Selasa, 17 November 2009

Look Better to Feel Better

A lot has been going on lately and you feel yucky. It seems as if a train ran you over. The stress is mounting and each day you feel you are getting out of control. You seem to be stuck in hell, or inside a big hole on the ground and you can't seem to know how on earth you will ever get out of it. On the contrary, your life is in such a state that it seems the more you try to get out, the deeper you go down.
You feel so bad that you don't even think about feeling better and that means that is impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel, that is, the true light of life and not of an incoming train.
So let me give you two suggestions on how to take baby steps so that you can get to a point when you will have a little hope. And you know that even a little hope will be you in a mode where indeed you can turn things around. To do that you must learn to look pretty because the truth is that the better we look, the better we feel, even if it is only skin deep; it is a beginning.
1. Smile
This seems obvious but too many people forget that the more we smile, the better we look. Smiling will boost your self-confidence, will make you look more attractive, will improve your mood, will make you more optimistic, and will transform you negative outlook into a positive one. It is a great first step.
Now, what if you don't feel like smiling? Do it anyway. Pretend it is tax season: even though you hate doing it, there is no escape. Smile for at least 1 minute in the morning, noon, and evening. If you do it in front of a mirror, so much the better. You will end up laughing, which is one step forward.
2. Cleanse your body, inside and outside
A colon cleanse does wonders for a sluggish digestive system which in turn puts the body aright. Since the digestive system is like the plumbing in a house, just imagine how much better you will feel when you can flush all the garbage that you have accumulate during quite some time. This will be as if you are doing a spring cleaning. You aerate the rooms, you wash the floors and the windows, you throw accumulated junk away, you refresh the air, you dust, you vacuum, you shake the pillows, and so on. It is very refreshing. You will feel so good after a cleanse that you will wonder why you haven't done that before.
An external cleanse is as important. Brush your skin dry with a natural brush, then get into a very warm hot water bath where you have added 12 drops of lavender, a handful of Epson Salts and 2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil. While in the tube, use a natural mask for a deep cleansing of the pores in your face.
Since you are into cleansing, it is time to groom yourself in a way that is most pleasing to you. Care for your body, hair, nails, etc.
Those first two steps towards feeling better will put you right with the world. It is a great beginning.

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