Kamis, 03 Desember 2009

Which is better - Bagging or Mulching?

A question many homeowners with lawns may ask is: "Should I buy a bagging mower or a mulching mower?" Before making a decision about whether to bag or mulch your lawn, it's best to understand just what bagging and mulching is in the first place. "Mulch" is a collection of organic matter - typically leaves and straw - that cover the ground and helps to retain moisture in the soil and fertilize plants. When one mulches the lawn, they return the cut up grass blades back to the ground.

On the other hand, bagging mowers simply cut the lawn and remove the blades from the ground for good. It provides that vacuum cleaner aspect to your lawn. This is very attractive if you are planning on having company.

Mulching is the ideal approach, as it adds nutrients to your soil and promotes a healthy lawn. However, if you let your grass grow too long or the mulch clippings become too cumbersome (and thus, produce thatch), you'll need to start bagging. During the months where there is extra rainfall and not as much need for mulch or during those periods where there is overgrowth, bag! For those times when your lawn is thirsty, mulch.

However, if you're especially concerned with the look of your lawn and want to stick to bagging, you can still fertilize your lawn separately (perhaps with the clippings).

So if you're wondering whether it's best to mulch or bag your lawn, know that it really depends on the season and your particular lawn. Mulching should try to be achieved, if only to fertilize your lawn, but it's not always a good idea.

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