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Pure Skin Organic Beauty Basics By Barbara Close This book has a great
balance between information on skin care, information on how to make your own
organic ingredients and the recipes to use them in. The skin care section is
divided into stress reactive, hormone reactive, environment reactive, and
mature, this is a lot like Nicholas Perricone's brake down of skin types. Which
I like because your skin is always changing. Blending essential oils I have to
agree, that any more than four oils gets to be to much. And I really like the
section on how to infuse your own oils. The one new tool you will have to get
is a French Press if you do not already have one. Barbara's recipes for the
most part have only four ingredients in them making them easy to make. Recipes
will cover you from head to toe. Making this a good book if you are new to
making your own skin care products. Eating the right foods does make a
difference in the way your skin looks. The food section is simple to fallow and
not over the top. Close has a real out look on the habits of people, and the
tips she gives will make small changes in the foods you buy for long lasting
results. As for the Resources section it is one of the best that I have Seen. I
have put off the next book at this time just so I can spend more time at each of
these resources. The one I liked the most is The American Botanical Council.
What a great site. This book is a lot like Naturally Beautiful; you will read
it once and go back to it over and over again. I will try to get Barbara's
lecture schedule, she would be a world of information worth hearing. Other book
that she has out are Well Being and The Spa Deck. If you are new or have been
making your own skin care products this is a good book!! Natural Skin Care
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