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Finding a healthy life choice with raw organic food

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If you are looking for diet contains some of the force of life, that your diet has been lost, then why not consider a raw food organic? This type of alternative feed is so with the intention of the loss of mineralization vital nutrients when you cook real food made more than 116 degrees. Much of what is considered important vitamins and nutrients lost and said I can help digestion, skin problems and general health. Many peopleSeeking to reduce or even try an alternative way to eat, go to a diet like this.

There can risk when you take a raw organic food diet, it is important to talk with your doctor and get answers before you engage in. This allows the luxury of having all the information and understand what you in advance.

What You Can Eat

If you decide you're going to start a staffRaw food, you're going to need to find out what it is that you are able to speed up quietly while they eat. raw foods are considered the type of fruit, vegetables and nuts, berries or dried fruit. These foods processed in a certain way or not that meant keeping what is lost in cooking. These foods can be bought very cheap, so do not really have to worry about the control of another financial burden in relation to certain foods. L 'the best aspects of this way of eating is the practice that is virtually in the search for food at any grocery store. You do not have to go to a specific store or specialty for food needed.

A raw organic food is something you want to take time to think about how it will then many changes in your life. They are not to eat meat, as it once was and this may also mean that you have previous article that may be extendedSugar.


Orders on a raw organic, you will learn that things are not equal. While fruits and nuts are fine, will fill a big hole in terms of meat and pasta dishes that have previously received. This gap must be filled, but while at work, you can expect some resistance exercise. You may feel dizziness or nausea while waitingOnce again, you will also experience weight loss. You will find that prevail with a headache, as you begin your body get used to life without meat and sugar are used to.

This is a process and the measures they are taking what you need to get where you want to be. The bad feelings can be up to and sometimes even a week. There are many things you can benefit from a raw organic food in there with some things to think of many before you.

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Development of the organic food market, Singapore

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The context of the market for organic food in Singapore is growing by leaps and bounds and limitations of each year with the onset of awareness of healthy eating. If you represent a distribution partner in Asia, the Middle looking to expand your range of organic food in the south, Singapore is an ideal starting point. This article presents some of the ways to follow a new dealer in this important emerging market can still touch.

One of the first thingsshould be done by a new distributor is solid ground to work. By physically visiting Singapore and the knowledge market fundamental point of AA is to learn more about general issues and prospects for organic food in Singapore. compounds also important for wider distribution of organic products. Building strong relationships with potential local distributors is very beneficial for the company. You can also participate in international foodRates in Singapore are held regularly to know the market and people's reactions to organic foods.

As a new distributor for organic products in Singapore should also aim for wider distribution methods. A good way to ensure that organic products receive the widest range in Singapore would work with and appoint local agents to distribute their bodies. Although Singapore has a reputation ofLand, shops operate as a clock, local traders have implicit knowledge of the working environment in Singapore and no doubt implicit guarantee this, that your organic products, or other high-speed distribution.

Organic food in Singapore has a small, albeit loyal following. E 'for this reason, organic suppliers in Singapore, the traditional increasingly high prices to compensate for the short shelf The life and niche audiences. This always turns a lot of first time buyers who want to try Singapore Organic Food is food, but discouraged by the high price of organic. For their market share is a good strategy to competitively priced, organic food in Singapore. A good measure of competitive pricing of organic food, Singapore would still be less than 50 percent, or than the price of conventional, non-> Organic food.

Although price is important factor to attract new customers to try and eat organic produce, another strategy might be to differentiate your products. Covering the use of smaller packages and attractive, stimulating and draw attention to the product. You can also specify and explain the benefits of organic products to consumers. Because smaller sizes? SmallSizes subtly encourages consumers to take the first turn on your product and try it. To further encourage consumers to continue buying organic foods, you can use the recipes or instructions to buy organic food, in particular, they are.

Finally, organic food in Singapore is a growing trend and will continue to do so, how to get more educated do not know how food choices affect their healthonly themselves but their families. This would imply a dealer growing market for organic and importers. Tap this growing market, new distributors even win a big mouth to keep new entrants in the lucrative market of South-East Asia.

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Organic Food Delivery

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If you try to eat organic, one of the most difficult things to follow organic foods, depending on where you live, the search for food. While many grocery stores in large urban areas because of the demand to offer a wide range of organic food. Many cities have cooperative organic or Whole Foods stores almost exclusively. However, if you do not live in an area where grocery stores with a selection of organic foods or if you wantBut your life, like many, you can now free time for shopping, delivery could only do organic option for you.

Want or need your fresh organic food delivery to your home? Regardless of whether you want the food delivered to you for convenience or necessity, it is possible. Some sites are only to sell only products or milk products, for example. There are organic farms with websites that offer their staffProduct directly to your home, too.

While organic farms are located throughout the country, delivery to their territories alone, even if they provide services through a website that offers delivery. There are also organic shops that boast organic delivery but the delivery status and so may be limited to a city that you want to search for delivery to your site will fit you like, be aware of your own, that 'limited only downfall of many pages. Are you trying to tell a button "Locations" or "Location" or a box, the item refers to "you give your zip code of where in your area, so you can ensure that the site offers your region before ordering.

Now that you have an organic delivery, the sight of the benefits. If you live in a sparse region where biological resources are the best service will set up an organic diet. If organic food resources in your area> Bio-delivery, you can restrict access to products that might not otherwise have access. This can also allow access to a wider range of products such as detergents, furniture and exotic products, among others.

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Organic Food Nutrition - Best Way to Avoid Becoming Overweight

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Ask any expert about the benefits of organic food nutrition, and you'll inevitably get the same answer it's the best way to avoid overweight and enjoy great health in today's heavily industrialized world. Metabolic changes occur without our noticing it; metabolism actually carries the impact of the area we live in, the work place, the air we breathe, the people we come into contact with, the emotions we have and even the forms of entertainment we choose. It may sound far-fetched but pollution takes over our body with every bite we take. The sad but true reality is that non-organic food poisons our system.

The principles of the nutrition will little by little become part of daily life, but this cannot happen unless the awareness level increases. Organic food is food obtained without using any industrialized methods or forms of stimulation such as hormones, pesticides, insecticides, antibiotics or fertilizers. On organic farms, the cattle and the poultry that we take our meat from are not confined to small stables or boxes for their entire lives, and the rest of the crops grow according to the rules of Mother Nature alone, without human artificial interference. Organic food nutrition uses only clean products that provide everything the human body needs to function within optimal parameters, and with a lower risk of illness.

There is a central topic of discussion in magazines, at health workshops, in communities concerned with weight loss, on Internet sites and in television shows. Maybe there is a shift of mentality taking place and, people start to understand better what organic food nutrition implies in terms of health and life changes. Sometimes, it allows no room for the small unhealthy treats like candies, chocolate and ice cream. Well, the truth is that most of the sweet treats we indulge in, are full of chemicals, colorants and additives, however, by organic food nutrition we don't imply a tough renunciation at everything we enjoy.

When we speak about organic food nutrition, we certainly refer to personal choices not to anything compulsory. Strict rules can be formulated but they can only be self-imposed. There is no external authority to tell you that from now on you'll become dedicated to organic food nutrition and give up all the non-organic foods you like. Changing dietary and eating habits is part of personal awareness, individual evolution and it to come naturally. If you truly believe in things done the natural way, then you will no longer crave for something sweet and tasty that in fact pollutes your body instead of feeding.

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Are There Benefits To Eating No Overt Fats for a Month? - Dr. Doug Graham

www.FoodnSport.com Dr.Doug Graham speaks on September 28th, 2008 in New York City. What do you get with The 80 Diet? -peak performance for any athlete -perfect weight no matter what your body type - off-the-charts wellness -success with a low-fat vegan diet -simplicity in your lifestyle -a healthy relationship with your food -and enviable vitality For more information visit: http:///www.FoodnSport.com

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Organic Food For Our Kids

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Increasingly, we turn our attention not only on the environment in the conventional sense, but also the products that we eat. It is no secret that they contain various additives that adversely affect health. And more recently the notion organic Food appeared. This is food which is grown, collected, processed, packaged in accordance with the eco-standards adopted in Europe in 1991 (different countries use their word: English - organic, Germans and Scandinavians often resort to the notion of Biot, the French-speaking adhere to the concept of Eco).

Let's see what kind of products they are:

* natural;

* environmentally friendly;

* safe for nutrition;

* certified in accordance with the requirements of the European Commission to the of organic food;

* with natural shelf life;

* completely exclude the use of genetically modified organisms, pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics and growth hormones, various preservatives, antioxidants, flavorings, stabilizers, dyes, taste improvers and other additives artificial origin;

* label of ecoproducts necessarily present any icon of European certification bodies.

So these are foods with a fairly rigid list of requirements. With their growth chemical fertilizers pesticides can not be used to kill pests, grazing is prohibited to process chemicals; animals can not be treated with antibiotics and even keep in cages. It is clear that these products are expensive. But according to recent data, they are bought more and more. Especially for children. Let's look at what organic food is good for kids and why.

Baby puree

Taste of a fruit and vegetable organic puree is richer. The content of nutrients in them is about 30% higher than in conventional products - thanks to gentle handling and cultivation of vegetables and fruits.


Children soluble porridge also contains the largest amount of useful substances. The grains subjected to special treatment and is easy to digest, even for kids.


If a product has eco certificate, its customer can be sure that the rye, for example, didn't grow by the road and didn't gain lead and other harmful impurities. Alternatively, you can be sure that the flour is not bleached and not tinted.

Biscuits and sweets

In the manufacture of children's cookies they do not use sugar. Instead - the agave juice, banana syrup, and sometimes honey. Often such cookies are missing eggs, which is a strong allergen for some children.

Vegetables and fruit

Grown on ecological farms vegetables and fruits are less allergenic. After all, a child sometimes may not be allergic to a product itself, but will be allergic to the chemical compound which is crammed with this product, or processed.

Dried fruits

Did you know that most dried fruit is processed with sulfur dioxide gas by producers to extend their storage? Raw fruits will have shelf life of 6-12 months; processed ones are stored for years. And let the sulfur dioxide is officially allowed, but experts have expressed fears that the substance affects the intestinal micro flora. To determine at a glance whether the fruits are processed is fairly complicated. Dried apricots are the exception, the processed ones are bright, and have golden color, while raw ones, as a rule, are dark. Organic dries fruits, of course, are not processed in any way.


Many babies are allergic to milk. But probably not the milk itself, but to additives, which it contains. Ecoproduct is deprived of these supplements. In addition, bio milk has more amino acids and fats, but lower cholesterol.

Meat, fish, poultry

Animals grown on eco farms, ate only useful fodder containing no chemical additives. That is why such a protein is very useful and contains much more nutrients.

All ecoproducts have similar properties to the products that are eaten by our ancestors. They are delicious, nourishing, and helpful. This is especially important for children, in whose diet one should avoid all the possible preservatives, colorings, flavorings and other chemical additives. Synthetic substances completely knock the work of gustatory receptors and poison the body. Synthetics cannot be a food for the cells, in contrast to natural products. For children it is especially important to eat right, because they are growing, all body systems are being formed. And health of our kids depends on the nutrition totally.

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How to Make Polenta with Mushrooms & a Poached Egg for Mother's Day

Easy, hearty, and perfect for brunch, lunch, or dinner, this organic, seasonal recipe combines some hidden gems of the winter farmer's market.

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50 Years Old and Loving Raw

www.LivingSunFoods.com Here is an interview with friend and client 50 year old Curtis Woodfolk who has been drinking green smoothies daily and eating a high percentage of raw food. Curtis shares his story of how eating live foods and exercise are turning back the hands of time. Curtis tells us that aging can be done gracefully and happily by taking care of oneself through proper nutrition and exercise. For more information on Raw Food Chef and Natural Living Educator Michelle Pierson please visit www.LivingSunFoods.com

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Why Online Organic Food Delivery Services are on the rise

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Have you noticed how long and how much energy you spend when shopping?

Are you sick and tired of having this precious time when you could spend with family, relax or something of your choice waste? If so, you need to start providing services in your area. delivery services are increasingly popular as a means of growth of the Internet, almost everyone has access to a computer and save time by orderingonline. You can also save money as a not so easy to get tempted to impulse buying when you see the packaging before it is not possible. Just think, no children younger people move into the supermarket and watched in horror as they try to pull everything off the shelves!

At present, almost all regions of the UK has a delivery service that is easy to find online, has GuideMeGreen costs of local and national organic, fair trade and special diet delivery services with aincreasing number of food and non-food products. You have to register or log in often to these pages and then you can start your shopping now, are easy and fun, and so comfortable that they are almost long enough to find on your hands!

Of course, different companies offer different foods for delivery but can be done more often, if not buy all your favorite foods and most of these companies. Here you will find a large selection of fruit andVegetables, both organic, locally grown and sometimes imported. Here you will find exotic fruits and vegetables and old staples like potatoes and carrots. Whatever you need, you can benefit they receive from this great food.

You will also find a wide selection of organic dried and canned products that you can have delivered right to your door every day of the week. Canned soup and dried pasta are just some of the items you can add any major you providedWeek. Most of these services also have goodies like organic cookies and even some organic cakes! Many companies have non food lines such as washing and laundry friendly environmentally friendly products.

You get a choice of delivery. You can choose to have food delivered to work or at work. Many people choose to buy their fallen while at work, so I'm there when they return home. You may also request that the goods are left inGarden behind the house or neighbors, lest they be stolen.

Organic food delivery services are flexible and comfortable, and are something that everyone can benefit. The growing number of people, which is the testing of these services. The choice comes when you decide what - it's all good supermarkets where you can go and buy everything in one or should we support smaller companies, where you can not buy everything in one placethat was sick .... let you decide.

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Saving money on organic food

Get the healthy, organic foods you want without breaking your budget.

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Organic Food Recipes for children from the full

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Is your child ready for weaning? If your child is already six months, then it is time to change the usual routine of breast milk or cooking and add the solid preparation of meals throughout the day. Since infants are very sensitive, organic baby food recipes would be perfect for them. So, get ready for weaning information from fellow mothers, the doctor or visit the Web site Make sure you buy organic food to giveon your child best.

As a parent it is always irritating to see me for babies and watch them grow. My sister-in-law is now weaning her first child. After explaining the benefits of giving your baby organic food, we began to experiment with new recipes on the baby organic food a week.

My granddaughter is seven months and is trying a new recipe organic baby food just spent a week on the problem, test for allergies or digestion. Let me tell youthe first three home-made organic baby food recipes, which we did. These recipes are all organically grown foods. These are very easy to do, takes less time to complete and have shelf life for a few days to feed.

Going Banana

Banana is always in season and is easy to put on the market or available in your favorite supermarket. Like us, however, that our children to eat organic, make sure you buy your bananas to be trustedSeller / market. If you live in a country that imports of bananas, to verify the certification of organic food label. The purchase of local banana would be safer especially if you live in rural or rurban.

Banana takes at least three days, depending on the quality of maturity at purchase. Therefore, organic baby food recipe, it can always be served fresh for the children. Use to scrape the baby feeding spoon ripe banana and start ½ tablespoonnew starter for the meal.

The banana is rich in potassium is good for bone development. Supply children with bananas helps the body's ability to calcium, which includes the child in breast milk. Banana also contains vitamins (A, C, folic acid, choline), (calcium potassium, magnesium, phosphorus), minerals, carbohydrates and omega-6 fatty acids.

Go, go, go, avocado!

I had never tried avocado recipe for my children "organic baby food, and when I saw my nephew have eaten pretty, it was a great experience. In fact, the taste and texture is ideal for children. An avocado has more than enough for a week. However, avocado turns brown, if not served immediately. One solution is to incorporate in the avocado family meal. The child eats organic food, then the whole family.

When purchasing avocados to choose different maturity, so that would be a more mature piece of everyday life. Start to serve ½ teaspoon of this> Organic baby food for the meal of the child. Scrape into a small amount, until sufficient for the meal.

The avocado is definitely an organic food because it is produced in large scale basis. Avocado is a complete whole organic baby food around. Infants given vitamins (A, C, E, K, B6, folic acid, pantothenic acid, B6 and other vitamins in small amounts), minerals (manganese, zinc , copper, phosphorus, potassium, sodium), saturated fat, carbohydrates,Dietary fiber and protein to eat avocado. And 'rich in fat, but it is good for children.

Go and get sweet potato

Baked sweet potato was one of my children organic food favorite recipes. It 's very cheap and plentiful on the market all year round. The variety I like most is the skin red and orange peach pulp. Once cooked, it can be refrigerated for the next feedings. For children, mashed sweet potatoes cooked easily. Serve ½ teaspoon of SolidAppetizers.

As the baby organic food recipes, sweet potatoes cooked with low sodium and low in saturated fat and cholesterol. It 's a good source of fiber, vitamin B6 and manganese, and a good source of vitamin A and vitamin C.

Go for Organic Baby Food!

Dietary habits and preferences are determined at an early age. As more people are health conscious, it is recommended that children on the value of physical and trainBody. Start the training process at the earliest - at the time of birth through breastfeeding and when they are ready for solids. train children to eat organic food with the production of organic baby food recipes.

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Aspartame brain tumor and the process of FDA approval (Light Sugar Free Diet Coke Zero 951)

The approval of the sweetener aspartame (E951) was contested in the history of the FDA. The approval was by no scientific reason, but granted on the basis of political and financial pressures. Aspartame has been "discovered" for the first time was in 1965 by Searle, a pharmaceutical company based in Chicago. The FDA has approved aspartame in 1981, although scientific research has clearly demonstrated that aspartame caused brain tumors in laboratory animals. www.naturalnews.com tests used to determine, Searlethe so-called safety of aspartame were very weak. Searle uses scientific laboratory practices, data falsified and withheld material information during the registration process of the FDA. Since aspartame has caused brain tumors in laboratory animals, is a real cancer risk to humans as well. Cancer is increasing in Western countries and will soon be the leading cause of death. www.medicalnewstoday.com www.wnho.net aspartame (E951) is currently used in over 6000 products and millions of people around the worldThe use of the sweetener on a daily basis. Besides cancer, aspartame causes many other health problems such as epilepsy, migraine, diabetes, obesity, disorders of the brain, ADHD, ADD, MS, etc. U.S. Department of Health has 92 (!) The symptoms recorded after complaints aspartame. In fact, over 80% of all complaints to the FDA, aspartame related! Some www.321recipes.com brand for aspartame: AminoSweet, NutraSweet, Equal, NatraTaste, Canderel, Spoonful, Equal...

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Real beef enchiladas, Spanish rice, refried beans!

my mother's side of the family is from Mexico. beside my father is from England. My mother and my grandmother taught me to cook Mexican food. It is not the fancy schmancy stuff you see in restaurants. It 's simple, but surprisingly good food (chicken mole, the soup, enchiladas, tortillas, menudo, salsa). Grandma was always cooking and always smiling. He had just received a new right hand homemade tortilla off the stove with a little 'butter on it. The smell and taste of food is comforting to me, and brings aSmile on my face. Thanks Grandma! I love you. :) Filling: 1 # Ground beef or chicken 1 large onion 2 cloves of garlic 7 oz can green chilies 2 beef bouillon cubes 1 teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon coriander ½ teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon chili powder 1 teaspoon paprika 1 tomato 1 avocado sour cream and lettuce 12 ounces shredded Cheddar cheese sauce: 1 / 4 cup butter 1 / 4 cup flour 1 teaspoon paprika 1 teaspoon chili powder 3 beef bouillon cubes 1 teaspoon coriander 1 teaspoon cumin 1 teaspoon pepper 2 1 / 4 cup water, Spanish rice: 2 tablespoons butter, ½ teaspoonPaprika ½ teaspoon chili powder 1 cup uncooked rice 1 small onion 1 clove garlic 1 cup diced tomatoes 1 ½ cups water ½ teaspoon pepper ½ teaspoon black cumin 1 chicken stock 1 teaspoon coriander

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Organic Food Tips - Easy and convenient ways to start with

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When the earth was created billions of years, the process has gone to other creations. The first designs are entirely organic. Herbivores eat plants and organic herbs, while carnivores eat organic meat. Symbiotic cycle continues unhindered. People and animals lived longer, even though the threat seemed endless for survival. In fact, eating organic food was the most normal thing to do, then.

If the economy is gradually subsistingwere commercial, led the large-scale production. To supply the needs of the growing population especially in urban areas has led to crop land is planted to feed the animals for food consumption to be highly controlled environment over long distances has increased this has given birth to commercial agriculture and animal husbandry.

Fruits that grow in the season are now available throughout the year. prosper parasites were applied to new and expensive pesticides in plants. Plantations,Airplanes air to spray these pesticides, thus increasing environmental contamination. In small towns, it was learned that farmers apply fertilizers and inorganic chemicals on the production of "good" yield.

How to obtain animals for breeding and production of doses of injectable antibiotics and other bacterial and viral infections for resistance. They feed on commercial feed products to feed, the inorganic compounds. Take, for example, corn used in feed production. Newgenetically modified crops (GMOs), maize was introduced. These varieties are highly dependent on inorganic chemicals and fertilizers. The chemicals are then passed on to the corn and then the animals that have consumed the product. People are consumed, for pork or chicken, or by-products of these animals such as milk and eggs. A new cycle was performed.

These inputs were found inorganic create new kinds of human diseases. With mortalityincreases and decreases life, concern for organic food has increased in recent decades. Defense Campaign continues to turn with the rise of organic agriculture, certification bodies to create the organic food laws and procedures and environmental and conservation movements.

Easy to organic production. The best and easiest way to know whether what you are eating organic food is a vegetableFamily normally consumes. A small garden has room for different types of herbs and vegetables, the family can provide food daily needs. Spices and herbs can be planted in pots, while the vines may be to cover the fence of the compound. different vegetables can be planted in soil, planting only enough to meet the needs of every type of family. Of course it is always good to give the neighbors in the context of practicing generosity and gratitude.

They compost.Garbage is one of the problems of a growing population. process for biodegradable things the best way is through composting. A simple way is by adding a portion of the yard as an area for composting. Fruit and vegetable peelings and food scraps in the compost Toss and let the earthworms do the work. If there is no back yard and put the worms in a container, which makes the compost out. The question of evacuation is the best soil in earthwormsWorld!

Simple physical control. Some organic foods are not "beautiful". There are flaws that poor quality is the harvest. They are also smaller. deceive Don 't this unpleasant vision may, in the spraying of these signs that the fruit or vegetable has not received pesticide to kill the organisms or "beautify" I am. Many newly introduced varieties are heavily dependent on pesticides and inorganic fertilizers, and do not survive if planted in organicWay. A perfect banana dish, for example, is packaged in plastic bags and sprayed with pesticides on banana to protect against parasites.

For organic food need not be expensive, but will have to go organic and determination. The Company and the human spirit have been programmed to eat unhealthy foods market today. Because this circuit requires discipline and positive thinking. Choose from this and nobody can everis responsible for his choice.

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Organic cat food recipes

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As a child I remember stories my mother's family cat, with Uncle Tom in the dark, was the sister who had enjoyed her cat's favorite bird maintained. cat cats and birds along the house, the house = bird in a cage, bird house free = cat out of the screen door, I do not remember any of our dinner on our birds, cats, even if the mother lost parakeets different from the outside forget that their were on their shoulder.

A long preamble, but perhaps when the animals are an integral part of your lifewe tend to treat them like family. So, how to become more aware of how to live, respect for the planet, eat healthy, do not waste food by surely the same applies to animal feed, as our pets. I believe that the principles of a healthy diet for a cat is an organic, holistic. Cats are carnivores - the average number of mice to dispose of it, generally only the liver and intestine, to be honest - our cats are enhanced when they play their firstOf course, in this case, the removal of your mouse down clocks, chests of drawers and heavy the kitchen sink. So if you have a wide range of mice, many problems are solved - Pest fresh meat the first course, especially the bones. But most of the cats have managed to domesticate humans and prefer a varied diet. Trawling through many sites night after night, the basics of a healthy diet for your cat and biological is:

Follow the diet that natureprovided for your meat eater - as far as possible, close the form and composition of nutrients that your cat would eat in a natural environment. The diet that I chose to feed is very simple. Some of the recipes on the Internet quite complicated and expensive to perform any of the food bye the idea that their cat and that's a shame. It should not be so complicated and involved. The diet of a wild cat is quite simple - they eat carcasses of prey whole, often byStomach and intestines back. In nature, your cat would eat a high protein, high moisture, meat-based diet with a moderate level of fat and only about 3-5 percent of their diets from carbohydrates.

Cats are designed to get most of their water with their food, because their normal prey includes about 75 percent water.

Look for a muscle (preferably not an organ like the liver of meat) as the first ingredient. A muscle meat is the "chicken" or"Turkey," etc. Not "chicken byproducts" or "chicken byproduct meal" or "chicken broth" or "liver". "Chicken meal" is technically a muscle, but the term "food", which has been rendered (cooked for a long time at very high temperatures) and of lower quality than meat that has been processed is not as strong. A product "meal" is more common in dry foods. By-products include feet, intestines, feathers, egg shells, etc. and are much less nutritious thanMeat.

Meat from organic sources known

Table scraps treated only as an occasional


Definite No-Nos:

- Alcoholic beverages

- Chocolate

- Coffee

- Grapes and raisins

- Mold or rotten food

- Onions, garlic and chives

- Poultry bones

- Salt and salty foods

- Tomato leaves, stems and unripe fruits

- Yeast dough

Do not forget, however, that cats have different nutritional requirementsThe people so they do not follow these principles, the diet itself.


Posted by Frank & Anne Brown

We felt, lived, loved and bred cats since we were both children. The recent revelations about the horrors of 2007 - 2008 pet food recall has led us to reassess completely, as we have maintained our pets. We now have all of our cats and prepare food. The change of both cats was found dramatic, their health, energy and sheer vitality are changeda lot.

Please visit and see how the health of your pet can with a little effort on your part to improve.


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Eating organic

Image : http://www.flickr.com

If you have 5 years to the grocery store in the past, you have undoubtedly encountered some kind of organic food. You may have noticed, different packaging or special sections in the store and even to have had the courage to try these newfangled products. But you're probably not sure what organic means and why it got so much media attention in recent years. The idea of organic food can be intimidating, so Recipe4Livingoffers a place to cry in order to understand the terms and facts about these new biological methods.

What is organic?

In its simplest form, food, sewage sludge, grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, waste water, genetically modified organisms or ionizing radiation. The animals, meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products do not take antibiotics or growth hormones.

The USDA National Organic Programcreated a long and wordy definition that you see here. From October 21, 2002, organic farmers and producers are all required license to comply with these guidelines in their plan:

- Do not use banned substances (see above) for three years before certification and all the license.

- Maintain external access and pasture for livestock and animals do not feed antibiotics or hormones. Rather, the feeding of animals with 100% organic feed.

- AvoidContamination during the manufacturing of products and records of all transactions.

This relatively simple definition is the basis for understanding the organic world. When shopping, it is important to know that the USDA has identified three categories for labeling organic products:

- 100% Organic Ingredients: 100% organic

- Organic: Made with at least 95% organic ingredients

- Made with organicIngredients: Made with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients with strict restrictions on the remaining 30% of genetically modified organisms.

(Less than 70% organic ingredients may list organically produced ingredients for the products of the side wall, can not make organic claims.)

Other terms and definitions, check the glossary in the workforce. Org

Health Benefits

Although it is notenough long term studies carried out to confirm the health benefits of organic food, Davis, and recently published studies from the University of California recently awarded the first food that some organic foods have higher nutritional value than regular-grown. Some people believe that organic foods taste better, but you have to see for ourselves.

Pesticide hazards

While the idea of organic food can be one of the mostDiscomfort as its value, use the negative impact of pesticides on foods. You can have negative effects on a person's endocrine, nervous and immune systems - and the danger is even greater for children. Remember that pesticides, the use of which is prohibited for organic farmers.

convenient for shopping, using a report of the Working Group of the environmental data from the FDA that many of the health risks of pesticides in a relatively concentratedsmall number of fruits and vegetables.

High pesticide - strawberries, spinach, red and green peppers, cherries, peaches, cantaloupe, celery, apples, apricots, green beans, grapes, cucumbers, pears, potatoes and pumpkin

- Small quantities of pesticides: avocado, corn, onions, sweet potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower and Brussels.

The awareness that the food may contain harmful pesticides, can be scary, but there are ways to clean your food withoutwith fruits and vegetables to swear, always:

- Now commercial products of vegetables and fruit, washed to remove chemical residues (or Evironné Vitanet).

- Make your own cleaning solution with a mild detergent (1 teaspoon of detergent per liter of water.).

- Use a soft brush to scrub food.

- Fruit Peel with their looks harsh, especially peaches, pears and apples.

- Eat organic.

Click here for more tips on keeping your family safeof pesticides.

Where to find organic food

Your search for organic food could mean exploring a new section of your neighborhood grocery store or to walk away as a result of a new grocery needs. Chains such as Whole Foods and Trader Joe's have large organic parts of their business. You can also look into local cooperatives in the city that your doubt an impressive selection of organicFood.

If you still have trouble finding organic in your town, perhaps these services delivery staff will be easier:

Diamond Organics - delivery to every address in the United States

Dave's Organics - Delivery in California

Front Door Organics - Delivery at home and the office of Toronto

Organics Delivered - provides in Toronto and Peterborough Co.

Peapod - delivery in Chicago and southeastern Wisconsin and most of New England

UrbanOrganic - provides the New York area

Small Potatoes - Delivery within BC, Canada

Organic Express - Delivery throughout California

Door to Door Organics - serving Philadelphia, New Jersey Area

Planet Organics - Delivery in San Francisco Bay Area

An indication of costs: Many people do not buy organic food because it may be too expensive. While organic food is often more expensive than non-organicLadies and gentlemen, there are good reasons:

- Organic farmers do not receive federal subsidies like conventional farmers do, in order to reflect the costs of actual price to rise.

- The price of conventional food does not reflect the costs of environmental cleanup that we pay with taxes.

- Organic farming is more labor and management intensive.

Read more

If you have doubts aboutincredible impact that organic food is the food industry, with over, take a look at this map of the structure of the organic sector. A look at the big circles, probably the most recognized brands, which occupy your kitchen cabinets, but follow arrows on the creation of giant organic brands to see these foods are. Although the chart only Glace, it is easy to see that the organic industry is growing rapidly and is notignored.

If you're still thirsty for more knowledge of organic, the Internet has an incredible staff resources. Check out these pages for more information.

http://www. organic. org

Organic Consumers Organization

USDA National Organic Program

Copyright © 2006 Ampere Media LLC

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Organic Food storage - What you need to know before buying

Image : http://www.flickr.com

boxes of organic foods really make a difference, the environment and your body. If you show your concern for the planet then there is no better way to drastically reduce the consumption of plastic bags. 100% jute in biological or cardboard boxes are the ideal way to keep fresh for a long time.

biological storage boxes keep food fresh for longer without fear of chemical contamination. You just need tomust keep in a cool and wet everywhere. You can reduce the cost of the bags and plastics as well. They are not only harmful to the environment, but they are also very safe for food storage.

There are many dealers who will sacks or to save a lot a can of biological order. Encourage your local provider and start shopping with organic boxes for storage. Our whole life will change if we accept this, and everyone is surprisedhygienic conditions have improved as well. Not only distribute allergies through the use of plastic, and many are carcinogenic.

It 's always a healthy alternative to raise awareness of the community the use of bio-storage boxes in your people and encourage them to use these durable reusable bags and boxes, how to store their products in plastic. We are choking our waterways and destroying our environment through the use of plastics and promote the breeding ground forhigher levels of pollution and disease.

As you can see these boxes are ideal for anyone who cares about their health and the environment. If you do this, then you need to buy some boxes. You could go driving in traffic, in order, but an even better idea, they know to buy right here on the Internet. Online storage sites gives you more choice and better prices, you can not go wrong.

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Fall Garden

with the old, in with the new! www.theproducegarden.com

Kamis, 04 November 2010

Why Not Organic food is bad for your health

Image : http://www.flickr.com

I've written for months about the benefits of eating organic food. I have discovered, has focused on why this food is so important for healthy living and how we shine inside and out. One thing that I focused so you do not have the non-organic food for the day, then for the health of our bathroom. I decided to go online and check the ingredients on a daily basis can be found in the food industries that consume a lot of people. It 's more important to read, thinkingredients, the food is in yours. Chances are, if you can not read the label, you should not eat. Here are some examples of popular foods and products with its amazing ingredients. This is certainly the biggest skeptics think more about switching to pure organic foods. Remember, you can rest assured that the food we eat is safe when you go to the course of organic chemistry and you do not need to translateIngredients!

Gum, instant coffee, tea, puddings, gelatin desserts, non-dairy Creamers

All of the above may contain an additive such as acesulfame-K, known to cause cancer in laboratory animals. This is an artificial sweetener, also known as "Sweet-One" or "Sunette" known. Aspartame is also known to cause mental retardation if toxic levels of phenylalanine in the blood.

Bread, canned and bottled drinks, crackers, cereals, butter,potato flakes, margarine, sauces, soup bases, candy, pet food, baked goods and much more ...

The above BHT and BHA, antioxidant chemicals which are used as preservatives in foods, fats and oils. Take the fat from oxidizing and becoming rancid. These chemicals can contribute to the development of cancer. The International Agency for Research on Cancer and the state of California have publicly acknowledged as probably BHAcarcinogen.


Sodium nitrite and nitrate found in meat, in order to preserve freshness. meat may contain these chemicals are a huge contribution to the disease during cooking at high temperatures. coverts nitrate to nitrite, which in turn transformed into nitrosamines when combined with other compounds to high heat and can cause cancer backup.

Chips and other snacks: Peanut butter, Jif, Tide detergent, Crest toothpaste, Folgers Coffee

Alwayscheck the ingredients! Olestra can be used in foods and products listed above. If you jump off a cliff if your friends say? So we should not say whether they offer anything containing Olestra. The additive is used as a substitute for fat and disgusting is terrible for your health. It causes diarrhea, because they themselves adhere to all the essential vitamins and minerals in the body, which helps protect against cancer, heart disease and blindness. As soon as he clungTheir vital nutrients washed from them. What's more, Olestra is the gift that also inhibits the ability of your body absorb more vitamins holds. Talk of malnourished during the night!

Fruit and vegetable juices, soybean oil, sugar, meat, including chicken, beef and pork

I can not stress enough how important it is to buy pesticides, organic products to avoid. Pesticides accumulate in the system and are toxic. YouPrevent the body from the waste issue and block the absorption of nutrients. Many say that there may be a link between pesticides and the increasing number of cases of autism that have occurred in recent years.

Quorn-brand meat substitutes than others:

This product contains mycoprotein that the sound can be healthy, but can not. It is mold. That's right, in the form of chemicals added to make it look and taste of meat! The producers claim that this is a product of fungalbut it is mold that is grown in large vats of liquid. Glorify you say a little 'disappointed that undergoes "fermentation." Seriously, who in their right mind would even consider turning this product chicken "food", let alone sell for a profit? If meat that proteins without actual beans are a good way to go organic. There is a wide variety and different ways to prepare them.


I call soda as waste paper basket. Soda tasteinteresting, but it is so good that we risk our lives to drink? There is little natural corn syrup high in fructose, it rots our teeth. Many brands contain citric acid and sodium bicarbonate (not naturally in fruits, that is, etc.). These chemicals can change with a carcinogen to light or heat. I think that holds.

I saved the best for last ...

propylene glycol and ethylene glycol can be founda. ..
Cosmetics, spices, food, lotions, hand sanitizer, hair color, massage oils, hair gels and hair sprays, popcorn, deodorant, mouthwash, medicine, oils, wet wipes, toothpaste, pet food, seasoning, baking mixes, baking soda, sour cream, and Fat-Free Ice Cream.

These chemicals contribute to the following:

Birth defects
The degeneration of nerve
Heart problems
Brain, liver and renal malformations
The metabolic problems
Propylene glycol is also used inAntifreeze, electronic fog machines, hydraulic fluid and as a solvent for the pills (diazepam in particular).

So why go organic? I think the question is: why not?

Learn more about the value of organic food on these stations:

Food Revolution on Friday at 9:00 ET on ABC Clock
The food of the future on the planet Green on Tuesday at 10:00 ET Clock

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How is fertility linked Organic Food

Image : http://www.flickr.com

If you think that the quality of the food does not affect you and your partner fertility think twice! An article on organic food lists and infertility study after study, and the eggs have been conducted on animals and human sperm, showing that organic food has a positive effect on eating.

Here are some of the highlights:

"Human Fertility after the birth of farms has fallen more than 50 years.Average number of sperm in healthy American men dropped by 58 percent between 1938 and 1988. In Europe, the number of sperm decreased by 3.1 percent per year between 1971 and 1990. Studies conducted in Belgium, France and Scotland have also demonstrated the loss of sperm quality, motility, development and the number of normal sperm shape.

The reason for the decline in quality and quantity of sperm is thought to a cocktail of pesticides and hormones in food, some of which can disrupt hormones in the body. SomePesticides were masculinization of females, feminization of males in eggs found in connection led roach testes in UK rivers, the low egg viability, ovarian enlargement and reduced penis size in Florida alligators and female-female pair of birds .

A study published in The Lancet in 1994 found organic farmer workers in the sperm count was much higher than other workers. sperm counts were more than twice as high organic farmers (363 million sperm perMilliliter of semen) in a control group of welders, and printers (164 million per milliliter).

Men who consume organic products and the quality of the semen have sperm taller and bigger eats regularly than men, the parasite treatment. And conventional farmers who do not eat organic foods have a significantly lower percentage of normally shaped sperm. "

If you and your partner have tried to conceive without success and then use conventional(Pesticides rich!) Please note food to switch to organic food. If you think organic food is too expensive to eat, you can "relate to my previous article titled" pesticides. It will give you a list of pesticides more and less contaminated food.

Read more about acupuncture and fertility in the blog Red Peony Acupuncture natural fertility.

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Raw Food Recipe - Mediterranean Kale - A Raw and Raw Diet Dinner Recipe

Author and raw food www.learnrawfood.com chef Jennifer Cornbleet shows you how to make a delicious raw dinner side dish with kale, peppers, pine nuts and olives. From her DVD, Raw Food Made Easy. Produced by Larry Cook. Lunch, dinner, raw food recipes raw vegan recipes before the first ...

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Organic Foods

Image : http://www.flickr.com

"If you eat junk, it shows," says Michel slot, a staunch supporter of organic food for over a decade and the author of the 2003 book "Taste Pure: Irresistible Recipes for Good Food and Health, which won the prestigious James Beard Award . As a time and visible advocate of organic food niche scientist has developed a large fan base in bio-disciples. He is also a favorite subject of media Outlets with the subject.

In a recent interview, said African longs for the good old days when people ate food so easy was to mainly produce was in season. Today, he says, fruits and vegetables that are available are often to do with pesticides or chemicals that matures quickly treated. "In the old days, the food was fresh. It 'was, of course. He knew, and it was better for you," said niches.

African emphasizes food > The healthy food, fresh, organic, and if it is to produce meat, corn, o.

In general, finding food and organic food without the use of artificial pesticides, fertilizers, so-called genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, genetic techniques have been modified through food. Many people believe that these types of foods have less nutritional value and taste as well as non-organic> Power.

Most of the farmers that the profits are growing organic food are small, family run their operations are more interested in the health benefits of their offerings. But the market seems to be over fishing. Organic food was once only available in small shops, but are increasingly popular and more available to mainstream America. Some estimates peg the growth in sales of organic food at 17 to 20 percent in recent years than the growthsales of conventional food, the percentage is only 2-3

The 47-year-old African was the news recently for the opening of two new restaurants: Pure, this is the first western restaurant health in India, and the dressing room, located near the Westport County Playhouse.

Slots are also presented a new television show called "pure and simple," a new cooking series on July 5 at the bottom of media channel is available on Comcast cable beginsSystem, the Dish Network satellite TV and Sirius Satellite Radio.

Jumat, 29 Oktober 2010

Organic foods are to improve the health and weight loss tools

Image : http://www.flickr.com

organic food is always free of genetically modified organisms and is always strictly pesticide products without chemicals. It is derived from an animal reared without the routine use of antibiotics, growth factors or other drugs. in small shops or weekly markets, organic foods are always far offered to buy one. The products can be ordered over the Internet really good staff.

If you need to improve the immune system, sleepbetter and easier to shed excess weight, eat more organic foods more often is a must. They are also the levels of blood in a matter of weeks, because the mineral content of healthy food can claim a higher vitamin E.

A diet based on organic food is not available for all, especially in difficult times, people worry about the cost. This is understandable. However, a prudent diet and a good preparation work to make it not accessible, not to mention the good feelingThey have a poison for your loved ones with bad food.

In the hands of non-professionals pesticides people are time bombs and they have the potential to adversely affect health. The surplus anomalies include neurotoxicity, disruption of your endocrine system, carcinogenicity and immune system suppression.

While we know that pesticides are intended for persons, animals and plants from damage by pests such as insects, pests, diseases and weeds to save a bit ', we also want asafety. If anyone knows that the 12 most hazardous pesticides and persistent organic chemicals 10 (this is the message of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants), he or she wants to know if the food you eat contaminated or not.

We all know that the large agricultural productions tend to have fewer products compared with organic substances. This is particularly true for nutrients such as vitamin C, iron, magnesium andPhosphorus. According to a study I read a few days ago, you should eat 20 pounds of lemons to get the required amount of vitamin C for a permanent weight loss. If only half of that number is true, it is still terrible.

So it's a wise idea to buy and eat free range and organic foods as much as possible. It also supports the organic food industry, control is specialized in environmental protection without harmful pesticides andChemicals will result in the loss of topsoil, toxic runoff and water pollution resulting, soil contamination and poisoning and death of insects, birds, reptiles and beneficial soil organisms. This alone should help people feel good about themselves.

But those who can not afford organic food, the people deserve better health.

On my site you can read a wonderful blend of ingredients formulated in a high quality supplement called Ultra Open, which isthe same as organic food, without, of course, the wonderful taste. Be losing more.

Kamis, 28 Oktober 2010

Hydro Grow - half of Bio Grow

Image : http://www.flickr.com

With the force levels of pesticides and fertilizers that are now used in commercial facilities, it is no wonder that many consumers are switching to organic. Personally, I have considered many times, but as we all know, organic food is usually a bit 'more expensive, and for my part, I still can not afford. But hydropower increasingly opens up a world of new possibilities. If you are interested in hydroponically grow your life,why not go one step further and increase the organic food?

You might think, increasingly able to grow organic hydro automatically classified, but this is not the case. The hydroelectric plant is growing plant can still get in touch with one, with plenty of non-organic chemicals. Therefore, there are steps that are taken to organic growth in a hydro garden.

With the solution of organic micronutrients

Using a hydroponic system, is a plant only asmaintaining good as the nutrient solution through. There are many hydroponic fertilizers on the market, the types to provide the nutrients a plant needs in the correct dosage and come in both organic and non organic. The difference between an organic fertilizer and regular non-organic hydroponics is simple enough. Organic fertilizers do not provide the nutrients in a form that the plant is ready for absorption by requiring the consideration of organic fertilizersa plant organic "form", has not yet broken down before being absorbed by microorganisms may be of nutrients. These organisms are normally present in soil and are therefore more power out of the process water. For a long time, this constituted a problem for farmers, the power of water has been growing methods in biology. But today, organic hydroponic fertilizers are widely available, enabling those in an ideal system withmineral solution, without resorting to non-biological means. You can also compost materials to help make homemade hydroponics.

With organic farming Medium

In conventional farming, the land will not only get a plant nutritional needs, but serves the purpose it was also in town. If the soil is removed from the equation, another way is necessary for that purpose. Here is the breeding ground and aiming to increase fruit andOrganic vegetables, whether it's an organic material. Coir is an excellent way of increasing Cocopeat or use practices for both organic and non organic. In essence, the basis of dried coconut shells, which are finally produced in the form dust, is a 100% natural byproduct of the coconut. When used in its pure form, without additives, favorable growth medium, which means not only through organic growth, but adds a few advantages of its own. E 'Has a unique ability, a greater amount of oxygen and store the water than other growing media, it is naturally high in root stimulating hormones, and also protects plant roots from diseases in particular because of its anti-fungal .

With organic remedies in case of problems plague Arise

The need for pest control is very rare in a hydro-growth. Hydroponics is a technique to grow a plant to supply the nutrients they need exactly, allowing a betterdesigned nutrient solution. In addition, hydropower is usually grown in gardens carefully controlled environments. In fact, the cabinet is growing very popular. A plant is so healthy, strong and less prone to being attacked by pests. But the problem happens, there are several ways in which biological pest problems can be addressed. One such system involves planting a different species mixed with the main crops, which rejects the damage caused by pests, a practice thatis widely known as companion planting. Organic insect control is also very effective. In this second method, an insect predator is released into the harvest, to eliminate the parasite. Both methods are natural, completely non toxic chemicals present in the culture, and then totally organic.

organic growth in hydropower is little 'more of an effort, but the rewards far outweigh the few and more than justify the lengths taken. In addition to fruitor plant that is free from harmful chemicals, organic Hydro also offers a product that in nutrients, which is more than poor soils may be rich guarantor for commercial crops, which are often products of nutrients overfarmed.

In this case, a little 'certainly a long way. The maintenance of a hydroelectric plant garden and growing your own food is very rewarding. In a further step forward and grow an organic vegetable garden Hydro is not only useful, but the bestChoice for your health.

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Good Food - final preview

Something strange in the fields and orchards of the north-west Pacific has happened. family farmers make a comeback - the cultivation of healthier food and more food per hectare, while less water and energy than farming. Visit www.goodfoodthemovie.org and for copies - www.bullfrogfilms.com

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Where is tomorrow's farmers?

- Farmers Market, Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington If you pay a visit to the local market for farmers, plus lots of good fresh food, locally produced, is likely to see something different: a lot of gray hair. The latest figures we have, which are from the census of 2007, say the average farm operator is important in the U.S. 57.1 years of age. And that number is steadily increasing from year to year. Why? In short, today's farmers are aging faster than younger ones, for example,As in the field. In fact, in just five years from 2000 to 2007 the number of clients, operators of more than 75 twenty percent, while the number of under 25 - even small reduced by 30 percent. Overall, the number of farmers 55 and up increased significantly, while the number dropped significantly lower than 55th Obviously this is not a trend that may even further: If tomorrow we have the farmers want to produce our food, we must find ways ofmore young people into the profession today. San Juan Island in Puget Sound about 75 miles northwest of Seattle, is a relatively affluent, mostly rural community, the problems of finding some solutions and hope. The long-term residents may be aware that the same people, fresh food produced locally 20 or 30 years ago today, right there in the labor market. Take, for example, Jim Lawrence, owns and operates Thirsty Goose Farm. [... Jim L. describes how he got his...

Jumat, 22 Oktober 2010

Stuffed marrow

A bone is also known as zucchini or squash.

Kamis, 21 Oktober 2010

Pros, cons of organic food

Image : http://www.flickr.com

organic clothing, organic food, organic cleaning products - the word "organic" seems to have become the hottest trend right. However, before jumping on the train staff, it is important to identify foods for the pros and cons of buying and consuming organic products. It can be difficult with an untrained eye to recognize the differences. At the grocery store, the inorganic and organic fruit and vegetables and do not see healthy, because the cost of organic food, although the double? transition has moved to save the tendency to produce, over and on the shelves of grocery stores, leading to the introduction of drinks, dried fruit, bread, yogurt, cheese and dozens of other foods.

Many Americans harbor growing concerns about food safety and genetically modified food. "Organic" if the product is used on the label of a food means that the> Food is on the rise for three years on the territory of chemicals for at least. Food labeled as organic chemical plants must be free and others are grown without the use of pesticides o. Finally, they must be processed and packaged without the use of preservatives, dyes or other additives.

There are many good arguments to defend the product purchase and consumption of organic food. Organic farming is not the threat ofPesticides and chemical run-off contamination could watersheds and drinking water, while most modern conventional farming methods to do just that. Organic farms also tend to retain more wealthy, more sustainable basis through the use of green manure, crop rotation and compost. These organic farming have shown that slow soil erosion and the requirements of various nutrients in the soil.

A study analyzing food 00:00 concluded that organic foods are more Nutrition and micronutrients of non-organic foods. Professionals nutritional organic food contains higher levels of vitamins A, B, C, E, vitamins, elements such as zinc and minerals such as calcium. Organic food is no danger of any complications health associated with pesticides and antibiotics. Organic foods contain lower levels of heavy metals and virtually fat-free hydrogen, which was taken in relation to heart disease), whileprocessed foods may contain> both organic.

Despite the increased nutritional value of organic food are some drawbacks of organic food to eat. From compost organic fertilizer can be more damaging to the health risks of organic farms in relation to pesticides and chemicals do not. Manure often contains bacteria E. coli, which may transmit dangerous diseases to humans. In addition, organic food produced with the same rateNon-organic food. The methods of organic farming often produces lower yields of modern intensive methods. So the food is grown organically is often twice as expensive as for organic food companies do not when large companies began replacing. Modern methods of farming organically, the world can a food shortage caused neglected.

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Yoga Weight Loss Detox Diet: organic juices to the alkalinity

perfect10lifestyle.com Juice a delicious drink with alkaline Dashami. This week we are detoxifying for Navaratri! Jai maaa! http Vinyasa Yoga is one of the most preferred forms of yoga. If you are looking for a good yoga workout, I suggest you try giving Vinyasa Yoga. 30dayyogachallenge.com

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Organic and Healthy Food Market

Image : http://www.flickr.com

A recent study by market analysts nVision suggests four out of ten adults now choose, the options on a regular basis. organic supermarkets in England are expanding organic and biological Europe's biggest event, the Biofach exhibition in Germany in the increasingly bigger every year.

Unfortunately, when the retailers store prices artificially high. I was the Tesco is a rare event in the past week, as I order on the ground as possible, and I almost died when I saw thePrices are trademarks of pay for organic yogurt and eggs compared to non-organic. Its time the government started to investigate, and, providers see these organic supermarket, the tears of us! Promoting competition is not always a good idea, as this reduces the prices (good for the consumer), the company can put on organic suppliers, is that the profit margins small. I realize that we pay more for organic productsbecause there are more crop failures due to the fact that farmers can not use pesticides, but what is an acceptable percentage and does this vary from product to product. In the case of organic fish equal to 10 percent more expensive than non organic fish and vegetables 20 percent, etc.?

Even in small shops or 'farmers' markets to health, organic foods are becoming much more widely available. Over the past 10 years, sales of organic food in Britainincreased by more than 10 times from 100 million pounds in 1993-1994 to just under EUR 1.4 billion in 2004/05 fiscal year. The big growth is expected to continue, and many companies are jumping on the market. Sales through 'the farmers' markets and factory outlets have grown faster than any other outlet shopping. Organic food and beverages now makes 1.2 percent of the total retail market (Source Soil Association).

There are two types of organic food.

Fresh food

fresh food is Seasonal and perishable. Fruits and vegetables are the most available type of organic, fresh food, and are closely associated with organic farming. They are often purchased directly from farmers to farmers' markets, supermarkets or delis. Organic meat, eggs, dairy products are also available.

Processed foods

Processed food accounts for most of the items in a supermarket. Often the same activity is> Organic and conventional versions of products available, and the price of the organic version is usually higher, as already mentioned. Most processed organic food comes from larger companies producing and marketing products like organic baby food, organic beer, organic pasta or other foods.

How do I know, its staff?

The term organic is regulated by law - all organic foodProduction and processing is a set of strict rules. Look for symbols such as the Soil Association symbol for the guarantee of the highest ecological standards. Soil Association organic symbol is the UK's largest and most prestigious brands in organic products. Wherever you see you can be sure that the food produced is purchased and processed to strict and rigorous animal welfare and environmental standards. Other symbolsResearch to include the Organic Food Federation and certified organic ingredients.

Most people do not have time to read the labels of ingredients of various foods they buy, make sure staff. So, to see the different symbols, you can be sure that the product with a minimum of government regulations.

The use of such symbols is voluntary and may be a product, organic, even if notwearing the symbol of a certifying authority. That is, if you want to be vendors for 100% convinced that what you are eating or using is organic always read the label or talk to.

Where to find? - The organic symbols on almost any type of food and drink imaginable from fresh produce such as fruit, vegetables and meat to processed foods such as bread, baby food or food. Make you can even buy organic pet!

Sabtu, 16 Oktober 2010

Advantages of a bio-

Image : http://www.flickr.com

organic still confused about the benefits of buying?

Buying organic food is rapidly becoming so popular, the industries that would keep farming you do not have in droves. Yet even today there are men and women, each a consumer, the bio is actually still confused about what the Department means, why should they do and why.

There are certainly those of our country who believe and havedid their best to convince others that buying organic is simply a waste of money. A few years ago there was little scientific evidence that buying organic food was actually - scientifically - better for you. Now it's 2008 and continuing research known appearance to reverse skeptical beliefs.

If you take a conscious decision to produce, buy organic, packaged food, meat, dairy products or fresh, you can choose to eat foods that harmmuch cleaner than their conventional counterparts, and is reducing exposure to potentially harmful or deadly as antibiotics, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides and hormones.

It is usually not so expensive to buy organic. Largely because of higher labor costs involved with production. In short, keeping warm danger zone still requires work to ensure ilk bugs, diseases, weeds and other diseases with similar non-influence or contaminate the food. But (sometimes below the point of being a danger to their health), agriculture, conventional controls that such a possibility, and with a good club rough "in the struggle to gain ground on the" chemistry. Its cost is less than $ 50.00 per hectare depending on the harvest season, and the demand for pest and weed control.

While the control of that situation, to the point of disposal to one hundred percent completed his course, manual work requires much more Automation is usually not a viable option, because the needs of individual care. But this necessary work has its price. Compared to conventional farming is $ 50 per hectare cost of the organic farming can sometimes cost as ten to thirty per acre.

The words, if it costs farmers more than $ 1,000 per acre, to ensure a healthy crop, compared to only $ 50 per acre for conventional, organic and natural foods is to go with the others, cost more. But the question remains: isOrganic food is worth the> price, even if the price is much higher?

Although there are some judgments about nutrition, the latest findings in January 2008 that gathered - the options you get with traditional hands down - you are buying organic products and more antioxidants than minerals. And buy organic or not, is often used to your lifestyle priorities.

Something that does not show up when those discussions have heardbrought to light, but for every positive report on the purchase of organic food, it could be worthy reason for the conflicting reports of all positive results are due to a few. Your decision is ultimately based on it, if your health, property, life and care for those you love, questions for you now. The test of what it feels like anyone can really clearly through your daily activities, diet and education are defined today.

You see, the scientific results and their coverage are only partimage. For example, it is a known fact that even in the "best scenario" cases traces of hormones, pesticides and chemicals - are in the supply of conventional production, dairy and meat - - not intended for human consumption at all -. This is a fact.

Again, pure logic, that man is not consumed by cows injected with hormones, not careless enough argument to convince, or those whose health is at risk to change their habits. It could be argued that the secondPassive smoking is linked to "traces" of hormones, pesticides and chemicals. They know it is bad for you, and people are exposed to them. If you allow yourself or your family to some second-hand smoke, despite the risks, of course there are priorities lifestyle that exceeds their health priorities.

The same goes for the purchase of thousands of billions of people who do not, aware of the dangers are complex and share, however, decide to do nothing, because theirLifestyle imposes itself is not important to them. Good luck, get someone to eat right, exercise and maintain a healthy active lifestyle that buying organic does not have advantages. (We do not know, but you know)?

Jumat, 15 Oktober 2010

Homemade food Organic Dog Treats

Image : http://www.flickr.com

It is no secret that cooking at home from dog food and treats from your dog is much better friend of the dog in the junk brands to the most commercially. The thing that keeps people out a lot, their staff is your dog is a perceived lack of time. In today's hectic world it's hard enough to feed us properly. The thought of taking time for our own healthy dog food seems impractical.

Much of my researchRecently, dyes, and dedicated to the holistic dog food recipes contain no preservatives, fillers. These recipes are good for your dog and surprisingly easy to do. If you have a great family dog, double or triple the following fresh ingredients, take a couple of pots ... and in an hour, you have enough healthy homemade dog food meals and treats to eat while your dog for a friend. Freeze them and they will last for a month or more,depending on how many dogs you have. Here's one of our favorites. My dog Zac and throw a coin, which is treated first. Always lose.

organic Dog Treats: Peanut Butter Surprise

This is done with a dog closely guarded secret recipe, which is set by past generations of the family dog Zac. The legend and tradition has it that Zac great, great, great grandmother would this house have won a blue ribbon for the exhibition of dog food made atIf these cookies ... Fresh baked goodies had run the show. Unfortunately we'll never know. Zac is great, great grandfather, just a little 'sneaky puppy at the time, was asked to take the truck. You can imagine the rest of the story. Not even a crumb left.

Secret ingredients:

* A and 1 / 2 cups brown rice flour

* Two cups of oatmeal (not the instant type)

* One extra large egg

* A cup of peanuts without saltButter

* Three tablespoons of unsweetened apple juice

* A quarter cup of honey

* One-eighth cup of water

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Place all ingredients in a large bowl and mix for at least two minutes with a hand mixer dough treated or large, long spoon. Roll out the dough into small balls (about 3 / 4 inch in diameter) and placed them on a non-greased pan. It does not matter if they are rightclosely together, including homemade food dog treats and do not spread on the cheeks, as they are. Press ball of dough with your thumb to straighten it too.

Put in oven and bake for about 15-18 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on a wire rack. Keep this great organic dog treats some in an airtight container and freeze the rest

IMPORTANT NOTE: You and your dog can either lick the spoon or pastaMixer, and the bowl. This is what a bond of union. It is you and your mate have many happy memories of cookies together.

Rabu, 13 Oktober 2010

Organic food and non-organic - Which is better?

Image : http://www.flickr.com

Agriculture has been for centuries. At one point in time, which was what most people took for things like the automobile industry, for example, has done. old way of farming otherwise known as non-organic involved the use of the following conditions of infestation of pests and crops struggle to produce the best.

The first are pesticides and herbicides. This was discovered in foods that are highly toxic chemical compounds seem to have. Through the FDA has already banned these fertilizers areChemical Company used export. For some crops are imported, this comes back to the States and is eaten at home.

The second is contaminated sewage sludge. The idea was that human waste to fertilize crops with non-organic. This was not a bad idea, but that is also chemical and industrial waste treatment plant before being sent into the mix. Tests have shown that large quantities in the human body, can contribute to chronic diseases.

The third is the use of hormones,Antibiotics and remains of other animals. This is usually eggs, meat and dairy products. Doctors consider this a disaster waiting to happen by episodes such as BSE has already been done. This problem could be even worse for the people, when ingested.

The last is irradiation. Spices are exposed to radiation to kill bacteria or microorganisms that may be present. This, too, do more harm than good, because it can lead to various diseases.

Recent studiesshowed a different perspective, as used in chemicals and other materials, the various illnesses and deaths are caused toxic. To alleviate this threat, the government decided to make changes in agriculture. He encouraged farmers from the old, something that is better and safer for all its services.

This is what organic farming is all about. This type of agriculture is to develop crops and livestock with the environmental, human, economic systemsavailable to date. For this to work, two things are necessary. First is fertile land, can grow with different plants. The others are people who work in the country.

European countries are also veering from the old concept and practice. These countries call that organic farming is mainly based on environmental stewardship.

Organic farming works the following things:

1. Make sure that the land may be used without a very long timethe use of fertilizers that were used for non-organic farming.

2. Indication of the crop by proper use of soil organisms and not using pesticides.

3. The recycling of organic materials such as manure and crop residues.

4. Controlling the growth of weeds and pests by crop rotation. This does not mean that the science of organic farming uses has nothing in the way of non-.

5. The growth of farm animals, taking careevolutionary adaptations and respect for the natural process. This means that genetic engineering is strictly prohibited.

6. Finally, the effects of this process on the environment.

In view of this is better, everyone can see that this new approach is safer and better than the old one. It does not use genetic engineering, irradiation and sewage sludge to produce more things were used for non-organic.

It is not easy to quit, even if not organicProduce to enter the market. This is because some products that are demanded by consumers must be imported. Although the government's efforts to prohibit the use of these substances, there are no regulations in the countries exporting to the United States.

As long as there is a regulation in this country or plants that are grown locally are imported in large-scale composition, this is something that can not be deleted. The best thing to do, onlybuy organic food, could not replace them.

This requires more support from the consumer and tougher government legislation for the safety of the public.

The number of organic farmers more than doubled year over the past 16 This will continue to grow until people see the big picture.

Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

Organic foods and local foods grown - are the same?

Image : http://www.flickr.com

In the UK consumers are the organic food eaten by the bushel. According to the organic Centre Wales, "Direct sales of organic food through box schemes, farmers' markets and factory outlets grew by more than one third of the 144 / million in 2004." And these numbers have continued to increase, as consumers worried about the long-term effects of using chemical fertilizers and pesticides on plants grown increasingly non-organicCompanies. While most people agree that organic food is better not organically, initiated a debate about the origin of organic food. For example, imported foods, organic food as desirable as UK organic food?

That's for Local Organic Food

About the debate is to insist on it, no matter where he grew organic food, but the key is that the food meetsto ensure rigorous standards, which is really organic. Those of the other side of the debate are equally vehement that the organic food grown locally is preferable to imported organic, and because fossil fuels for transportation of imported organic food global warming and add them to the United Kingdom because organic food supports local farmers.

Supporters say that you will find organic food in the UK in an organic farm, Or even the door of the shop is organic food for delivery directly to the. You can also organic fish such as trout from a fish farm organic organic. There, organic trout can live in water-year-old spring 400 and eat shrimp, of course, the beds of organic watercress.

Those responsible for the import of organic food item that a store of organic farming are only seasonal foods that limit theThe decisions of consumers during food preparation. Imported organic food products, it is said, maintains its superior nutritional quality, and provides a rich range of fruits and vegetables.

Some people take the middle road, and decide to select the year of their food from the farm shop, if you want is in season and imported organic food stores in the rest of.

The Bottom Line

People may differ in their opinions aboutthe opportunity to limit the consumption of organic food locally, but almost everyone agrees that full of fruit, organic vegetables, organic fish and organic meat organic fungicides are preferred, and which are grown with fertilizers chemical insecticides.

Currently, organic producers do not have the right to use their crops to more than 1,000 chemicals. This is reflected in everything from soil erosion due to over-breedingdangerous toxic runoff into our drinking water. Growing food organically is a way to reverse this trend. With over 700,000 hectares dedicated to organic food in the UK, farmers are trying to satisfy consumer demand. However, some import markets almost half of the organic food they sell. What, who won the debate on organic food, locally grown vs. imported organic food, time will only tell.

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