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Have you ever wondered if you should be concerned with the care of your pearl
jewelry? Why do these sea gems need such specialized care and what makes them
so different from your other jewelry? Here are the reasons why.Gem and precious
metal jewelry is produced deep inside the Earth, whereas your pearls are made by
a living animal. They are created by living creatures called mollusks. They
are precious jewels, a gift from nature and the sea and should be treated as
such.Even though this sea gem may appear very durable and hard, they are made
out of a delicate material, an organic substance and are therefore an organic
gemstone. Being a softer gemstone they have a lower resistance to heat,
chemicals and contact and can be more easily scratched, cracked, and
damaged.Having this delicate nature they require a different kind of care, a
more specialized type of attention than you may be used to with your other gem
and precious metal jewelry. They need to be cared for accordingly to ensure
they do not become dry and brittle and to also help maintain their luster
through the years.Key to the care of pearls is to protect the nacre. This
perfect gift from nature is the product of a biological process, in which a
composite material called nacre ("NAY-ker") is formed layer by layer. It is the
result of a natural defense mechanism used by the mollusks when dirt, sand or
food particles get into their system. They cover the object with nacre until the
object is shaped like a pearl. The nacre accounts for much of this gem's beauty
and is what gives it it's iridescent luster.So, is it complicated and difficult,
this proper care of pearls?No, not at all. It's quick and simple. Just learn
these few easy care of pearl jewelry steps: find out what substances are
harmful to your pearls where, when and how to store this jewel when not being
worn how to clean a pearl necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings care of
mother of pearl jewelry when to consult a professional jeweler for pearl
jewelry care, restoration and restringing Simply put, proper care for pearls
and cleaning pearl jewelry is necessary to ensure the longevity of your unique
pearl jewelry. Whether it be a pearl necklace, bracelet, ring, or earrings, a
little special attention and care of your lustrous gems, will preserve their
divine beauty. They will last a lifetime, becoming more beautiful with
age.Maureen McClements has a love, passion and wonder for pearls and offers
information, tips and advice for the selection and care of pearl jewelry. Visit
this link: Pearl Jewelry

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