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Since the time when obesity was revealed to have such major health problems,
many strategies have merged to counter the problem. The core treatment to
counter obesity is an increase in exercise and a low-energy diet. There is
approximately an average of 8% weight loss. However, the response to dieting and
exercise vary. A simple diet change may be effective to one person but a drug
therapy may be more effective to another. To determine a suitable therapy for
obesity, you must begin with the simplest and move on to more intense treatments
if necessary. The following is a short account of treating obesity with light
therapy.The first step to obesity therapy is counseling to determine a diet and
exercise regimen and setting a realistic weight loss goal.Treating obesity with
light therapy is a simple intervention to lose weight. It is a treatment of
restricted diet or regular exercise or better yet a combination of both.The diet
must consist of calories fewer than your normal intake. Take in well-balanced
meals in appropriate servings, not large ones. Eat foods with a high fiber
content such as raw vegetables and fresh fruits. Whole grains are good but be
careful in choosing them. Rice is not advisable due to its high-calorie and
low-fiber content. Lessen the intake of meat and avoid fatty meat. Do not choose
fried dishes. Choose foods that are baked, broiled or steamed. Fast food is not
advisable. Avoid soft drinks and high fat desserts such as regular ice cream,
chips and the like. Be careful in choosing low-fat products, they may just cause
you gain weight. Organic and fresh is better. Keep in mine that you require a
light, lean and low-fat meal.Exercise is important. Treating obesity with light
therapy is better accomplished with regular exercise. Exercise will burn the
excess fat and help maintain a healthy weight. It also contribute to good mental
health. Begin with changing travel modes. If your destination is near enough,
brisk walk or ride a bike instead of driving. Take the stairs instead of using
escalators and elevators. Exercise for at least 20 minutes at 4 to 5 times a
week. Taking up a sport would do you good. The important thing is to exercise no
matter how small you start with. Its already a good start by treating obesity
with light therapy.Patience and faith is important to battling obesity. If
treating obesity with light therapy does not result to a healthy weight and good
overall health at the beginning, be patient and have faith. Giving up will not
bring you anywhere. You must believe in yourself that you can achieve your goal
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