Minggu, 29 November 2009

Using Soapstock To Product Biodiesel Fuel Could Become A Reality

Biodiesel is a new technology for the production of fuel. Biodiesel is made by converting an organic matter, such as vegetable oil or even algae into diesel. It is a simple process, but fascinating at the same time because of the impact biodiesel could have, not only on the economy but on the environment as well.
Because this is such a new technology, the production of biodiesel is being heavily researched. Recently an interesting study was done on biodiesel fuel that was produced from soybean soapstock. Soapstock is a byproduct of vegetable oil refining. Soapstock is the result of using industrial substances to get edible oil from seeds. These seeds include cotton or sunflower of safflower. It is an amber-colored, rather sticky substance, but it is produced in abundance every single year.
Researchers have been trying to see how well soapstock and biodiesel will hold up to conventional biodiesel. Preliminary findings are encouraging. It has been found that producing biodiesel fuel from soybean soapstock is comparable to existing biodiesel in engine performance, composition and emissions.
If research in soapstock and biodiesel continues to show such favorable findings that would mean that the millions of pounds of soapstock that is produced each year can begin to be used to produce biodiesel fuel. Two industries that currently this soapstock are animal feed producers and soapmakers. In some states soybean oil soapstock is used on gravel roads is used to control dust. This is popular with the states because soybean oil soapstock is biodegradable and friendly to the environment. However, if another use is found for it, such as biodiesel, there is plenty to go around.
It is encouraging that there are other products, such as hair gel are being considered for using up all this soapstock. Keep a watch on the growth of this technology. Not only for the obvious environmental benefits, but these may prove to be excellent investment opportunities for those so inclined

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Jumat, 27 November 2009

Depression - Simple and Natural Ways to Beat It

It is estimated that a quarter of all people in most industrialized countries will suffer from depression at some time in their lives.
The good news is depression can be cured and here we will look at some alternative therapies and also some simple diet changes that can help.
We will also look at two natural supplements one of which is being hailed as a wonder cure and it?s totally natural.
There are a variety of natural treatments, so let?s look at them.
1. Massage
Is a fantastic stress and anxiety buster, which is a major cause of depression.
Massage is deeply relaxing and can be enhanced by an aromatherapist who uses a blend of oils to help alleviate both physical and mental anxieties and stress.
2. Meditation
When the body experiences total relaxation through meditation, mental clarity starts improves and many people can see things more clearly. Yoga and Tai Chi are great for this.
3. Healing with color
It is well known that color affects our mood and can enhance both elation and depression and changing colors around you will help immensely.
It may sound odd at first but color is the first thing we register above all else.
Chromotherapy works by studying a pattern of vibrations produced by your body which can be deciphered by a trained color therapist.
If you feel depressed, your body produces an unbalanced pattern of vibrations.
The therapist aims to adjust these patterns, restoring balance.
Chromotherapy is a proven treatment for mild depression that works.
4. Chiropractic and osteopathy
Ease headaches, neck ache and back pain by manipulating the bones of the body. Pain is one of the causes leading to depression symptoms can be alleviated.
These therapies also boost energy levels, helping the depressed person have more energy and able to cope with life?s ups and downs better.
5. Reflexology
Can also reduce tension by working on specific points on the foot, which correspond to emotional and physical ailments.
Reflexology can leave you feeling better, more energetic and generally more positive.
6. Herbs and supplements
There are many supplements and foods recommended to combat depression but in a recent study was concluded all you need is a healthy and well rounded diet, but there are three supplements you could try and one of them is being hailed as natures wonder drug:
A. St Johns Wort
Some people swear by it others are skeptical, but the amount of people who take and feel it helps, means its worth trying. It?s natural and will certainly do you no harm.
B. L Tyrosine
Supports and assists neurotransmitters in the brain. When the body is stressed or tired the availability of L-Tyrosine is depleted.
L-Tyrosine supplementation can help reduce stress, improves mental alertness, and enhances mood.
C Could this be natures wonder cure?
There is a huge amount of excitement about organic nicotine (removed from cigarettes) It?s a known fact that smokers get depressed less than smokers and that in clinical tests it has been proven that 70% of people suffering depression saw vast improvement when treated with nicotine.
Nicotine is known to switch on receptors on the surface of cells in parts of the brain, this causes the neurons to release the Neuron transmitter dopamine, a chemical that affects our mood.
There is a huge amount of research going on to deliver nicotine in pure organic form to treat depression and the first is on the market nicotine in water.
Originally aimed at smokers when they couldn?t or didn?t wish to smoke, many people with depression have been taking it for its affect on their mood.
All the above 3 supplements are available without prescription.
Depression affects a huge number of people and not all people are cured in the same way, but the above gives you a variety of natural cures you can try if you feel depressed and cure your mood naturally.

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Kamis, 26 November 2009

Is There Such a Thing as a Cleansing Vegetarian Diet?

Sure there is.
Depending on what steps are applied while subsisting on a diet that consists of primarily fruits, vegetables and perhaps some permissible whole grains, if such principles as food combining, knowing when to eat and fasting (the no-breakfast plan, the 24 hour fast etc) are utilized, it could very well be considered a diet designed for the sole purpose of cleansing the system.
To this end, allow me to introduce the mucus-less diet.
A mucus-less or mucus-lean diet (especially when used as a cleansing vegetarian diet), is one that consists of items that heal, cleanse and nourish the body without producing what most key people in the drug-free fraternity coin as perhaps the main culprit in the cause of disease: Mucus.
That considered, a cleansing vegetarian diet then will consist of primarily Fruits and raw (or properly cooked-) Vegetables.
Although combining these items properly may perhaps be one of the main factors to succeeding on such a diet, the other main things to remember while on a cleansing vegetarian diet are as follows:
1. Never, ever eat fresh fruits with cooked meals. Save for the avocado and even then with caution.
2. Lettuce and Celery combine with anything. Eat these raw.
3. Meat & Fish: Eat these substances in very, very little quantities, one at a time and with No/low starch vegetables exclusively.
4. Nature doesn?t produce bread! If you must eat this item, eat as little of it as possible, toasted and with vegetables and fat only.
5. Grains: Eat as little as possible of grains and when consumed, combine them with vegetables only.
6. Never eat until you're hungry and guidelines to know when you are in true hunger are as follows:
-The stomach aspires.
-The mouth salivates even at the sight of plain lettuce.
-The mind is happy and clear
-It happens usually after noon when the body is its building stage.
7. Do not drink liquids of any kind with your meals. It only dilutes the digestive juices in your stomach leading to indigestion and constipation, in addition as a rule of thumb, don't drink anything but water an hour or 2 prior to and/or after eating your meals.
8. Avoid the use of microwaves.
At this point, it must also be mentioned that contrary to popular belief, one meal that you actually should try to eliminate from your diet is the so-called ?breakfast?
No, this is NOT the so-called most important meal of the day and this is based on the fact that the human body goes through a cleansing process from twelve midnight until twelve noon, and a building program from twelve noon to twelve midnight, therefore our meals during these respective periods should be harmonious with these processes of natural detoxification of the body.
Sounds intriguing eh?
Well, it shouldn?t be, it is based on scientific research on thousands of people for over two centuries on such health principles as food combination and assimilation.
Some other highly effective processes that you can add to subsisting on this cleansing diet consist of:
1. The complete water fast: This, admittedly, should be conducted with extreme caution or in a specialized sanitarium if undertaken more than 3 days.
2. The Juice Fast:
This is much easier for the general populace and can be undergone as long as you feel like it.
3. The Fruit Fast:
This, well, is really not a fast per se?but when one lives exclusively on SEASONAL ORGANIC fruits for days on end?meaning mono meals (2 at the most ) of only one kind of fruit say Apples in Fall, Melons in summer for a week plus, you will be bound to see the benefits.
I will be quick to add that other tips that could be used in combination with these various types of cleanses could include the use exercises such as Yoga, Pilates and the Yoga-esque Royal Court and the consumption of a Mucus-less (alkaline) diet of raw and or properly cooked Fruits and Vegetables.
It must be noted that exercise in the fresh air and the sun not only aids with cleansing the body, it also helps with body-building and one eating such a natural-yet radical diet as described above-feel even more ?natural?
Just remember in adding exercise to your diet and even in applying these techniques above for such a cleansing program, see to it that you:
* Set your goals
* Set a timeframe for your goals
* Figure out how to meet your goals with an exercise program
* Structure your program
* Maintain your program
All in all, here?s to health in ?07 and beyond.

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Rabu, 25 November 2009

Free Traffic: Get More With Podcasting, Article Marketing, and Link Exchanges

Many webmasters have given up on paying for traffic to their websites. With growing issues over click fraud and the cost of advertising rising it does not come as a surprise. Many people can only imagine what it would be like to have an abundance of organic traffic. Having hundreds or thousands of free visitors coming to your site monthly can catapult your sales and revenue into the stratosphere. The following three methods can be used for free, and they will get you started towards achieving your free traffic goals.
Podcasting is a newer field of marketing that many are racing to establish a presence in. It is a very simple concept that allows a video or audio message to be passed around the internet and reach an incredibly large audience. It is the same concept as blogging only it is in audio or video form. It is also similar to the video marketing which is happening on sites like YouTube and Google Video. A publisher will make a short audio or video clip usually a few minutes in length and insert a link to his or her website at the end. The file is then placed in a feed as a podcast and submitted to all of the major podcast websites. It can also be uploaded onto video sharing sites for even more exposure. This is all a very simple process that can be done one time and produce results for months and even years to come.
Another method to gaining free traffic that is becoming more and more popular is article marketing. This is when web site owners write short articles pertaining to the topic of their site and submit them to high traffic article directories. These articles which contain a link to the writer's site are then picked up by feeds and spread over the internet exponentially. This results in a fair amount of free traffic and backlinks. Readers will read the article and sometimes follow the link to the writer's web site. This free traffic method requires some work, but it can be very rewarding.
Ranking highly in the natural search results returned in the major search engines is another way to gain free traffic. This can only be achieved by having your site optimized properly for the search engine's robot and having many sites linking to yours. Link exchanges work for gaining more incoming links to your site. Offer to trade links with sites related to your own. Often you are required to place a link to their site on yours in exchange for a link to your site on their's. Link exchanges help you build free traffic by increasing your site's Google Page Rank and by bringing traffic from the sites with links to your site. Once you accumulate some quality links you will start to climb up the search rankings and begin to receive free, or organic, search engine traffic.

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Selasa, 24 November 2009

3 Flower Gardening Tips

Flower gardening is a simple and rewarding hobby for many people. It does require hard work and dedication but the rewards are far better. Here are a few flower gardening tips that will keep your flower garden in tiptop condition and in the process enjoy yourself.
Flower Gardening Tip #1 : Planting
One of the most important steps in flower gardening is deciding where to do your planting. If you decide to plant it in a container, you can pretty much replicate the soil conditions you wanted. It is easier and much simpler to manage.
If you decide to plant it in your backyard, you should do a soil test first to determine the type of soil in your backyard. You can grab a test soil kit from your neighborhood gardening store which should be readily available.
Ideally, you want the soil to be composed of equal parts clay and sand. Too much of either clay or sand is not suitable for flower gardening. Clay does not drain well and roots cannot get hold easily in clay. Sand does not retain nutrients and elements well and does not hold together easily therefore it is impossible to grow flowers on sand.
Flower Gardening Tip #2 : Gardening Journal
A gardening journal can help you keep track of your flower garden progress and is recommended. With a gardening journal, you can keep track of the success and failure you have with the type of flowers you have grown in your pot or backyard. Doing so can reduce the amount of time you need to grow your next flower garden. You can use any notepad to keep track. There are even professional software available on the market that does this.
Flower Gardening Tip #3 : Organic Materials
All flowers require fertilizers to grow well. A suitable amount of organic matter or fertilizer in the soil makes it fertile and nutrient rich. It would be easier to grow flowers on such soil.
If your soil does not have much organic matter, it is still pretty easy to change the soil by adding compost to it. Compost is the remains of plants and animals and you can get it easily from your gardening supply store.
Compost provides nutrients and can help in drainage and hold moisture, conditions necessary for flower gardening.
There are other flower gardening tips as well but the above 3 flower gardening tips are in my opinion the most important to growing a flower garden.

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Senin, 23 November 2009

Knowing these tips for combining your foods properly matters.

Since most modern day dietetic innovations avoid correct principles for combining foods properly, they tend to do the exact opposite of what nature originally intended eating for health should be.

Ease of digestion seems to no longer be the goal these days in making up meals, but rather the excitement of the senses in one meal and like most modern meals today which have no proper food combining inclinations, instead of feeding the body, they actually poison it.

Friends, bad food combining creates indigestion, fermentation and gas. Food is fermenting and putrefying in the intestines, which is one of the main causes of constipation, a clogging up of the bodily tissues.

Some foods may take longer to digest than others and therefore should not be eaten at the same time as ones that would leave the stomach quicker.

Truthfully, eating only one kind of food (fruit or vegetable) at a time would be the most ideal, but granted, we live in a society where success at certain things might hinge on enjoyment of the practice.

Nonetheless, if this is the route that one may have to take to succeed on this diet, then proper food combining principles should be used to ensure success.

Foods (when eating for health) can be classified as follows.


1. Sweet Fruits: Tropical fruits, Bananas, Mangoes, Papaya, Dates, Dried fruits, Sweet apples.

2. Acid Fruit: Citrus, Lemon, Tomatoes, Berries, Pineapples.

3. Sub-Acid Fruit: Most tart apples, Pears, Grapes,

4. Melons: Cantaloupe, Honey-Dew, Water Melon etc 5. Fatty: Avocadoes, Olives, Durian, Young coconuts

-Nuts and Seeds-

Non-Starchy Foods-

Green leaves, Carrots, Fruit Vegetables e.g. Cucumber, Bell Peppers, Zucchini

Starchy Foods- Cooked Vegetables (roots), Grains (if necessary)

Lettuce and Celery:

At this point, let's go over the principles of mixing these items properly.

1. Eat sweet fruits with other varieties of sweet fruits only. They may combine with sub-acid fruits

2. Eat Acid fruits alone or with Lettuce and Celery. In little quantities they may combine with Avocadoes or Nuts and Non-Starchy vegetables.

3. Avocadoes and Olives are best eaten with non-starchy vegetables. I believe mashed, avocadoes combine great with boiled potatoes.

4. Melons, as a rule eat alone or leave alone.

As touched on earlier, it might be safe to say that one kind of fresh organic fruit, when in season, should constitute a meal and you will find yourself better nourished.

However going back to that simplicity is very difficult in our complicated world. This is why, as an alternative, you should apply the guidelines above when eating for health.

Eating should be for nourishing, not for doing the opposite so it is my hope that these tips offered above will be of immense help to you in making sure you are accomplishing just that.

To Health

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Minggu, 22 November 2009

Multipurpose Oil - Australian Tea Tree Oil

Aromatherapy is a way to maintain and lead a healthy life. It makes use of various volatile liquid extracted from plants and flowers (essential oils) to transform the mood and health of the person. Among various essential oils, there is one such oil which is known for its outstanding feature that is, antiseptic in nature. And, it is known by the name of Australian tea tree oil.
Australian tea tree oil is dull yellowish in color and sometime it can also be colorless liquid. The scientific name for Australian tea tree oil is Melaleuca Alternifolia. The main ingredient of tea tree oil is Terpineol, Cineol, Pinene, Terpinenes, and various other.
Australian tea tree oil in aromatherapy is usually used to heal various problems. Here, problems imply boil, dandruff, fungal infections, itching, sun burn, urinary tract infections, athlete?s foot, age spots etc. Australian tea tree oil is also considered as antibiotic, detoxifying, antiseptic and antifungal in nature. The inhalation of Australian tea tree oil has been proven very effective in infection like cold and flu.
Other than inhalation, Australian tea tree oil is also used for massaging on various body parts as massaging helps in lessening the pain and fatigue of the body. Along that it has also being proved an effective way to deal with various mouth and teeth problems.
Usually it is said that essential oils in aromatherapy must be used in diluted form. But, Australian tea tree oil is one of such oils which can also be used in undiluted form. But before using, it must be apply on the skin, in order to see that it doesn?t results in redness or irritation. And, if somehow these symptoms are visible the person is suggested to visit a doctor immediately. In addition to above uses, Australian tea tree oil is also a main ingredient in various lotions, creams, shampoos and other balms.
Australian tea tree oil in aromatherapy is often used alone. But sometimes it is also used in blend with other oils such as clove, cinnamon etc. It is not only antiseptic in nature rather it also gives a refreshing feeling.
Thus, it will be absolutely right to say that Australian tea tree oil is multipurpose oil which is used in curing various health problems such as hair, teeth, body, skin, teeth and also give s relief in problem like arthritis. It is absolutely natural oil which has no side effects.

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Jumat, 20 November 2009

Diabetes Mellitus - An Introduction To This Common Chronic Disease

Diabetes has been known for centuries, although it has not been fully understood, and the disease takes its name from the Greek for "passing through" because of one of its main symptoms - excessive urine production. During the fifteenth century the word Mellitus was from the Latin for "honey" when it was noted that many patients with diabetes had high levels of sugar in their blood and urine.
Diabetes mellitus, which is simply referred to as diabetes these days, is a metabolic disorder which in particular affects the metabolism of carbohydrates. The condition requires medical treatment and, more often than not, a number of lifestyle changes.
To function properly the human body requires a source of energy and derives this from the food that we eat. A normal diet comprises of a mixture of carbohydrates, proteins and fats with carbohydrates accounting for up to three-quarters of this mix. There are a wide variety of high carbohydrate (sometimes referred to as high starch) foods and these include bread, bran, cereal, beans, rice and pasta.
Food is broken down by the digestive process into a variety of organic compounds and one of these, which forms the body's prime source of energy, is glucose. Glucose is then carried to various parts of the body by the blood and is transferred to the cells of the body to fuel both cell growth and cell repair.
An essential element in the transfer process is the presence of insulin in the bloodstream. Insulin is produced by specialized cells (known as beta-cells) which are located in an area of the pancreas called the Islets of Langerhans.
Diabetes sufferers fall into two broad categories ? those with type 1 diabetes (formerly known as "juvenile" or "childhood" diabetes) and those with type 2 (or adult) diabetes. There is also said to be a third form of diabetes known as type 3 or gestational diabetes but, despite the fact that there are a few differences, this is basically nothing more than type 2 diabetes which occurs during, and because of, pregnancy.
In type 1 diabetes sufferers develop a problem with the insulin producing beta-cells of the pancreas and are unable to produce sufficient insulin to transfer glucose from the bloodstream to the cells of the body. This means that it is necessary to closely monitor levels in the blood and to administer insulin so that glucose can be transferred and the glucose levels in the blood returned to normal.
In type 2 diabetes the body usually continues to produce insulin normally but the body's cells develop a resistant to it and insulin levels begin to increase in the blood. In the early stages of type 2 diabetes this can often be counteracted by reducing the intake of glucose producing carbohydrates, exercising and losing weight, particularly when weight loss is aimed at removing fat from the area of the abdomen. If this approach does not do the trick then the condition can usually be controlled through the use of medication.
There is currently no cure for either type 1 or type 2 diabetes and, while treatment can usually reduce the symptoms of both considerably, most sufferers will require ongoing treatment throughout life

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Kamis, 19 November 2009

Eye Injuries - Early intervention Necessary

Many people are prone for eye injuries especially the children while playing and agricultural and factory workers who are engaged in different type works.
Eye lashes usually protect the eyes from direct injuries. But sometimes eye injuries do occur piercing the defense of the eye. Sharp wooden or metal pieces enter and damage the eyes. This usually happens to workers, who work in quarries and in metal works. Various organic substances like acids and alkalis may fall accidentally into the eye and cause mild to severe damage. Apart from sharp objects, blunt objects also can damage the eye and cause blindness.
Damage to the eyes depends on 1) The sharpness of the accident. 2) The infection carried due to injury. 3) The infection of the iris- iritis. 4) The injury of one eye may cause damage to the other eye. Usually the sharp objects tear the cornea or the whiter sclera. In these situations, the iris which is inside might pop up and get trapped in the wound. The trapped iris might cause infection and damage the whole eye. Treatment at this stage would be surgery. The popped out iris has to be cut and the cut portions of cornea and sclera have to be sutured with fine sutures. If the cut portion is only in the sclera, the visual damage would be less. If the damage is more in the cornea, the visual damage would be more, with the result that such eye would become partially or completely blind. The success of the treatment depends on the early institution of the correct and proper treatment. So it is necessary to consult a competent Eye specialist at the earliest.

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5 Key Food Tips


Bearing in mind that every person has individual biochemical needs regarding nutrition, and what will work for one person will not necessarily work for another, here is an outline of some basics of good nutrition that will support WEIGHT LOSS, MENTAL CLARITY AND FOCUS, HIGHER ENERGY, HEART HEALTH AND BLOOD SUGAR BALANCE and a general sense of WELL-BEING. Go to it with patience to make the changes, determination to accomplish your goals, and a willingness to accept yourself at whatever stage you are at. It will all become easier with practice and as the changes are made, your biochemistry will help rather than hinder. 1/ Eat every 2 ? - 3 ? hours - this will maintain hormone regulation, especially insulin in a stable range. As fat storage and fat loss is dependent on balancing of the sugar regulating hormones, this is one of the most important things that you can do. Include protein in these meals, including breakfast. 2/ Choose food that is nutrient rich. This generally means the closer to nature it is the more nourishing it is going to be. One rule of thumb is, if you can't see what the raw materials are that make up the food, then it is lower down on the scale of nutrient rich. As an example, blueberries and short grain brown rice eaten separately will have more nourishment than a blueberry muffin.

3/ Eat high quality fats only. This can be in their food or oil based form. Avocados, almonds and coconuts are examples of high quality fat-rich foods. And look for the oils that are rich in omegas 3, 6 and 9. This is olive oil, flax, hemp, sesame, and fish oil. All oils should of quality should be in dark amber bottles as they are all, to one degree or another, volatile to oxygen, heat and light. So get rid of the margarines, vegetables oils, corn oils, or any other oil that you have in a clear plastic bottle. These are damaging your cells and thus your metabolism. Once you are eating more of the high quality, nutrient rich fats, your craving for poor quality fatty foods will lessen. 4/ Keep yourself well hydrated. It is generally recommended to drink eight glasses of purified water daily. Often the hunger that we associate with the need to eat is actually thirst. Aiming for 4 ounces of water per waking hour is a way to get in your 8 glasses without burdening your bladder. 5/ The carbs that we need are available in fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains and beans. They provide the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, fiber, water and energy that our body needs. PROTEIN A good rule of thumb when considering protein portions is to eat a portion that is the approximate size of the palm of your hand. Look to : Skinless chicken and turkey breast, lean cuts of beef, buffalo and wild game, cold-water fish, seafood, eggs (boiled, poached or cooked with low heat), protein powders, fermented soy (tofu, tempeh, miso - maximum 2X per week), grains in combination with nuts, seeds or legumes (these combinations would cover your protein and starchy carb portion and/or your fat portion, depending on the combination). Avoid: Luncheon and deli meats, soy-based meat substitutes, smoked meats and fish, battered and fried. Barbecuing is not a health-favouring method of preparation, as the burning of the fat of the meat produces dangerous trans-fats, so do it in moderation if at all. Preferable: Eggs and meat from free-ranging animals and birds, as those that are commercially-raised are kept cooped up in confined quarters, are often treated inhumanely and have routine injections of antibiotics and hormones. Also, ask your fish store for types that are caught in the wild as opposed to farm-raised. They are also given hormone and dye injections. CARBOHYDRATES Carbohydrates are all made of chains of sugars. Those with smaller chains of sugars are referred to as simple carbohydrates or simple sugars. They are broken down and metabolized quickly, causing unstable insulin levels and an increase in fat storage. Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, are longer chains of sugars, and are broken down over a longer period of time, supplying a sustained source of energy and a more balanced release of insulin, which factors into how much fat we store. GRAINS AND LEGUMES Look to: Whole grains, such as brown basmati and wild rices, quinoa, oats, buckwheat (this is not in the wheat family), amaranth, barley, legumes, such as mung beans, aduki beans (a Japanese small red bean), lentils, garbanzo beans, black turtle beans, kidney beans, fava beans, split peas, navy beans, etc. Potatoes (in moderation and not fried), preferably stoneground and non-yeast bread (Little Stream and Shasha are excellent bakeries), sprouted wheat bread (called Manna or Essene bread). Avoid: White and brown sugar, white flour and all foods containing these: cakes, candy, cookies, muffins, pasta, soft drinks, ice cream, artificial sweeteners, etc. Preferable: Use stevia (a sweet herb, available at health food stores) as the sweetener of choice, raw honey, pure maple syrup, organic molasses and raw cane sugar can be used in moderate amounts. VEGETABLES Look to: Alfalfa or other sprouts, bell peppers, leafy greens (spinach, kale, collards, beet greens, chard, dandelion), eggplant, cucumber, lettuces, tomatoes, radishes, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage, celery, zucchini, onions, garlic, parsley and other fresh herbs, asparagus, green beans, carrot, jicama, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, bok choy (Chinese cabbage), snow peas, etc. Preferable: Fresh as opposed to frozen or canned, organic whenever possible, raw or lightly steamed. Try to have some raw and a variety of colours at each meal. If it makes it easier for you, cut up vegetables ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator in an airtight container for 1 to 3 days, so that you have a quick snack on hand. FRUIT Look to: berries, apples, grapefruit, lemons, limes, oranges, pears, cherries, peaches, plums, apricots, nectarines. Be moderate with the following fruits, bananas, papaya, cantaloupe, honeydew and dried fruits. Avoid: canned fruits, particularly those in sweetened syrup, inorganic dried fruit that contains sulphites. HIGH-QUALITY FATS Contrary to popular belief, good fats can help one lose fat rather than gain it. In addition, the essential fats, Omega 3, and 6 are crucial for healthy functioning of our hormonal system, for metabolism, circulation, tissue repair and building, antiinflammation, and for brain development and function. These fats are labeled essential because we do not manufacture them in our bodies. We must get them from the food that we consume. Look to: The seeds, butters and oils of flax, hemp, sesame, sunflower, pumpkin, and almond, olive oil, coconut oil, borage oil, evening primrose, butter, fatty cold water fish oils - salmon, fresh tuna, herring, anchovies, mackerel, cod and sardines (packed in their own oil), avocado Avoid: Margarine, hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated fats, essentially almost all mass-produced oils available in grocery stores that are in plastic, clear bottles. These have commonly been heat-extracted which has created the dangerous trans-fats. Mayonnaise, commercial salad dressings, high-heat cooking, fried foods, barbecuing, smoking of meats and fish, roasted and salted nuts and seeds, rancid nuts (walnuts are especially susceptible) Preferable: Daily supplementation with flax seeds and fish oil, use low-heat cooking and butter or unrefined coconut oil for cooking, buy oils that are in dark amber bottles, as they are all volatile to light, as well as oxygen and to one degree or another, heat. WATER AND OTHER BEVERAGES Aim to increase your water consumption to 8 glasses per day. This takes a concentrated effort to get used to. I have gotten into the habit of carrying a 500ml. glass bottle of water with me almost everywhere I go. If you work at a desk, keep the bottle on the desk so that you are reminded and refill it as it is emptied. I also keep one in the drink holder of the car so that I can be sipping while I drive. Once you get used to being fully hydrated, it will become routine. Drink and cook only with purified water from a reliable source. Reverse osmosis is the preferred choice. If possible, do not use tap water at all. The cities' water treatment is concerned only with the bacteria that can cause immediate ill-health. They do not treat the water with concern for long-term well-being. Unpurified well- water and spring water are also questionable, as they are exposed to rain water runoff and the spring may not be a good filter for the water. Water from country wells often includes seepage from near-by farms. Many of the water bottling companies (Culligan, Water to Go, et al.) provide high quality reverse osmosis bottled water, or RO machines can be installed in your home for a small monthly fee by a number of companies. To begin with, when you are out and in need of a drink, buy bottled water from a reliable source that is more likely to be concerned with the quality (Crystal Springs, Evian). As much as possible, avoid water from a generic or a soft drink company or that is labeled drinking water (doesn't mean much). Look to: Make water the most abundant drinking substance in your daily diet, herbal teas, green tea, seed or nut milks, herbal or grain coffees, homemade iced tea, fresh squeezed juices Avoid: Soft drinks, excessive amounts of alcohol, black teas or coffee. Preferable: If you can avoid coffee completely, do. If you do wish to drink decaffeinated coffee on a moderate basis), look for the caffeine to be extracted by a Swiss water process. This would be available at a health food store, and at coffee places like Starbucks. Just ask for it. The regular extraction is by methlylene chloride, characterized by action in the body similar to insecticides. Alcohol is an insulin instigator and hard on the liver and stomach, so minimize the intake as much as possible.

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Selasa, 17 November 2009

Look Better to Feel Better

A lot has been going on lately and you feel yucky. It seems as if a train ran you over. The stress is mounting and each day you feel you are getting out of control. You seem to be stuck in hell, or inside a big hole on the ground and you can't seem to know how on earth you will ever get out of it. On the contrary, your life is in such a state that it seems the more you try to get out, the deeper you go down.
You feel so bad that you don't even think about feeling better and that means that is impossible to see the light at the end of the tunnel, that is, the true light of life and not of an incoming train.
So let me give you two suggestions on how to take baby steps so that you can get to a point when you will have a little hope. And you know that even a little hope will be you in a mode where indeed you can turn things around. To do that you must learn to look pretty because the truth is that the better we look, the better we feel, even if it is only skin deep; it is a beginning.
1. Smile
This seems obvious but too many people forget that the more we smile, the better we look. Smiling will boost your self-confidence, will make you look more attractive, will improve your mood, will make you more optimistic, and will transform you negative outlook into a positive one. It is a great first step.
Now, what if you don't feel like smiling? Do it anyway. Pretend it is tax season: even though you hate doing it, there is no escape. Smile for at least 1 minute in the morning, noon, and evening. If you do it in front of a mirror, so much the better. You will end up laughing, which is one step forward.
2. Cleanse your body, inside and outside
A colon cleanse does wonders for a sluggish digestive system which in turn puts the body aright. Since the digestive system is like the plumbing in a house, just imagine how much better you will feel when you can flush all the garbage that you have accumulate during quite some time. This will be as if you are doing a spring cleaning. You aerate the rooms, you wash the floors and the windows, you throw accumulated junk away, you refresh the air, you dust, you vacuum, you shake the pillows, and so on. It is very refreshing. You will feel so good after a cleanse that you will wonder why you haven't done that before.
An external cleanse is as important. Brush your skin dry with a natural brush, then get into a very warm hot water bath where you have added 12 drops of lavender, a handful of Epson Salts and 2 tablespoons of organic coconut oil. While in the tube, use a natural mask for a deep cleansing of the pores in your face.
Since you are into cleansing, it is time to groom yourself in a way that is most pleasing to you. Care for your body, hair, nails, etc.
Those first two steps towards feeling better will put you right with the world. It is a great beginning.

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Senin, 16 November 2009

Aromatherapy: Healing with Pure Essential Oil

Aromatherapy: Healing with Pure Essential Oil - Ylang Ylang - Hypertension and Tachycardia Remedy
Ylang Ylang III, the last fraction collected during the last hours of distillation, is a slightly thicker, more earthy and less sweet oil, and is composed almost entirely of sesquiterpenes.
Sesquiterpenes are a class of chemicals common in higher plants that are naturally occurring alcohols. Sesquiterpenes rarely exist in volatile aromatic oils.
Sesquiterpenes give Ylang Ylang its powerfully antispasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties.
Research has shown Ylang Ylang to be effective for treating tachycardia and hypertension!
When distilled from plant matter sesquiterpene compounds are known to stimulate the liver and endocrine glands.
Often used in massage oil lubricants Ylang Ylang is known for relieving muscular aches and pains.
In Ayurvedic Medicine, an ancient system of healing practiced in India, the sweet, warm aroma of Ylang Ylang helps to regulate and pacify both Vata and Pitta Doshas.
Symptoms of Vata imbalance are premenstrual syndrome, constipation, insomnia, restlessness, nervousness, anxiety and worry.
Symptoms of Pitta imbalance are high blood pressure, anger, frustration and emotional upsets, inability to go with the flow.
PLEASE NOTE: There are many cheap, synthetic copies of aromatic oils, but these are not recommended for therapeutic use. For best results purchase the highest quality oils you can possibly find. Use certified organic essential oils, or oils that have been tested and are pesticide free.
Aromatherapy is a gentle and noninvasive complementary health care system used for balancing and synchronizing your body, mind, spirit and emotions to enhance your health. Properly administered essential oils are a natural, safe and effective way to enhance your health and well-being and can produce satisfying results where other methods have failed. Please consult with your physician regarding serious health concerns and do not attempt to self diagnose.
KG Stiles is a certified aromatherapist practicing in Ashland, OR USA. PurePlant Essentials is her line of pure organic essential oils. KG recommends the following aromatic remedies made with Ylang Ylang oil: Click to learn about & order: SUNSHINE ORGANIC ESSENTIAL OIL FORMULA Click to learn about & order ANXIETY RELIEF Click to learn about & order MOOD BALANCE More Info? Contact: KG Stiles at Springhill Wellness Center, 2520 Springhill Drive Ashland, OR USA (541) 941-7315 Mahalo!

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Sabtu, 14 November 2009

An Initial Reaction to Technology (Part 3 of a Series)

I embrace new technology and get excited about the possibilities. But I?m fast becoming overloaded by the amount of new terms I need to understand and remember. The latest trend is even more frightening because it doesn?t involve any words at all. It?s the use of acronyms or initials for almost every aspect of the electronic age. Of course we?re all used to using URL?s and dot coms on the web or net. Beginning with WWW in a phrase is second nature. We can Google a name and check email easily. Many of us connect our USB?s to our CPU?s or Firewire our HD?s or hook up MP3?s. Speaking of cables, we are now also using MIDI?s, DVI?s, HDMI?s, S-Video?s, RGB?s, HDTV?s and that?s just for audio and video. How can we keep up with that?
Getting back to computer, the top search terms include SSL, SEO. Proxy, Active X, IP addresses, ODBC, EDI, DNS, RAID, BIOS, MPLS, latency, SSID, and PPC. Do you know what each one means or stands for? Well, you should and better because nobody will actually say ?Uniform Resource Locator? for URL or ?Domain Name Server? for DNS anymore. We also toss around JAVA, IM. AOL, Meta, Boot, iPod, iTunes, HTML, http, spiders, QWERTY, OS, PC, SCSI, MySql, Php, Simms, spam, and ?i? and ?e? everything, such as ?e-commerce.? And that?s just in the computer world.
Of course we also Fax, text, and click. Many names have become adjectives. We Google to search, PayPal to use a credit card online, Opt in or out, Blog or phish or spam anything or anyone. We?re proud of our RAM, bytes, mega-pixels, site hits, , and cyber-anything. But we make up new words like emoticons, avatars, and flaming. Websites like MySpace and YouTube are now synonymous with online diaries and personal videos.
My old telephone would be pathetic compared to what my new cell phone can do. For example, I can Bluetooth and network with GPRS, Wireless LAN, EDGE, and WiFi to reach MSN, AIM, SMS, and MMS systems that allow me to connect to IM, IE, or Yahoo. Of course I use a SIM card for memory, need a PIN for access, and have a COMM manager. It also has a camera with 1.3 mp. I set the whole thing up from the CD that went into my DVD/CD-ROM drive on my iMac G4 1 ghz 1.5 gig ram computer with a10.4.8 OS. All this on a phone that doesn?t even have a dial tone.
Like I first said, I enjoy the benefits of our technological world and have many of the newest gadgets. LCD tv?s in HD, DVD players, MP3?s, PDA?s, Faxes, CD?s, Caller ID?s, and an MDA. But I?m finding it harder to keep up with the techno-jargon and the newest terms. I used to think of a bookmark as that thin paper strip used to save my place in a book I was reading. Spam was a brand of ham-like meat. Spiders were insects. Fishing was a hobby. All that has changed forever. And even the initials are become confusing. HD used to mean ?hard drive,? before ?high-definition? came along. Is AAA a battery or an auto club? Is USA the network, the newspaper or a country? Even the word THE now stands for a group called Technology Horizons in Education. As you can see, it never ends, accept for this ARTICLE which stands for ?A Reaction To Initials Creating Language Entropy? or, in other words, total chaos. LOL.

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How To Steal Traffic : Autopilot Traffic Machine

In the Autopilot Traffic Machine Teleseminar Jo Han Mok and Ewen Chia tell us about the three main ways of generating traffic. You buy it, attract it, or steal it.

"Steal it?" I asked myself and then pondered the "reality" of 1.57 million unique visitor hits to their sales page. Ewen says the traffic was all generated by an affiliate program.

Ewen Chia and Jo Han Mok used a short term affiliate program to drive MASSIVE traffic to their recent sales page. Everyone who opted in had an affiliate link that would pay 75% of the total profit made from promoting their new Teleseminar. The value of the package was $249.00 but they were giving it away for $19.95 which drove a huge amount of traffic. This was an incredible deal. Hundreds of people purchased Google AdWords using Chia and Mok's sales copy. Hundreds and hundreds of blogs carried the affiliate link. Every form of traffic generation was employed by this Army of Affiliates. Even while Jo Han and Ewen were sitting in the dark after a big earthquake. It is true. The special release of the resale rights was delayed because of an earthquake. Talk about generating tsunamis...

The point is that the affiliate program is the ultimate form of traffic generation because it combines all areas of traffic generation.

How do you steal all this traffic?

Autopilot Traffic Machine had a limited number of resale rights, only 100 in fact. After Dec. 28th the entire playing field changed. Many of the blog postings have already been redirected to other pages that have nothing to do with generating traffic with the Autopilot Traffic Machine. The prices went up.

There is still a BUZZ in the air about this system. The price has gone up but the bonuses have increased 1000%. Autopilot Traffic Machine Elite has over $1200.00 worth of valuable information that will help you build a social network of affiliates to sell whatever digital information you create to promote your small business. The price has gone up to $197.00 but there is a private affiliate program hosted by myself that will allow you to make 50% of that profit. The affiliate program is only open to individuals who purchase the Autopilot Traffic Machine Elite.

This is how you earn as you learn. The Autopilot Traffic Engine teaches you how to build your own affiliate network. Before long you will have your own digital information network promoting you.

You steal the traffic that has been generated by this gigantic wave of intrest. Everyone has seen at least one ad for this affiliate creation system. Most of them have not understood that 1.57 million visitors was not an exaggeration. Even fewer who did read the sales page realized that they were even reading it as a direct result of this Autopilot Traffic Machine. If you realize it you can grab the money that is still on the table. You can steal it and it will be O.K. When you continue to promote this system with your personal traffic generation techniques you will find that there are many many people who are interested in this but have been busy and are waiting for the right offer to come along.

Stealing traffic is simply when you see how to leverage the momentum a launch has for your personal gain.

Another way to technically steal traffic is with a squeeze page.

You simply set up an e-mail capture between your promotion of a affiliate link page and the web page itself. When you promote a popular affiliate link you have your own e-mail capture page build up a list of people who are interested in an idea or niche that is similar to yours. For example, if you had captured the hundred people who clicked through your affiliate link but did not convert to a sale you could have continued to make them offers of information products a person building an affiliate network will need. It is said that it takes seven exposures to make a sale. If you have a list of people who are interested in your subject you will have much better chances then cold-calling the Internet.

You can actually steal traffic by using articles that attract visitors to your blog.

When you understand how you use the Feeder Sites that are described in Autopilot Traffic Machine Elite you will be able to direct the traffic that is interested in the article to your affiliate link where they may possibly buy and promote your product. Organic traffic is the most useful and valuable traffic there is. Organic traffic are individuals who are actively searching for information using search engines. They tend to read blogs and articles to gather information. If you have an information product that will help them the feeder sites will lead them to a sales page where you can make them an offer...but only when they are ready. If you make an offer too soon they will go elsewhere to learn. You steal this traffic when direct them to your sales page from your feeder site that contained articles that you have posted from goarticles and such free article sites.

I have learned three "ethical" ways to steal traffic by attending the Autopilot Traffic Machine Tele-Seminar.

1. Resale rights. Surf the waves of huge short term affiliate programs.
2. Squeeze Traffic from popular affiliate links.
3. Divert traffic from Feeder Sites containing articles and news to your sales page.

To be honest, I am not telling you all this because I am a great reporter. I have the resale rights to this package and I am building an affiliate network with this blueprint. There has been a lot of talk about the FTC and deceptive practices. It is thought that an affiliate marketer will obviously be prejudiced about the product they are reporting on. I tend to agree. As impartial as I would be, if I did not like this product I would neither study it nor promote its methods.

You can steal traffic when you use resale rights, squeeze traffic, and divert it to your sales page. These methods are the best way to leverage the creativity and popularity of successful individuals to build your own traffic. You must always remember that you want to capture your traffic into a list. If you are going to steal traffic you must be sure to use it correctly to promote your own success.

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Jumat, 13 November 2009

How Did Life on Earth Originate?

I have just watched yet another television program from NOVA. It explains that possibly a comet carrying microbial dust might have brushed by our planet 3.5 billions years ago. Then it deposited just enough primitive bacteria that initiated the life process that eventually evolved into one-celled animals such as the ameba. The rest took only incredible luck, environmental conditions, and Darwinian theory to become present day life forms. Along the way, the dinosaurs that covered the earth for 175 million years were apparently wiped out by a meteor that crashed into us about 65 million years ago. That event destroyed most of the common animals of the time and forced nature to ?rethink? the large lizards and begin the age of the mammals.
If this past scenario seems a bit far-fetched, complain to the various scientists in the fields of biology, paleontology, microbiology, and chemistry that concocted these theories. The search for a plausible explanation for life on earth has consumed many brilliant theoreticians over the millennium. Of course the secular theologians would cast aside most scientific answers in favor of a more devout solution involving God, his mighty hand, the Garden of Eden, and Adam and Eve. Of course that still wouldn?t explain animals, insects, and the dinosaurs, but who can quibble with such details? After all, it?s in the Bible. I?m not anti-religion, I?m just pro-logic. There are major problems with a God that ignores evolution and starts out with humans that resemble modern man almost immediately. We have skeletal evidence of Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon that proves an earlier version of Homo Sapiens, thus putting gigantic cracks in the Biblical explanation. But the cosmic dust solution is also problematic as well.
It?s a question of statistical probability. The fact that a comet containing just the right mix of microbes passed at just the correct place above the earth, sweeps by and deposits the minute specks in the exact spots that allow them to thrive and (a) not be killed by the hostile environment, (b) land near water, (c) and/or receive the proper amount of sunlight, (d) have something to feed off, (e) survive the entry into earth?s atmosphere, (f) continue to grow once they land, and (g) evolve once they are here, is one amazing journey. That is, if it occurred that way. A foreign substance on the human or animal body is immediately attacked in many ways. It?s the same in nature. For it to survive the elements would be truly miraculous. So what about the alternative?
Could life spontaneously generate from the gaseous and chemical components of a young earth 3.5 billion years ago? Would an errant spark from lightening striking a clump of methane, hydrogen, and carbon begin a process that eventually would lead to an elephant or whale? Which is more likely? Could a series of chemical reactions that are random and unrelated eventually create a life form? Scientists have attempted to replicate life in a laboratory, ala Frankenstein, for centuries, but to no avail. Today, with all their modern equipment, controlled environmental labs, chemical and organic knowledge, and computer-assisted projections, they still are unable to build even the simplest of life forms. Obviously the construction of life is still beyond us. We can?t even resurrect a dead life form with all are present capabilities. Once the life-force has left the body, it appears irreversible.
Which brings us back full-circle. Where and how did life begin? I imagine that if you have read so far, you are expecting some revelation at this point. I am just a mere mortal like yourself. I contemplate our world and its wonders. I?ve written about reincarnation in my novel. ?Pursuit of the Phoenix,? and many online articles about various aspects of science, including the birth of our universe. But the search for life itself is a perplexing and a controversial conundrum.
My best guess is that either (a) a dimensional rift allowed life to seep in from an existing life-filled parallel world about the time that earth cooled enough to form water vapor, (b) a very advanced space traveler deposited spores among millions of planets, including ours, as part of what it was designed to do, (c) there is a greater intelligence that decided earth was ready for life and caused simple cells to form when he or she felt the time was right.
Take your pick. If you believe in the latter answer, you?re obviously in good company. You must also believe that the same greater being did the same for millions of other planets as well. And therefore we will eventually meet others designed to live in distant worlds for different reasons. And unlike conventional wisdom, we were not created in God?s image. Instead we evolved and adapted to our planet based on nature?s need for survival. Regardless of the result, we are here and the way we got here is probably irrelevant. And my guess is that we will never be able to replicate life as we know it and there?s a good reason. We are not God and shouldn?t attempt to become one. Leave that to the expert.

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Kamis, 12 November 2009

Lose Weight Fast - An Natural Appetite Suppressant That's Good For You

If you want to lose weight fast there is a natural appetite suppressant that is proven to work and is good for you in that it also improves mood, attention and memory.
If you have not guessed what it is then the answer may well come as a surprise to you.
Its nicotine and in organic form (outside of cigarettes) which is found as a trace element in many common foods such as:
Potatoes, tomatoes, chili's and tea to name a few.
It?s not only found in organic form as part of the natural food chain, but if you take enough of it, it can actually do you good.
Let?s first look at its role in suppressing appetite and how it can help you lose weight fast.
Nicotine as an appetite suppressant
It is a medically proven fact that nicotine has an affect on the signals in the brain that can trigger hunger pangs.
For example, a large number of smokers when they stop smoking over eat and put on weight.
Nicotine without the smoke
If you want to curb your appetite and lose weight fast you can get nicotine in organic form.
A number of companies are looking at producing nicotine supplements that allow users to get nicotine without smoking.
The first one is already on the market.
Medical research
Nicotine is an appetite suppressant and this has seen major research into it helping treat obesity and a number of other conditions, as nicotine does not just suppress appetite it makes us feel better.
Nicotine is known to help improve mood, concentration and memory, as nicotine switches on the receptors on the surface of cells in parts of the brain, causing neurons to release the chemical dopamine, which is associated with feelings of pleasure.
First product
Nicotine in water has already appeared on the market.
Originally aimed at smokers who couldn?t or don?t wish to smoke, it is now being taken by people to help with dieting and for its possible health benefits.
Water is the ideal delivery method for dieters as water is an appetite suppressant in its own right.
Water keeps your stomach full and stops dehydration which can lead to hunger pangs. "Hunger signals", in a large majority of cases are simply ?thirst signals"
Water also helps the body metabolize stored fat by providing a boost to the kidneys, helping them flush out waste.
Nicotine and water are therefore the perfect combination to help anyone on a diet.
Nicotine removed from cigarettes and consumed in its natural organic form not only curbs appetite, it can also make you feel better, it also improves concentration and memory.
You may not have thought of nicotine as a diet aid but its well worth considering.

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Selasa, 10 November 2009

How do Article Directories Generate Traffic to My Website?

I am sure you have heard over and over again just how powerful article marketing is because of the quality traffic they can generate for you. However, in order for your articles to successfully do the job, you need to understand the basics of how the directories do their part in actually providing your articles with the quality traffic you desire. This will then help you create a successful strategy in order to boost the performance of your articles.
So how does it all work?
You receive traffic from these directories due to the huge amount of traffic they pull in themselves. A few of the big directories can generate over a million visitors per month.
Keep in mind however that there is a little more you will need to do and understand in order to receive the potential traffic from these directories. It is not just about submitting an article and then expecting the traffic to pour in.
So who are these visitors?
I divide them into two groups.
The first type of visitor that reads your articles are publishers that are looking for content that can suite their websites, ezines or newsletters. If they feel your article meets their requirements, they will then add your article to whatever medium they use with a binding agreement to keep all your links in place. So, depending on the incoming traffic these websites receive will ultimately depend on the amount of traffic that will finally filter to your website.
Now think of the potential traffic you can pull in if more than one publisher uses your content on mediums that bring in a decent amount of traffic. Because a lot of these mediums are niche based, the overall quality of your incoming traffic will also be good.
The second kind of visitor that reads your articles comes from organic search. When you choose a powerful directory to publish your articles, you are using their page rank and authority power to potentially allow your articles to rank in the top ten results on most of the big search engines. This is great because you are in effect qualifying your visitors twice.
The first phase in which you qualify them is when they actively type in a keyword in one of the main search engines. When they find your article in the top ten results and then click on the link to read your article, you have in fact captured the attention of a potential buyer.
The second phase in which you qualify them is when they finally click on your bio link in order to see what else you have to offer them. This visitor obviously liked your article enough to finally click on your bio link in order to enter your website. By this point your visitor is potentially ready to buy what ever you have to offer.

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Senin, 09 November 2009

Why I Prefer Article Marketing to Pay Per Click Advertising

Don't get me wrong. I think that pay per click is a very important part in promoting your online business. However, especially when you are just starting out, I will always prefer article marketing over pay per click. Let's take a look at why;
Pay per click costs money and article marketing does not. Ok, so a lot of people will then argue that article marketing also costs you something, and that is time. Fair enough, but then I can throw it back to you and say that ppc also cost you time. You still have to do the keyword research, group your ads, tests your ads, write your ads and continuously monitor your ads. So let me rephrase my previous statement;
Pay per click costs you time and money and article marketing only costs you time.
Pay per click looks like an ad while article marketing doesn't (if written correctly). Let's face it; people in general are always weary of ads. No matter how targeted your ppc ad is, the prospect is always going to be on guard when he or she clicks on your ad. This does not mean that they ultimately won't purchase anything from you, but that it will always be a difficult task to sell or pre-sell someone that has been referred to your site from an ad.
Article marketing is different in that the prospect usually finds your article through organic search or other websites that your article is on. They are then not offered anything to buy yet. Instead, they receive some information to solve what ever problem they have.
By the time they have reached the link to your website at the end of the article, they already have some kind of indirect relationship with you, and generally feel less guarded to purchase any of your products.
Pay per click campaigns generally bring in a high amount of impulsive trigger happy mouse clickers. These types of visitors will visit your website out of curiosity, and then hit the back button straight away. You can only imagine how much money has been wasted.
Article marketing again is different. Traffic resulting from your articles is generally from visitors that want more from you. They enjoyed the information your article had to offer them and want you to provide them with more. You can see how this could turn into something very lucrative.

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Sabtu, 07 November 2009


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Kamis, 05 November 2009

Awake, Awake, Oh Sleeper!

was a beautiful Monday at 6:30 in the morning; I could feel the wind blows on me. The sun begins to peep over the hills shine forth towards the entire panoramic view of the place. I could hear the singing of birds. There something unusual this day, the thought keep linger in my mind. My heart started to pound and beat faster. Why I am feeling this way? I am alone in this room unknowingly terrified. I started to find answers to my questions. Then I remember last night of the argument we had with my mother. She forbids me not to go to the party but I insisted, I did not pay attention to her word. So I walked away and enjoy the night dancing, drinking and doing some profane things. I got home late and yet so drunk, I went immediately to my room and shut the door closed. I could hear my mother sobbing in her room. I covered my ears with the pillow. Beyond that night, I did not know what had happen and woke up with a strange feeling of unbelief.
I woke up feeling groggy and go to the kitchen to see my mother who used to cook our breakfast but I only saw her Bible lay on the table. I was wondering what had happen that day, I go back immediately upstairs hoping to see my three younger sisters but there was no one in the room. My heart keeps beating like a drum, my nerves begins to weaken and I cried aloud but I cannot utter even a simple word of anguish. So I go down outside only to see many people yelling and shouting for their missing love ones. I walked down the pavement to the store and read the newspaper: ?MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF PEOPLE MISSING WORLDWIDE?. I did not finished reading and run back to our house screaming with the notion, ?Is the days of the Lord have come already? Am I the one was left? Oh! NO! No! I cried so loud with a repentance heart full of regrets but it was too late.
I went back hurriedly, beyond my abeyance, I slipped on the stairway and my head was hit on the floor. I felt the ache in my back and legs?..only to find out?.I was awaken by a great nightmare, A BAD DREAM! I was feeling calm with a relief in my heart. It was only a dream but it may come to reality. Are you prepared for His coming? The answer is in your hand. THE LORD IS COMING!

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