.

Or unconsciously, depending on how you look. Let? S face it, in large part, the myth we humans are mammals do? Hallucinations factories of meat draped with a penchant for the films on the cave walls of our minds and then call our Trance The Truth. The church of religious fundamentalism is the new McDonald's, and sell a leaner, meaner God as their new and improved Big Mac

Breaking kills in any language. No country is exempt.

We see it everywhere: people porn inventing myths of creation and brilliant apocalyptic futures or promises of heavenly joys that give new meaning to religious.

? Relativism is the new totalitarianism? under the new pope. I say that absolutism is dead. Impeach God, not just Bush. And vote for freedom, not a trigger-happy faith.

I? M is not anti-religious. I see only an illusion, as a curable disease. Let? S face it. The reality is obvious damage whereas stunned that coma comfortable. And yes, I think we all need to understand this very human to try to make sense of everything, to try to bring this miracle crazy under control.

Yes, we are in a terrible situation. Nearly seven billion of us together en-wombed in an eight-mile global warming bubble organic spinning in orbit around a predictable sun, stars, with only four billion years of fuel left.

Where? Peak Oil? ? Doesn t make you tremble, the existential reality.

And thinking all this stuff is enough to make you religious. Or begin to believe in God Or simply go to his head buried in the sands of pharmaceutical deaf and dumb, and keep your eyes lock step into the next episode of W? S anarchy and chaos. My God, what will the future?

Anything that we are a microcosm of a whole mystery. There are, paradoxically, in a membrane that can be for our uniqueness, but also against all inextricably linked.

The confluence of the opposite, but at the same time, the worlds? that self with others, the mortality with eternity, spirit and matter, life with death, ignorance, wisdom, creativity with determinism, certainty of ambiguity, slavery and liberation? created in us the desire for a kind of reconciliation, which is always out of reach.

Life is a polarity of opposites, a heaven and hell contemporary, a yin-yang of torture and ecstasy, not easily align one way or another. And 'our instinct for freedom, which forces us to push the limits of our prison, looking for the chaos and confusion with the insight and reason to turn to dance on the edge, where it produces the knowledge and love of secrecy .

Live your life and the struggle to be who you want to be. This is what I tell myself every day and in every way I remember. With this said, perhaps the most radical activism is probably only live as a free man. And that is our freedom of choice.

Freedom can not be bought. Freedom can not be sold to us. Doesn Freedom? T pre-come.

There is no true expression of that freedom. If clarity about the need for wisdom or ignorance of an appeal, I wonder if what I say or do harm to me and / or anything else, stop. On the other hand, if you make me and others to cultivate it.

We must be vigilant in defense against indoctrination. Let us refuse to be molded into any image or dogma. The existence and travel. Consciousness is the leader.

Life is the art of living, to find and with the expression of freedom. There are basic philosophy, our spirit is freed. To be free, free spirit. Freedom is the only religion, and? S fulfilling in all true religions.

Let no central plan for the next step in bold. Leave the mysterious constellation of the whole universe, inside and out, our leader, our president, our friend, our angel.

Alan Clements? former Monaco Buddhist, writer, war reporter and theatrical monologues? is the director for the campaign to liberate the freedom and co-founder of The World Dharma Online Institute? sectarian community of applicants, artists, writers, artists, activists and others? daily rebels? Exploring the nature of consciousness, the preciousness of freedom, and the wonderful mystery of the cosmos.

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