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A fundamental part of a healthy diet is pure, clean water.When you were born,
your body was 78% water. As an adult that percentage has dropped to 55% - 60%,
but its importance to your well-being is just as essential as when you were a
baby. At this point, you may be wondering exactly why drinking purified water is
such an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Just take a look at some of the
vital functions that are dependent on water:? Circulatory Health: Water is the
foundation of your bloodstream. When you drink pure water you help to ensure the
delivery of oxygen and nutrients through your body.? Cell Strength: Your cells
depend on water for 70%-90% of their mass. Proper hydration keeps you healthy by
keeping your cells operating at peak performance levels.? Healthy Joints: Water
is the base for fluids surrounding your joints. Staying hydrated allows you to
move and helps to reduce stiffness and pain in the joints.? Body Temperature:
Water regulates your body temperature, keeping you comfortable and healthy.?
Kidney Health: Water helps to detoxify your body by ensuring the proper
functioning of your lymphatic system and kidneys.? Digestion and Regularity:
Water promotes healthy digestion and elimination. It is an essential component
of your digestive juices and bile. Water also helps to ensure regularity.?
Weight Control: Water regulates your metabolism and promotes weight loss.
Dehydration can trigger a feeling of hunger and can also cause fatigue. Drinking
purified water can curb your appetite and increase your energy level so that you
burn more calories. Seventy percent of the planet Earth is Water. Blue seas
cover seven tenths of the Earth's surface, but only a small percentage of this
water is drinkable. At this point in time, there is not enough clean water to
sustain everyone on the planet.Even here in the US you are at risk. The National
Assessment of Tap Water has found 260 contaminants in our tap water - chemicals,
bacteria, viruses and other pollutants flow through our faucets each day. These
contaminants are known to compromise your immune system and cause digestive
disorders.Remember, your body is 55%-60% water. The earth is 70% water. Envision
what would happen if all of the earth's oceans and rivers became filled with
pollution, chemicals and debris. The entire ecosystem would break down. Now
imagine what would happen to your body if all of its vital fluids were similarly
contaminated - your body systems would break down too.But this can easily be
changed. The technology is available to give everyone good drinking water.And
that is why I am writing to you. As a health researcher and certified massage
therapist I spend hours each day poring through newsletters and scientific
studies to find the latest information that could benefit my clients. It's a
very exciting time to be alive.Water is more precious than oil. Right now, Evian
water costs $15 a gallon; a gallon of regular oil is $1.50. In the US we spend
over 6 billion dollars a year on bottled water, much of which has been tested
and shown to be no cleaner than tap water.This is why now, more than ever, I
strongly believe that a reverse osmosis filter system is the only way to go. I
personally use a reverse osmosis water filter. It is the best way known to man
to remove dangerous contaminants such as pesticides, bacteria and arsenic. It
will also remove chemicals such as chlorine which ruin the taste of your
water.And I've finally found an affordable filtration system that I trust. The
Pure-Pro RO105 5 Stage Reverse Osmosis System is the highest quality home unit
available today. This amazing filter system removes over 95% of the dissolved
solids in your water and over 99% of organic and bacterial contaminants.About
the Author:Twenty years ago John W. Johnsons, NCMT, MFCC, moved to the West
Coast from New York City, where he was in a PhD program at NYU in Health
Education.There he studied massage and psychotherapy. He first worked as a
massage therapist. Once he received his state license as a Marriage and Family
Therapist, he began with people with eating disorders. He was in charge of the
Behavioral Therapy Division of the Weight Management program at Valley
Presbyterian Hospital.http://www.allaboutrowater.com

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