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Energy. Everyone wants more of it. And it's as easy to get as heading down to
the corner store...All we need to do is slam down a Red Bull. Or a Gatorade. Or
a coffee. Or so the ads say.But which of these is really the best energy drink?
The answer, of course, is below...Now when people talk about energy drinks, they
are often simply referring to products that contain caffeine. After all, when
someone is describing their energy levels, they are really talking about their
level of mental alertness. So we'll limit our discussion today to that: what
drink gives you the best and longest-lasting energy levels.#5 - At the bottom of
our list are those sugar and caffeine "energy drinks" such as Red Bull (and even
cola).The problem with many energy drinks is that they contain too much sugar
and/or too much caffeine. So while the short-term effects are huge increases in
energy (i.e. feeling wired or even jittery - even to the point of nausea), after
an hour or two you'll crash and burn, and more than likely be ready for a nap -
or as those marketing machines prefer, another "energy drink".#4 - Sports
Drinks: Give these guys credit, they've convinced the world that we need to
refuel with what's essentially uncarbonated soda pop. Now unless you're
performing an exercise of more than an hour, you don't need this liquid sugar.#3
- Coffee: Having never had a coffee in my life, I'm not sure it's fair of me to
pass judgement on this beverage. But I'll say this...a cup of coffee each day is
not going to kill you.But if you depend on the caffeine to give you your morning
get-up-and-go, maybe you should do a little lifestyle review. Perhaps there are
some things you can change to give yourself more energy without relying on a
caffeine fix? And you're probably getting a lot more caffeine than you bargain
for if you get your coffee from the well-known coffee shops.#2 - Green Tea:
True, this beverage does contain caffeine, but it does so in relatively smaller
amounts than coffee.In addition, you should be able to find naturally
decaffeinated Green Teas (avoid Green Tea that has been decaffeinated via an
"acetylation" process - this might also remove the healthy phytochemicals in the
tea). And of course, go organic if you can.NOTE: All teas are healthy. Green Tea
may or may not be healthier than traditional teas.Green Tea is a super close
second place to our winner...and research suggests that several cups of the tea
are necessary each day to receive the full health benefits.#1 - Filtered Water:
There's no way that water is going to lead to an energy crash. And it's
important part of your nutrition plan. While I admit, it will never compare to a
caffeine-based beverage for giving you that mental wake-up, in the big picture,
water is the go-to drink.Unfortunately, despite all the messages about H2O, I
know a lot of clients still do not drink enough water.I'm a big proponent of 12
glasses per day - I drink more than that and immediately notice sluggishness
when I am unable to do so. I encourage you to monitor your water intake and
determine your optimal level for alertness.Craig Ballantyne is a Certified
Strength & Conditioning Specialist and writes for Men's Fitness, Maximum
Fitness, Muscle and Fitness Hers, and Oxygen magazines. His trademarked
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