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Is There Such a Thing as a Cleansing Vegetarian Diet?

Sure there is.
Depending on what steps are applied while subsisting on a diet that consists of primarily fruits, vegetables and perhaps some permissible whole grains, if such principles as food combining, knowing when to eat and fasting (the no-breakfast plan, the 24 hour fast etc) are utilized, it could very well be considered a diet designed for the sole purpose of cleansing the system.
To this end, allow me to introduce the mucus-less diet.
A mucus-less or mucus-lean diet (especially when used as a cleansing vegetarian diet), is one that consists of items that heal, cleanse and nourish the body without producing what most key people in the drug-free fraternity coin as perhaps the main culprit in the cause of disease: Mucus.
That considered, a cleansing vegetarian diet then will consist of primarily Fruits and raw (or properly cooked-) Vegetables.
Although combining these items properly may perhaps be one of the main factors to succeeding on such a diet, the other main things to remember while on a cleansing vegetarian diet are as follows:
1. Never, ever eat fresh fruits with cooked meals. Save for the avocado and even then with caution.
2. Lettuce and Celery combine with anything. Eat these raw.
3. Meat & Fish: Eat these substances in very, very little quantities, one at a time and with No/low starch vegetables exclusively.
4. Nature doesn?t produce bread! If you must eat this item, eat as little of it as possible, toasted and with vegetables and fat only.
5. Grains: Eat as little as possible of grains and when consumed, combine them with vegetables only.
6. Never eat until you're hungry and guidelines to know when you are in true hunger are as follows:
-The stomach aspires.
-The mouth salivates even at the sight of plain lettuce.
-The mind is happy and clear
-It happens usually after noon when the body is its building stage.
7. Do not drink liquids of any kind with your meals. It only dilutes the digestive juices in your stomach leading to indigestion and constipation, in addition as a rule of thumb, don't drink anything but water an hour or 2 prior to and/or after eating your meals.
8. Avoid the use of microwaves.
At this point, it must also be mentioned that contrary to popular belief, one meal that you actually should try to eliminate from your diet is the so-called ?breakfast?
No, this is NOT the so-called most important meal of the day and this is based on the fact that the human body goes through a cleansing process from twelve midnight until twelve noon, and a building program from twelve noon to twelve midnight, therefore our meals during these respective periods should be harmonious with these processes of natural detoxification of the body.
Sounds intriguing eh?
Well, it shouldn?t be, it is based on scientific research on thousands of people for over two centuries on such health principles as food combination and assimilation.
Some other highly effective processes that you can add to subsisting on this cleansing diet consist of:
1. The complete water fast: This, admittedly, should be conducted with extreme caution or in a specialized sanitarium if undertaken more than 3 days.
2. The Juice Fast:
This is much easier for the general populace and can be undergone as long as you feel like it.
3. The Fruit Fast:
This, well, is really not a fast per se?but when one lives exclusively on SEASONAL ORGANIC fruits for days on end?meaning mono meals (2 at the most ) of only one kind of fruit say Apples in Fall, Melons in summer for a week plus, you will be bound to see the benefits.
I will be quick to add that other tips that could be used in combination with these various types of cleanses could include the use exercises such as Yoga, Pilates and the Yoga-esque Royal Court and the consumption of a Mucus-less (alkaline) diet of raw and or properly cooked Fruits and Vegetables.
It must be noted that exercise in the fresh air and the sun not only aids with cleansing the body, it also helps with body-building and one eating such a natural-yet radical diet as described above-feel even more ?natural?
Just remember in adding exercise to your diet and even in applying these techniques above for such a cleansing program, see to it that you:
* Set your goals
* Set a timeframe for your goals
* Figure out how to meet your goals with an exercise program
* Structure your program
* Maintain your program
All in all, here?s to health in ?07 and beyond.

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