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Top 3 Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

If you think anti aging is just for when you're 50 or 60 think again. If you develop healthy habits now when in your 20s, 30s, and 40s, the less you'll have to worry about when you do reach the age where fine lines and wrinkles start to appear. Along with other age related ailments.
Millions of people are concerned about keeping their youthful beauty and vitality for as long as possible. Now that our life expectancy is growing every year we want stay young and look young well into our winter years.
There are two ways you can care for your skin.
You can take care of your skin naturally or you can try and pump your face with chemicals and just give the appearance of beautiful skin. Eventually the artificial effects will wear off. And then you'll have to go back to the doctor and spend hundred even thousands more to do it all over again.
Choosing the natural route will have a much longer lasting effect. Your health and mental well being that go along with a natural anti aging regimen will provide you with a greater satisfaction with your looks. The same healthy habits needed to keep weight off once you've lost it will help you as you try to slow down the aging process.
There are several natural ways to take care of your skin. It's all about your mindset though. It's about developing new lifelong habits. You don't have to change overnight. Small changes can lead to powerful results. Work on adding one small habit at a time. And before you know it you'll have accomplished your goal. You'll have beautiful, vibrant skin - naturally.
Now let's take a look at out first natural anti aging skin care tip.
Stop smoking. Smoking is one of the biggest causes of premature wrinkles and speeding up the aging process. There are several tools available to help you quit. Several companies are now firing smokers. This is a little extreme in my opinion but the message they are trying to send is clear - smoking is harmful to your health. Several research studies have confirmed the negative effects of smoking on the skin.
If you want to keep your beautiful smile, you have to quit smoking.
Our next natural anti aging skin care tip is to add super foods to your diet. Collagen and collagen production are vital to your skin's health. If your body produces it then you don't have to inject your body with it. Super foods can boost your collagen levels. They also provide anti oxidants which ward off free radicals which cause havoc to your skin.
One superfood in particular, bilberry, can help boost and strengthen your collagen levels. And it's much cheaper than a Botox injection.
Incorporating super foods in your diet is not hard. Especially when there are so many of them. Many of them are now made into juices and shakes so you can drink them and enjoy their health benefits even when you're on the run.
Snacking on walnuts and almonds can do wonders for your skin naturally. They are loaded with good fats - omega fatty acids - and can help regenerate healthy new skin cells.
The last natural anti aging skin care tip is to wear sunscreen everyday. Yes, even when it's cloudy. Wearing natural sunscreen everyday will protect your skin from sun damage. It also keeps your skin moisturized. Sun damage and loss of moisture are two leading causes of wrinkles and premature aging.
There are several natural organic sunscreens available to choose from. Many of them combine aloe vera and other proven herbal ingredients in their formulas. Pick one and use it religiously.
There you have it, the top 3 natural anti aging skin care tips. Are any of these changes hard? Can you see yourself adopting these small changes and becoming healthier and happier? Give these changes just 30 days and see and feel the difference.

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