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Until relatively recently the only thing I knew about organic products was that
they were expensive in comparison to the items in the non-organic sector. I
never bought them or understood their value in terms of nutrition and
safety.Infact, until relatively recently I never thought much about anything I
ate, or the products I used on my body or in myhome. I just assumed if food
looked appetising or a product was on sale in my supermarket or drug store then
it must be safe. Silly me.We live in a chemical soup. Toxins are everywhere.I
have an autistic son and am convinced now the reason he has this life long
disability is because of the toxic preservatives in the vaccines he had as a
healthy young baby. No-one told me there might be a risk and that thimerosal (a
mercury derivative) had never been tested for safety - only efficacy.The same
thing happened with my teeth. I found out too late that the second most toxic
substance on the planet (mercury) was in my mouth. I never asked and no-one
volunteered to tell me until I developed mercury poisoning. I'm still
recovering. You can read about both issues in my book Autism, Amalgam and Me -
Jodi's Journey Continues. I now know there are over 85,000 synthetic chemicals
approved by the Environment Protection Agency and most have not been tested for
long term health effects either individually or in combination.Apart from being
in our vaccines they are in food, drink, household products, furniture,
toiletries and cosmetics. It's no wonder health is suffering.As a nation we are
better fed than we have ever been and yet when it comes to vitamins and minerals
we are incredibly malnourished. It seems now we would need to eat eight oranges
to get the same amount of Vitamin C our grandparents got from one.Over farmed
soils are depleted of natural nutrients and widespread use of pesticides,
insecticides and fertilisers as well as airborne industrial pollutants makes
crops a hazard to health.Did you know the average apple has about 110 chemicals
on it by the time you eat it and about 1.5 billion lbs of pesticides are sprayed
on wheat and vegetable crops?Food is exposed to thousands of chemicals during
preservation and processing and even water takes a hammering. In most cities
there are about 700 chemicals in the water. No wonder people turn to
alcohol!Cosmetics also contain many synthetic chemicals and you can't always
trust the ones that say "natural" and "organic". Some unscrupulous manufacturers
mislead customers with false labels.If you see "derived from...." (some natural
substance) a chemical process has obviously taken place so it's no longer
"natural".Similarly, "organic" should mean grown and cultivated without the use
of chemicals, but the industry definition is "a compound that contains a carbon
atom". Since carbon is found in anything that has ever lived, certain companies
can get away with using synthetic chemicals and still call their products
"organic" - even those derived from tar!So what's so special about true organic
products?Well, organic farming cares for the environment without relying on
synthetic chemicals. Rather than using pesticides, farmers prevent pests by
planting a diverse range of crops, using a rotation system and NO artificial
pesticides, herbicides, hormones or growth promotants.The organic farmer
believes the food it provides should be as Mother Nature intended and strives
hard to conserve natural ecosystems. Food should be pure and not contain
anything questionable for good health.In organic personal care products only
natural or traditional ingredients are allowed with minimal processing. Again,
there should be NO synthetic chemicals,unnatural dyes, colourings,flavourings or
other additives.Apparently there are now over 200 different types of cancer and
most scientists agree at least 80% are related to toxins and carcinogens from
synthetic and toxic chemicals.The disease is caused when constant exposure
overwhelms the body's natural immune system and we lose the ability to purge the
toxins and chemicals. That's what happened to me with the mercury poisoning and
now I've just had a breast cancer scare. Fortunately it was benign but with 1 in
2 of all men and 1 in 3 or all women developing some form of cancer in their
lifetime many will not be so lucky.I don't feel I can take any more risks with
my health which is why I'm using Certified organic to food standard products as
much as possible. I know they'll be safe.How about you?For details of the
World's First cosmetic, skin and personal care products certified to Food Grade
Standards free of toxins and harmful synthetic chemicals see Jean Shaw is the author of I'm Not Naughty - I'm
Autistic - Jodi's Journey and Autism, Amalgam and Me - Jodi's Journey Continues

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