Kamis, 15 Oktober 2009

Open Up Your House to The World Through Windows

A house without windows is just absurd! But a house without 'smart windows' is even stranger indeed! By 'smart windows,' we mean windows that multitask - that is, windows that do more than just let the sunshine in or let you see who's come knocking at your door. 'Smart windows' are those that help to insulate your home, convert heat and light into energy, make it harder for thieves to break in, and make your home appear larger than what it really is.

Without 'smart' windows, we're prone to experience high-energy bills, feelings of cramped living spaces, and unfortunately, easy theft.

This isn't sales propaganda - it's a fact. Just ask those living in homes that are more than ten years old to show you their energy bills! Or do a little research on the Internet regarding old windows and crime - or how large windows improve the psyche of employees and homeowners. Plain and simple - if you want lower bills, home security, and a feeling of freedom within your living space - new windows are the way to go.

Today's windows are much more resistant to weather conditions and heat thanks to new technological improvements. Today's windows are much more than mere glass. They are in fact, the result of high-tech engineering that's designed to either block irritating and harmful sunrays altogether. Or they're designed to use that light and convert it into energy that you can use to fuel other appliances in your home (such as an air conditioner, heating system, or central fan).

The way that new windows are installed is also designed to seal out things like cold air, pollution, and sound - not to mention robbers. Both windowpanes and their casings can be tamper-resistant, which is particularly helpful if you live not only in a highly populated area, but also an area that's repeatedly exposed to strong winds or nature's little uninvited guests, like squirrels or other annoying critters.

The newer windows are also designed in such a way that they open up a small home - making it seemingly larger than what it really is. When we're in an environment that gives us a feeling of freedom, we're suddenly open to express ourselves in a new form of comfort - a comfort that's free from restriction.

And thanks to new architectural developments, windows can be designed in almost any fashion that you like. No longer do windows need to follow the traditional square or rectangle. You could for example, have round, arched, organically shaped, or uniquely shaped geometric windows installed instead. Many people are having a little fun with window placements by having them installed on the roof or even within the home as French doors, for example.

If you're sold on having your current windows upgraded (and who can blame you!), then you'll probably enjoy learning about the large choices available as much as you'll enjoy them once they're installed in your home.

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