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Patients with Atopic Dermatitis, or eczema as most people know it, have been
encouraged for years to only wear cotton fabric next to their skin to help with
irritation.Cotton absorbs moisture and creates less friction against the skin
than fabrics as we have known them, making it the best fabric for people with
irritating skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. The innovation may have
many positive points, it also has major drawbacks.Recent developments may be
giving cotton a run for its money, though. Milliken & Company has recently
opened the market on its new fabric, Dermasmart. This fabric is reducing
itching, peeling, scaling, and the appearance of dryness. Studies have shown the
fabric to be preferable to cotton with most of the study participants.This
silky, lightweight fabric reduces itching, absorbs moisture 40% faster than
cotton, and dries in half the time that cotton does. It is treated with a silver
microbiobial agent, but it contains no formaldehyde or dyes and it will not
shrink when laundered. The fabric is washable, will not shrink, allows better
air flow, and has less friction than cotton.The StudiesThe first study was done
using a short sleeved shirt on patients who had active skin disease symptoms on
their torso so that the shirt would be directly on the irritated skin. For one
week, the participants wore a 100% cotton shirt and documented changes in skin
condition in a daily journal. They were also required to make notes about their
thoughts on the shirt. At the end of the week, the doctor evaluated each
patient, creating a base of comparison for the second week of the study. During
the second week, half of the participants wore a shirt made with the dermasmart
fabric and the other half wore shirts made of a different fabric. Again, they
chronicled skin conditions and feelings about their shirt in a journal. At the
end of the second week, the dermatologist performed a second evaluation on the
patients, comparing the results to the base she had developed at the end of the
first week. Dr. Draelos concluded that; The study demonstrated statistically
significant improvement in skin condition and decreased itching in subjects with
eczema, psoriasis and atopic dermatitis when wearing a [DermaSmart] shirt.In the
second study, another two week study and composed of 40 participants, the
participants were given a t-shirt and pajamas each and instructed to wear each
garment for four hours each day. One half received 100% cotton garments while
the other half received dermasmart garments. Patients kept thoughts about the
garment and skin conditions in a journal; they were evaluated for a baseline at
the end of the week. In phase two, the patients who had worn cotton the first
week were given dermasmart garments and visa versa. Again they chronicled skin
conditions and thoughts about the garments in a journal and were evaluated at
the end of the second week.These studies found that 75% of the patients had
reduced itching with the dermasmart garments, almost 66% reported less moisture
on their skin, and 77% preferred the feel of the dermasmart over that of
cotton.While these studies and the fabrics integral qualities seem to show
superiority over cotton, the fabric has drawbacks in availability and price.
With cotton, people with chronic skin conditions can walk into any clothing
store and purchase 100% cotton clothing, they have to order the dermasmart
garments without even seeing them in person, which means they cannot try them
on. Also, we only found one place to buy the dermasmart garments. The second
major drawback of dermasmart garments is the price:Womens polo shirts are $36 to
$45 Mens polo shirts are $42 to $51 Lounge pants (unisex) are $54 Childrens
garments range from $25 to $47Louise Forrest has created the ultimate FREE
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