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How To Steal Traffic : Autopilot Traffic Machine

In the Autopilot Traffic Machine Teleseminar Jo Han Mok and Ewen Chia tell us about the three main ways of generating traffic. You buy it, attract it, or steal it.

"Steal it?" I asked myself and then pondered the "reality" of 1.57 million unique visitor hits to their sales page. Ewen says the traffic was all generated by an affiliate program.

Ewen Chia and Jo Han Mok used a short term affiliate program to drive MASSIVE traffic to their recent sales page. Everyone who opted in had an affiliate link that would pay 75% of the total profit made from promoting their new Teleseminar. The value of the package was $249.00 but they were giving it away for $19.95 which drove a huge amount of traffic. This was an incredible deal. Hundreds of people purchased Google AdWords using Chia and Mok's sales copy. Hundreds and hundreds of blogs carried the affiliate link. Every form of traffic generation was employed by this Army of Affiliates. Even while Jo Han and Ewen were sitting in the dark after a big earthquake. It is true. The special release of the resale rights was delayed because of an earthquake. Talk about generating tsunamis...

The point is that the affiliate program is the ultimate form of traffic generation because it combines all areas of traffic generation.

How do you steal all this traffic?

Autopilot Traffic Machine had a limited number of resale rights, only 100 in fact. After Dec. 28th the entire playing field changed. Many of the blog postings have already been redirected to other pages that have nothing to do with generating traffic with the Autopilot Traffic Machine. The prices went up.

There is still a BUZZ in the air about this system. The price has gone up but the bonuses have increased 1000%. Autopilot Traffic Machine Elite has over $1200.00 worth of valuable information that will help you build a social network of affiliates to sell whatever digital information you create to promote your small business. The price has gone up to $197.00 but there is a private affiliate program hosted by myself that will allow you to make 50% of that profit. The affiliate program is only open to individuals who purchase the Autopilot Traffic Machine Elite.

This is how you earn as you learn. The Autopilot Traffic Engine teaches you how to build your own affiliate network. Before long you will have your own digital information network promoting you.

You steal the traffic that has been generated by this gigantic wave of intrest. Everyone has seen at least one ad for this affiliate creation system. Most of them have not understood that 1.57 million visitors was not an exaggeration. Even fewer who did read the sales page realized that they were even reading it as a direct result of this Autopilot Traffic Machine. If you realize it you can grab the money that is still on the table. You can steal it and it will be O.K. When you continue to promote this system with your personal traffic generation techniques you will find that there are many many people who are interested in this but have been busy and are waiting for the right offer to come along.

Stealing traffic is simply when you see how to leverage the momentum a launch has for your personal gain.

Another way to technically steal traffic is with a squeeze page.

You simply set up an e-mail capture between your promotion of a affiliate link page and the web page itself. When you promote a popular affiliate link you have your own e-mail capture page build up a list of people who are interested in an idea or niche that is similar to yours. For example, if you had captured the hundred people who clicked through your affiliate link but did not convert to a sale you could have continued to make them offers of information products a person building an affiliate network will need. It is said that it takes seven exposures to make a sale. If you have a list of people who are interested in your subject you will have much better chances then cold-calling the Internet.

You can actually steal traffic by using articles that attract visitors to your blog.

When you understand how you use the Feeder Sites that are described in Autopilot Traffic Machine Elite you will be able to direct the traffic that is interested in the article to your affiliate link where they may possibly buy and promote your product. Organic traffic is the most useful and valuable traffic there is. Organic traffic are individuals who are actively searching for information using search engines. They tend to read blogs and articles to gather information. If you have an information product that will help them the feeder sites will lead them to a sales page where you can make them an offer...but only when they are ready. If you make an offer too soon they will go elsewhere to learn. You steal this traffic when direct them to your sales page from your feeder site that contained articles that you have posted from goarticles and such free article sites.

I have learned three "ethical" ways to steal traffic by attending the Autopilot Traffic Machine Tele-Seminar.

1. Resale rights. Surf the waves of huge short term affiliate programs.
2. Squeeze Traffic from popular affiliate links.
3. Divert traffic from Feeder Sites containing articles and news to your sales page.

To be honest, I am not telling you all this because I am a great reporter. I have the resale rights to this package and I am building an affiliate network with this blueprint. There has been a lot of talk about the FTC and deceptive practices. It is thought that an affiliate marketer will obviously be prejudiced about the product they are reporting on. I tend to agree. As impartial as I would be, if I did not like this product I would neither study it nor promote its methods.

You can steal traffic when you use resale rights, squeeze traffic, and divert it to your sales page. These methods are the best way to leverage the creativity and popularity of successful individuals to build your own traffic. You must always remember that you want to capture your traffic into a list. If you are going to steal traffic you must be sure to use it correctly to promote your own success.

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