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Marketing Program Like Never Seen!

Finally, this is a UNIQUE internet marketing program unlike any other, there is no hype or any b-s, just straight facts of what you MUST DO to keep your website alive

Right before your eyes, in exact detail you'll see for yourself how I drive massive amounts of traffic to my web sites, get email promotions out, run my numbers, track visitors, test quickly, get free advertising, create hugely successful new products, research new markets, find joint venture deals, build up a massive affiliate network and nearly run the whole thing on total autopilot.

Oh ploughing through pages of text, its all explained in downloadable audio! so just sit back relax, and listen to what you have to do to make your sky-rocker your business!!

Best of all thats not it, you also get 100% backup all the way, ask your questions to top internet guru's such as myself in the members chat room, or forum, everything is taught to you

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Marketing Secret Optimal Positioning (c) 2003Peter Andersen Marketing Secret Optimal Positioning (c) 2003
Written by Focused Impact Media Group

Commercial organizations, as with all living entities, are motivated
by their instinct to survive. One tactic organizations use to ensure survival
is to capture as much market share as possible. The top method used
by professional marketers is to first identify, then achieve, the optimal
positioning within the marketplace. Doing so will significantly enhance an
organizations probability of success in its organic quest for market domination.

Over 2500 years ago, the great strategist Sun Tsu, pontificated that the
ground (i.e., the position) was the basis of all competition/conflict. Where
the victor, among other factors, was determined primarily by the ground they
held. Sun Tsu also believed that it is best to first identify the optimal ground,
then hold this position and persuade the opposition to come to you. This
strategy offers many benefits. First, a focused-impact can be harnessed by
channeling the energy saved by maintaining ground, secondly, it affords one
the knowledge and familiarity of their own position.

Professional marketers acknowledge the importance of this marketing strategy
by first researching the marketplace to identify, then achieve, the optimal
positioning. This marketing method significantly enhances and clearly
communicates the marketing message while conserving the organizations
resources and energy. For more information on identifying your organizations
optimal positioning log onto today.


Bonus: Auto-racings pre-qualifying runs are used to determine driver ranking/
placement during the actual event. The best qualifying times receive the best
positions near the front of the track. The #1 qualifying time receives the coveted
pole position. Being at the top of the line-up provides an obvious strategic advantage.
Ensure your organization takes advantage of this closely guarded marketing secret.


Article: Marketing Secret Optimal Positioning (c) 2003

Focused Impact Media Group specializes in integrated marketing communications.
We are skilled at optimizing results by coordinating multiple communication channels
into a highly focused-impact that enhances brand identity, positioning and market
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