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[] Using Soapstock To Product Biodiesel Fuel Could Become A Reality

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A Reality'

Biodiesel is a new technology for the production of fuel. Biodiesel is made by
converting an organic matter, such as vegetable oil or even algae into diesel.
It is a simple process, but fascinating at the same time because of the impact
biodiesel could have, not only on the economy but on the environment as
well.Because this is such a new technology, the production of biodiesel is being
heavily researched. Recently an interesting study was done on biodiesel fuel
that was produced from soybean soapstock. Soapstock is a byproduct of vegetable
oil refining. Soapstock is the result of using industrial substances to get
edible oil from seeds. These seeds include cotton or sunflower of safflower. It
is an amber-colored, rather sticky substance, but it is produced in abundance
every single year.Researchers have been trying to see how well soapstock and
biodiesel will hold up to conventional biodiesel. Preliminary findings are
encouraging. It has been found that producing biodiesel fuel from soybean
soapstock is comparable to existing biodiesel in engine performance, composition
and emissions.If research in soapstock and biodiesel continues to show such
favorable findings that would mean that the millions of pounds of soapstock that
is produced each year can begin to be used to produce biodiesel fuel. Two
industries that currently this soapstock are animal feed producers and
soapmakers. In some states soybean oil soapstock is used on gravel roads is used
to control dust. This is popular with the states because soybean oil soapstock
is biodegradable and friendly to the environment. However, if another use is
found for it, such as biodiesel, there is plenty to go around.It is encouraging
that there are other products, such as hair gel are being considered for using
up all this soapstock. Keep a watch on the growth of this technology. Not only
for the obvious environmental benefits, but these may prove to be excellent
investment opportunities for those so inclined.Go to, where you will easily find information
on biodiesel fuel and biodiesel processing. - Spa vacations can last an hour or
a week. Within an hour, it's the attention to details at Stillwater that lets
the cumulative weight of the work week in my shoulders begin to drift, as water
and hands gentle my back. And the relentlessly reassuring sound of the Vichy
water, sprayed from the nozzles above, shoos my tangled worries away as if they
were tumbleweeds. If only I'd known that to be brushed, rubbed with Brazilian
sea salts, slathered in mud, tucked in a cocoon, scrubbed with a Canadian Maple
concoction and scalp massaged until my head tingled would result in my new,
enlightened understanding of the word 'serenity'. I would have tried it sooner,
rather than rushing afterwards to schedule these treatments at Stillwater (at
the Hyatt Regency Calgary) as a gift for my wife. I mean, every guy likes to
score some points, and this is a sure-fire winner. But that's the only rushing
that arose from my spa vacation (over the course of a morning) spent at
Stillwater Spa. I live in Calgary, but for business and leisure travellers, this
oasis of calm should be a welcome respite from the hurly burly of getting things
done daily - whether you're passing through the city toward a Canadian Rocky
Mountains holiday or preparing for a summer event like the Calgary Exhibition
and Stampede (July 7-16 this year). Alberta's international gateway cities of
Calgary (gateway to the Canadian Rocky Mountains) and Edmonton (gateway to the
North) are each home to world class urban spas that provide swift access to
unruffled peace. Here's a look at some urban spa options when you're visiting
Calgary or Edmonton. Please check website resources at the bottom of this story
for pricing. Treatments Spotlight: Stillwater (Hyatt Regency Calgary) Cool
water garnished with a thin wedge of grapefruit; the fluffy white robe and blue
massaging sandals; the treatment room, with its inspired and peaceful bowl
arrangement, set out and then rolled up in a bamboo mat. All set the tone for a
superb spa experience beneath dimmed lights. I started the morning at the Hyatt
with a signature breakfast dish, a new addition to the Hyatt hotel menus that
provides selections which reflect regional tastes and traditions. It gives you a
way into local flavours that you might not find otherwise. And you'll find that
there are regional slants in the spa treatments as well. Stillwater Assistant
Spa Director Jennifer Cooke designed the Canadian Maple Body Scrub, a regional
specialty. Stillwater is the spa brand for the Hyatt and you'll find each
location has certain signatures, including scents. Jennifer began my spa
vacation with a full body loofah exfoliation. A combination of Brazilian (okay,
not Canadian) sea salts, essential oils and fragrances is enhanced with the
Canadian Maple scrub, which carries a fairly light scent that echoes Canadian
Maple syrup (though this scent is more likely to transport you to sweet memories
of the forest, rather than the breakfast table). Once you're thoroughly
exfoliated, you can enjoy the therapeutic Vichy shower aimed at each and every
tender area, including those sometimes achy, precise points on your back and
legs. Urban Renewal Body Masque Another treatment that works well for the urban
traveller is the Urban Renewal Body Masque. This one is designed to detoxify and
hydrate the city dweller's skin, and given Calgary's dry winds, it's a good one.
You can customize your mud with a variety of blends. I chose Green Tea and Lime
Leaf, which had a slightly invigorating scent, though there are citruses and
floral options available, among others. The treatment began with me lying on my
stomach, while Jennifer applied a full body dry brush application. This step
prepares the skin for the Baltic Black mud, by removing old and dry skin cells,
so that the skin can absorb the mud's benefits. Organic colloidal improves skin
texture and the mixture enhances cell turnover, while deeply hydrating. Once it
was applied, I was comforted by the warmth of an electric blanket. And while the
mud worked its magic, I enjoyed a relaxing face and scalp massage. The scalp
treatment is rich in alpha hydroxyl acids and a stimulating assortment of mint
essential oils. It was during this 20 minute period that I was truly, deeply,
madly relaxed. Next, I was released from the cocoon (not that I wanted to be)
and enjoyed a warm shower to rid myself of the mud during this morning spa
vacation. At the end, I was lathered in deep moisture with the same scent (Green
Tea and Lime Leaf) that I chose when I customized the mud. During these
treatments (usually 60 minutes each), there is a gentle layering and un-layering
of towels, like a magician's trick. It's almost as if your body is being lightly
shuffled in a deck of cards. Pure magic, easily accessed. And if you want, you
can choose from in-house products (I purchased the Green Tea and Lime Leaf Body
Butter - okay, not very manly, but I wanted to relive the experience) and the
mint revitalizer conditioner for my too-full-of-things-to-do skull. Other
Urban Spa Choices At Ripley Ridge Retreat in Calgary, you can actually take a
tour of the wild flowers that grow at the nestled-in-the-forest facility and
choose items that will go into a personalized treatment, such as the Wild Rose
that is indigenous to Alberta. At Institute de Sant?, which combines medicine
and wellness with spa experiences, there is a Wild Rose Body Wrap and Rose Seed
Scrub treatment that I've thoroughly enjoyed. At RNR Wellness in Calgary, men
will find a great menu of treatments designed specifically for guys, aside from
the menu for women and couples. And at Eveline Charles (in both Edmonton and
Calgary), skin balms such as Calming Orange can help you relieve tension and
soothe your skin. About the Author Travel Alberta is the destination marketing
organization for the Province of Alberta. Guided by the Strategic Tourism
Marketing Council, Travel Alberta is the steward for the effective delivery of
tourism marketing programs. For information about our organization, please visit
our Travel Alberta industry web site.

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