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Most women are obsessed with taking care of their skin. They spend hundreds and
thousands of dollars to make their skin look young, healthy and vibrant. The
cosmetic and skin care industry has been having a heyday because no matter how
the economy goes down, women will always spend for beauty to maintain that
youthful look.Advancement of technology has, too, been contributing a lot in
improving the skin care industry by coming up all sorts of machines for skin
treatments and medications. There are ways for predicting facial lines and
wrinkles, pimples and treatments to prevent them from coming out or for
medicating acne problems. Products like moisturizers, creams, facial wash,
exfoliants and toners are continuously popping out of the market to somehow
offer answers to different skin problems.But most women these days cannot afford
such hi-tech medications and treatments and just rely on their own skin care
regimen hoping the products they have can at least solve half their skin
problems away. Actually, you do not have to spend so much as celebrities do.Your
simple skin care routines at daytime and nighttime may just be the right choice.
You just have to be guided on the products you use and of course your basic
knowledge of your own personal skin type. It is important to know if you have
very sensitive skin or not because anything that you might apply on your skin
may lead to a high or a disaster. It is always best to take care of your skin
using natural organic ingredients and products. You may even have them inside
your kitchen rather than going to skin shops that often offer hi-end
products.Accurate information from credible sources can also be a great help.
Skin care for young and aging women vary because as your skin matures, it
becomes more and more vulnerable to physiological changes and environmental
factors. Therefore, you need to be very careful in your application of
treatments and medications.Taking care of a 20-year old skinAfter the
adolescence stage, your acne problem has diminished leaving the skin of a young
lady with a youthful glow, healthy, acne-free and vibrant. This is the stage
when your skin is at its lovely peak. But this is no reason for you to lax in
your skin regimen. It is at this stage that your skin needs most care because it
is maturing meaning skin cell renewal drops to 28%, your dead skin cells does
not come off easily and your skin becomes more vulnerable to external conditions
making it a little bit drier.The best way to take care of your skin at this
stage is to regularly exfoliate your skin to eliminate old skin cells and start
growing new ones. Also, avoid direct sunlight. It is better to inform you that
exposure to sunlight accounts for most of the aging problems. If you cannot
avoid going out in mid-day, be sure to bring an umbrella with you to cover up
your skin and use a good natural moisturizer and apply it before and after your
exposure.Be cautious, too, of your smoking habits because this also contributes
to the dullness of your skin. Smoking does not allow oxygen to get into the
outer layer of your skin thus causing a premature aging effect meaning unwanted
wrinkles around your mouth and god knows where. If you cannot quit smoking, be
sure to counteract its effects by a regular cardio-vascular exercise.Taking care
of a 30-year old skinIf at 20, you are cautious in taking care of skin, much
more during this stage because the external factors like pollution, smoking and
sunlight start affecting the dermis making skin cell renewal even slower,
collagen fibres loosening thus wrinkles are starting to appear.At this age, it
is very important that you have already regularized your skin care regimen which
includes exfoliating, cleansing, moisturizing and protecting your skin from
direct sunlight. It is also good to maintain a well-balanced diet ? regular
intake of vegetables, fresh fruits, grains and fish, foods that are rich in
antioxidants like Vitamin A, B, C and E. An abundant supply of these nutrients
help the skin rejuvenate, repair itself, produce collagen, moisturize and stay
healthy. Maintain your food as natural as possible and avoid those that are
processed.If you are drinking, try to lessen your habit already because alcohol
has a bad effect on your skin. Alcohol deprives your skin of the needed
nutrients and can cause the appearance of the red ?spider? veins on your
cheeks.One of the most inexpensive skin care regimen that can be advised to you
is drinking lot of water in a day at least 3 liters. It maintains your skin?s
moisture. Try to also be cautious of your water intake. Only take filtered water
to avoid excessive impurities like chlorine enter your body system.Exposure to
sunlightSince direct exposure to sunlight is the primary cause of premature
aging, it is best to know how you can protect yourself while outside under the
sun.- Avoid sunlight exposure after 10 am as the heat becomes fiercer at
mid-day.- Always bring with you your sunscreen and apply it whenever you are
outside, sunbathing or skiing.- Keep in mind to wear clothes that will protect
you from the harmful UV rays.- Always drink plenty of water.- Do not strain
yourself too much with strenuous activities especially on a hot day.- If you do
get over-heated or sunburned, do the following procedures:- Cool yourself under
a lukewarm bath- Apply a cold compress on your head and neck- Have a glass of
cool water beside you and sip frequently- Take a rest- Loosen tight.If you
religiously follow all these skin care regimen, then you do not have to worry of
wrinkles soon. In fact, you may allow growing old gracefully and accept that
your youthful skin will fade naturally and slowly enough to enjoy your life as a
young woman and welcome your aging happily.Lee Dobbins writes for
http://naturalskincare.unique-articles.com where you can find more articles on
skin care.

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