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Regulating Manic Depression/Bipolar Disorder During One Year

My husband, Dave, has been married to me, a bonafide health nut for one year now. He's glad.

For one year he's been relatively stable in his moods, experiencing danger signs of depression only during extreme stress. And during those times of stress we were able to avoid him taking the plunge into depression OR the jump up into a manic state! Here's what we did to manage my husband's bipolar or manic depressive illness when his workaholic tendencies were about to cause a crash or purchasing a new home was about to run him ragged with new responsibilities:


In general, we changed his diet to include more veggies and fruits and less processed foods. We definitely had to wean him off sweetened cereals, sugary desserts, coffee and pop, and we've been trying to wean him away from processed peanut butter. Hopefully we'll be successful in training his body to accept homemade peanut butter that has no added shortening or sugar. For years he almost subsisted on peanut butter sandwiches. And I must tell you, when I first met and married Dave, his flesh was soft like the flesh of a spawning fish. He was very, very strong physically, but somehow his flesh was unhealthily soft and deteriorating. Now it is firm and sound. He's still strong.

Whenever Dave was in danger of going off the deep end toward depression, he would tell me how he was feeling and together we figured out particular essential oils to use for emotional therapy and supplements to use for bodily/brain support and we were careful to avoid certain foods (i.e. sugar-laden foods and too many carbs). If you've read my first newsletter (Bipolar Disorder/Manic Depressive Illness regarding Dave's manic depressive condition, you may realize we targeted Dave's hormone balance, his emotional balance, and his nutritional balance. As time went on and we understood Dave's particular symptoms and reactions to food and environment better, we amended his regimen. It worked! And we learned to use the powerful therapeutic oils to rescue him from hurtful ways of thinking by applying the oils externally and internally. (Therapeutic quality oils can be used internally.)


Both Dave and I are happy to report that with constant attention to details, manic depression/bipolar disorder CAN BE MANAGED! He sleeps for about five hours at a time and his brain is active in only five or six directions instead of FIFTEEN directions at once! He doesn't dream as much as he used to and the quality of his dreams has drastically changed for the better. Maybe that's because he sees himself in a more positive light... Hurrah for this news! Please pass on this information because it is a very practical success story.

At this time, we still rely heavily on the medicinal/therapeutic essential oils from Young Living ( and the night time supplement called Alkalime (for making his system more basic instead of acidic). The Berry Young Juice is excellent for calming his brain activity and nourishing his brain with protein that is immediately available within the body. These products are all from Young Living and that's because Dave married a Young Living distributor, me. (#605520, by the way)

But many, many supplements and oils have dropped off along the way because as his body healed, he no longer needed certain supplements (like the Prenolone Cream for his hormones and Peace and Calming oil to help him remain calm...). That's the good thing about YL supplements and oils, they not only ease the symptoms, but actually move the body into healing.

If you have particular questions for us, you may contact us at


Half way through our first year together, Dave and I discovered Lifewave Energy Patches and Dave's management of his body and moods went even better. The patches not only give him energy to work hard in the woods, but they enable his body to heal through energy balancing. This concept is amazing enough but the reality is practically unbelievable! Go to if you're interested to learn about the patches. Dave's brain and mine too have been terrifically cleared. My reflexes and balance are better and we both can think better. They work for everyone and for all ages.


The most recent development in our bipolar management program has been switching to organic food. I was simply amazed to feel the difference as we upgraded our diet. Our new health even shows in our 55-plus year old skin.

For your information, non-organic produce contains heavy pesticide residue and I'll be glad to list the foods that carry the heaviest residues so you can avoid them. Buy them only organic. (Apples, bell peppers, celery, cherries, chilies, grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, raspberries, strawberries, tomatoes) I guarantee you wonderful bodily and brain-related changes if you'll amend your diet.


Everyone's glad to be successful and I'm especially glad to report to you Dave's great accomplishments and the fact that bipolar illness/manic depression can be directed, manipulated, managed... without the use of drugs. This fact can affect SO MANY people. We each have someone in our lives that is succumbing to or battling against depression, don't we. You can make a wonderful difference in their lives if you'll tell them about this article or refer them to my websites where they can read the story for themselves.

I'll meet you there!

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