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[] New Bands - Akron/Family, Animal Collective, Mountain Frog, Scumbo, Circulatory System

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Frog, Scumbo, Circulatory System'

Top Five Bands Of The 21st Century. In No Particular Order. #1 Arkon/Family
from Brooklyn, New York. These guys mix it up quite a bit. A very psychedelic
interesting sound. Organic and yet they also push the envelope with interesting
production techniques. #2 Scumbo also from Brooklyn, New York. Their
Psychedelic Music is awesome and their live psychedelic shows are even more
awesome. They pull no stops when performing live. Lasers & smoke machines
galore. The FDNY came to one of their recent shows in Manhattan. #3 Animal
Collective ALSO from Brooklyn, New York. A pattern is developing here? Brooklyn
is really the place for modern psychedelic music. The Animal Collective is
probably the most well known of the five bands I'm listing today but funnily
enough they are my least favorite of the five. That being said they are very
good, especially their more experimental tracks. #4 Mountain Frog hails from
southwest Virginia and they play a different kind of bluegrass - Great Tunes. A
mix of of styles with an original spin. #5 Circulatory System - Many of the
members played in the legendary Olivia Tremor Control. Circulatory System is all
about the space.About the Author I am the crazy musical madman.

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